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Cheating in Social Media with SPAM


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This is a presentation I held at SEM konferansen in Norway on the 16th of September.

It is about SPAM in social media, that it works and that it has become one very widespread activity.

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Cheating in Social Media with SPAM

  1. 1. SPAM How to Cheat Social Media Digital Director @ Honesty
  2. 2. The contents of this presentation is for information purposes only. I do not endorse or recommend putting these practices to practical use. If you choose to engage in spam activities, malware, skimming or any other amoral or illegal practices, you do so at your own risk. Be aware that some of the tactics explained in this presentation are considered illegal in various countries. I publish this presentation in order to share some insights on that things are not what they seem to be. It is a part of Honesty’s quest of changing the Ad industry to also expose those who take the foul route. The contents of this presentation is the product of Jesper Åström and Honesty AB. Neither party assumes responsility for any fortune or misfortune this information might bring.
  3. 3. From Hockey stick to Long tail...
  4. 4. Why do a talk on SPAM?
  5. 5. 1. My passion for Nigeria letters “Dearest Beloved... After going through your profile I decided to contact you for friendship and assistance and distribution of my inheritances have to say that I have no intentions of causing you any Pains so I decided to contact you through this medium. I got your Contact through a personal search via the internet. As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me, because, I Believe everyone will die someday but the most important thing here is that I am dying in the Lord. My name is Mrs.Mary Wilson...”
  6. 6. 2. To tell you that things aren’t always what they seeeeeem
  7. 7. 3. To learn - SPAMMERS are often great at what they do
  8. 8. Is there a lot of SPAM in social media?
  9. 9. Absolutely
  10. 10. My Goal Make money
  11. 11. We want people who Where can we find our want our products to Buyer buyers? come to our websites! All people come to your What do we need to do website through a link or Link to get links? through type-in! But you get more than What do we need to do buyers to your website to get traffic from those that amount to your Traffic links? traffic! You want to convert at What do we need to do much of that traffic into Conversion to convert that traffic? buyers! What do we need to do What do we need to do get as much money out of Money get as much money out of that conversion rate? that conversion rate?
  12. 12. Malware How to Cheat Social Media
  13. 13. The traffic driver
  14. 14. Getting the right copy
  15. 15. The landing page
  16. 16. Hiding the share button
  17. 17. Purpose?
  18. 18. Purpose!
  19. 19. What can YOU learn from this? • Look at the words spammers use • Look at their call to action • Amend your titles for sharing on different platforms
  20. 20. View and Fan boost How to Cheat Social Media
  21. 21. We all want to be in a toplist
  22. 22. Cheating!
  23. 23. Cheating?
  24. 24. Not Cheating!
  25. 25. Buy fans!
  26. 26. Digg
  27. 27. What can YOU learn from this? • Things aren’t always want they seeeeem • It actually works • Don’t forget the story about the story
  28. 28. Track back spam Auto linkbuilder
  29. 29. From Twitter 1. Search for a hashtag 2. Fetch the results, look for links 4. Create landing page for each link 3. Visit url’s and fetch titles 5. Send trackback
  30. 30. Content sourcing How to Cheat Social Media
  31. 31. Facebook 3. Look for private profiles 1. Build a challenge application 4. Get newsfeed content and 2. Source for usernames publish on website/forum
  32. 32. What can YOU learn from this? • Is there some way you can put track back tweets on your pages that would actually be valuable to your visitors
  33. 33. Let’s put it all together Goal: Rank on specific toplist
  34. 34. 1. Publish a blog post 2. Buy some fans and followers
  35. 35. 3. Put a track back feed on the post on a related topic 4. Create a traffic builder in a sub folder of the blog 5. Make it front page of digg
  36. 36. So When do this? SPAM or not to SPAM
  37. 37. Why SPAMMERS do it? • Authority is a big thing in social media • People still pay for CPM and CPC
  38. 38. When you should • You need something to happen fast • In the name of science and data
  39. 39. So, should you? SPAM or not to SPAM
  40. 40. SPAM How to Cheat Social Media Digital Director @ Honesty