2011 Fall-Holiday RCM


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Review of Amy's Blend and Holiday 2011

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2011 Fall-Holiday RCM

  1. 1. International RCMAugust 2011<br />
  2. 2. Amy’s Blend10.1.11 – 11.9.11<br />
  3. 3. “Amy’s Blend”: High-level Overview<br />Background<br /><ul><li>Amy Erickson was one of Caribou’s first team members, and a passionate roastmaster. After a valiant fight with breast cancer, Amy succumbed to the disease in 1995. We pay tribute to her legacy with Amy’s Blend.
  4. 4. Last year was the most impactful Amy’s campaign to date. A strong PR campaign, creative and product assortment together drove $1.4M in retail sales and enabled $160K in donations.
  5. 5. This year we will need to maximize promotional efforts to generate buzz (in the midst of breast cancer awareness month) and drive incremental traffic and in-store excitement, to achieve a donation over $200,000.</li></ul>2<br />
  6. 6. The WIGs we’re chasing<br />Drive incremental traffic (1%) and ticket (5%) in 2011.<br />Do good through >$200k Susan G. Komen donation.<br />
  7. 7. IN-STORE OBJECTIVE 1: DRIVE TICKET AND DONATIONS FOR AMY’S BLEND PRODUCTS<br />Amy’s Blend 2011: Telling Amy’s Story<br />10.1 – 11.9<br />Stanchion<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>We have new TMs and guests each year who aren’t familiar with Amy’s story
  8. 8. Our unique connection and commitment are part of who we are, and needs to be clearly communicated each year
  9. 9. In-store elements
  10. 10. Stanchion
  11. 11. Door cling</li></ul>Door Cling<br />4<br />
  12. 12. IN-STORE OBJECTIVE 1: DRIVE TICKET AND DONATIONS FOR AMY’S BLEND PRODUCTS<br />Amy’s Blend 2011: Amy’s Blend Coffee & Tea<br />10.1 – 11.9<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>Product details
  13. 13. Coffee flavor notes:Vibrant and cheery, with fruit notes (even melon!), and a pleasing caramelized sugar heaviness
  14. 14. Vibrant, decaffeinated spiced rooibos tea
  15. 15. In-store elements
  16. 16. 3-Tier
  17. 17. Feature fixture
  18. 18. Ambient bucket sign with Basket of Hope donation
  19. 19. ‘Donated by’ sticker
  20. 20. Bean tracker
  21. 21. Goals
  22. 22. Individual store goals will be communicated via the Blend</li></ul>5<br />
  23. 23. IN-STORE OBJECTIVE 1: DRIVE TICKET AND DONATIONS FOR AMY’S BLEND PRODUCTS<br />Amy’s Blend 2011: Amy’s Retail Collection<br />10.1 – 11.9<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>Product details
  24. 24. Amy’s scarf $11.99
  25. 25. Amy’s 16oz tumbler $16.99
  26. 26. Amy’s 14oz ceramic mug $8.99
  27. 27. Amy’s 24oz cold cup $14.99
  28. 28. In-store elements
  29. 29. Feature fixture topper (with removable top to feature scarf)
  30. 30. Provisions sign
  31. 31. Small scarf pricing sign
  32. 32. Goals
  33. 33. 5 units per store per week</li></ul>6<br />
  34. 34. IN-STORE OBJECTIVE 1: DRIVE TICKET AND DONATIONS FOR AMY’S BLEND PRODUCTS<br />Amy’s Blend 2011: Ongoing Food Priorities<br />10.1 – 11.9<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>Product details
  35. 35. ‘Bou Breakfast Sandwiches and Oatmeal continue their focus
  36. 36. Fall LTOs (e.g., Pumpkin Bread, Caramel Apple Crisp oatmeal, Apple Cinnamon and Maple Walnut scones) continue
  37. 37. In-store elements
  38. 38. Stanchion 2
  39. 39. Counter Cling
  40. 40. Menu Board
  41. 41. Drink Pick-up</li></ul>Note: old images used, will be updated for 2011<br />7<br />
  42. 42. IN-STORE OBJECTIVE 1: DRIVE TICKET AND DONATIONS FOR AMY’S BLEND PRODUCTS<br />Amy’s Blend 2011: Product News<br />10.1 – 11.9<br />Chalkboard Menu Board<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>Oatmeal is a perfect food for this time of year, and with the improvements we’ve made we need to ensure our guests have a great reason to try us again!
  43. 43. Amy’s Tea is available in-store and as a reminder of our handcrafted tea lattes (and a chance to taste Amy’s tea!), we feature Amy’s Tea Lattes</li></ul>In-store elements:<br /><ul><li>Drive-Thru Translit
  44. 44. Menu Board
  45. 45. Window cling in non-oven stores</li></ul>Drive-thru<br />8<br />
  46. 46. IN-STORE OBJECTIVE 1: DRIVE TICKET AND DONATIONS FOR AMY’S BLEND PRODUCTS<br />Amy’s Blend 2011: Amy’s Garden Giveaway<br />10.1 – 11.9<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>Last year’s planting event and dedication of Amy’s Garden was extremely successful, and the gardens blooming this spring are gorgeous
  47. 47. We’d like a way to reconnect the 2011 Amy’s Blend activities to the beauty and spirit of the gardens at MOA and Shedd Aquarium
  48. 48. We’re going to create a way for guests to “Win your own Amy’s Garden!” by signing up with us</li></ul>In-store elements:<br /><ul><li>Community Board</li></ul>9<br />
  49. 49. IN-STORE OBJECTIVE 1: DRIVE TICKET AND DONATIONS FOR AMY’S BLEND PRODUCTS<br />Amy’s Blend 2011: In-store excitement<br />10.1 – 11.9<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>We want Team Members of all tenures to get excited about Amy’s Blend and have that excitement show through in-store!
  50. 50. This year we’ve added the opportunity for store members to create in-store balloon displays for launch week (stores purchase themselves with their LSM money)
  51. 51. Strongly recommend
  52. 52. We will work with Party City to pre-select skus and provide the field with this information</li></ul>T-shirt (front)<br />In-store display<br />Bean Thermometer<br />10<br />
  53. 53. New<br />Amy Blend Overview 10.1 – 11.9<br />Continuing from previous promo<br />October<br />November<br />01.<br />03.<br />10.<br />17.<br />24.<br />31.<br />07.<br />PR and events<br />OUT OF STORE<br />Baskets of Hope<br />PROMOS<br />Pink out<br />Free drink w/ BOH<br />Double donation week<br />Halloween<br />Happy Everyday<br />Amy’s Blend Tea Latte<br />BEVERAGE<br />Fall LTOs – Wild Pumpkin Latte & Pumpkin White Chocolate Mocha<br />Food rehit (oven stores); oatmeal rehit (non-oven stores)<br />FOOD<br />Fall LTOs – Pumpkin Bread, Apple Cinn & Maple Walnut scones, Caramel Apple Crisp Oatmeal<br />Amy’s Blend Coffee – regular and decaf<br />BEANS<br />Amy’s Blend Collection 2011<br />MERCH<br />Amy’s Blend Retail Tea Tin<br />Pre-holiday sale<br />11<br />
  54. 54. Holiday 11.10.11 – 12.29.11<br />
  55. 55. 13<br />
  56. 56. The cups will be placed by the bar with care…<br />14<br />
  57. 57. The experience all starts before you enter the store…<br />15<br />
  58. 58. … and continues with great in-store atmosphere<br />16<br />
  59. 59. Beautiful POP completes the feel<br />17<br />
  60. 60. Festive touches will be everywhere<br />Gift Bags<br />Napkins<br />Gift bag label<br />Reindeer Blend (Regular & Decaf)<br /><ul><li>Whole Bean pre-pack regular OR
  61. 61. Whole Bean pre-pack decaf
  62. 62. Whole Bean hand-pack</li></ul>18<br />
  63. 63. A Merry Mad Lib: The WIGs we’re chasing<br />Profitable<br />Daybreaker<br />Metal twig tree <br />Relatives<br />Caffeine-deprived<br />Drive incremental traffic (1%) and ticket (5%) in 2011.<br />BOUfanatical<br /> Caribou Barista<br />Favorite<br />Spicy Mocha<br />Run DMC<br />19<br />19<br />
  64. 64. Maximizing retail sales by targeting customers<br />We have two primary customers we target during holiday…<br />Primary target customer<br /><ul><li>Female, ages 25-40
  65. 65. Has children
  66. 66. Is time-crunched
  67. 67. Natural affinity for Caribou and Caribou products
  68. 68. Needs a diverse assortment because she is buying for everyone: friends, teachers, mail carriers, kids…. Etc…..</li></ul>Secondary target customer<br /><ul><li>Not necessarily a Caribou loyalist or coffee drinker
  69. 69. Buying for someone who does love coffee and/or Caribou
  70. 70. Looks for more traditional Caribou and coffee gift options</li></ul>11.25 – 12.14<br />12.15 – 12.25<br />12.26 – 1.4<br />20<br />
  71. 71. Phase IV: Sale 12.26-1.4<br />Phase III: It’s GO time! 12.15-12.25<br />Phase I: A Merry Introduction 11.10-11.24<br />Phase II: Buy Early 11.25-12.14<br /><ul><li>Introduce & generate excitement for holiday set
  72. 72. Capitalize on excitement for the return of Reindeer Blend & Thanksgiving bean buys
  73. 73. Turn focus to heart of collection & remind customers to buy at the ‘Bou
  74. 74. Friends & Family Promo
  75. 75. Thanksgiving week promo
  76. 76. Sell off Holiday-specific product by speaking to those who didn’t get what they wanted or want post-holiday stock up deals
  77. 77. Drive last minute purchases of easily giftable items</li></ul>MERCH TBD<br />M<br />E<br />R<br />C<br />H<br />T<br />B<br />D<br />21<br />* Note: The above Planograms are for most stores, new stores & MDSP stores will be different<br />
  78. 78. Make it Merry Retail Assortment<br />We need holiday retail to:<br />Product collections for 2011*<br /><ul><li>Meet our customers’ diverse gifting needs
  79. 79. Entice guests to do their holiday shopping at Caribou and continue to establish Caribou as a retail gift destination
  80. 80. Help transform the store into a gifting wonderland and strengthen the impact of the overall Holiday campaign theme
  81. 81. SELL!</li></ul>1<br />Reindeer Blend and Gift Sets<br />Seasonal Collection<br />Drinkware Collection<br />Kids’ Collection<br />Stocking Stuffers<br />Holiday Candy Collection<br />Gift Cards<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />5<br />6<br />7<br />* Additional product collection information available in the appendix<br />22<br />
  82. 82. Drinkware Collection<br />3<br />This year’s Drinkware Collection:<br />Basics<br />Strategy<br />$19.99<br />16oz<br />$18.99<br />16oz<br />$16.99<br />16oz<br />$21.99<br />20oz<br />$24.99<br />20oz<br />$21.99<br />20oz<br />$16.99<br />16oz<br />Seasonal/Specialty<br />$14.99<br />20oz<br />$19.99<br />16oz<br />$21.99<br />16oz<br />$19.99<br />16oz<br />$14.99<br />24oz<br />Ceramic<br />$12.99<br />18oz<br />$8.99<br />16oz<br />$8.99<br />14oz<br /><ul><li>Classic gift item for the coffee lover in everyone’s life
  83. 83. Perfect pairing with other gifts
  84. 84. Provide our customers with drinkware in a range of styles:
  85. 85. Functional (hot, cold, stackable)
  86. 86. Cute/inventive
  87. 87. Boufanatic
  88. 88. Festive
  89. 89. A range of sizes
  90. 90. 20 and 24oz cold
  91. 91. 16 and 20oz hot</li></ul>23<br />
  92. 92. Kids’ Collection<br />4<br />This year’s Kids’ Collection:<br />Strategy<br /><ul><li>Drive ticket by surprising guests with great, brand-right ways to share CBOU love with little ‘bous in their life</li></ul>$12.99<br />$12.99<br />$8.99<br />$6.99<br />$15.99<br />$12.99<br />24<br />
  93. 93. Gift Cards<br />7<br />This year’s Gift Card Collection:<br />Strategy<br /><ul><li>Showcase a variety of gift card options at the register to encourage impulse purchase
  94. 94. Provide customers with a variety of styles and types to meet all gifting needs
  95. 95. Holiday Branded
  96. 96. ‘Bou Branded
  97. 97. Keychain convenience – keycard must have removable key fab</li></ul>25<br />
  98. 98. Holiday Favorites Menu: Food & Beverage<br />Last year’s POP<br />Overview<br /><ul><li>Product Details
  99. 99. Our most popular holiday menu items are back: Spicy Mocha, Ho Ho Mint Mocha, Fa La Latte, Gingerbread
  100. 100. LTO Cranberry Walnut Cookie
  101. 101. In-store elements
  102. 102. Window cling
  103. 103. Menu board chalkboard
  104. 104. DT Translit
  105. 105. Stanchion Side B
  106. 106. Bakery case labels
  107. 107. Bakery case small sign
  108. 108. Bakery box table tent (buy 5 get 1 free)</li></ul>26<br />
  109. 109. Holiday logistics<br />Make sure you are prepared to stock the store! As an example, the average store in Kuwait will receive ~95 hot and cold tumblers, and 18 childrens’ items<br /><ul><li>Bulk Items
  110. 110. Bulk Items will be available 8/26 and consolidated with resupply orders (see schedule)
  111. 111. Any delay in ordering/payment from this schedule will cause that countries holiday bulk items to be consolidated with Merchandise air shipment
  112. 112. Merchandise
  113. 113. All merchandise items are schedule to arrive by 10/13 in MN.
  114. 114. From 10/14 thru 10/19, all orders will be processed and shipped Air to each country.</li></ul>Bulk Item Listing<br />Resupply Order Schedule<br />
  115. 115. Appendix<br />
  116. 116. Seasonal Collection<br />2<br />This year’s Seasonal Collection:<br />Strategy<br />$5.99<br />$5.99<br />$6.99<br />$6.99<br /><ul><li>Help transform the look and feel of the store to a Winter Wonderland
  117. 117. Impulse items that provide opportunities for a customer to purchase as a gift for themselves or someone else
  118. 118. Collectible ornaments to encourage repeat purchases</li></ul>$4.99<br />$4.99<br />$6.99<br />29<br />
  119. 119. Stocking Stuffers<br />5<br />This year’s Stocking Stuffers:<br />Sleeves<br />Seasonal Gear<br />‘Bou Fanatic<br />Dogs & Kids<br />Strategy<br />$6.99<br /><ul><li>Provide customers with a clear place to buy stocking stuffers – for both adults and kids
  120. 120. Entice our customers through a wide assortment
  121. 121. ‘Bou Fanatic
  122. 122. Seasonal Gear
  123. 123. Dogs & Kids
  124. 124. Coffee sleeves</li></ul>$7.99<br />$4.99<br />$16.99<br />$6.99<br />$5.99<br />$12.99<br />$6.99<br />$4.99<br />$4.99<br />$5.99<br />$6.99<br />$4.99<br />$10.99<br />$2.99<br />$3.99<br />$5.99<br />$5.99<br />$4.99<br />$12.99<br />$3.99<br />30<br />
  125. 125. Holiday Candy Collection<br />6<br />This year’s Holiday Candy Collection:<br /><ul><li>Drive ticket with impulse purchases for guests and as gifts
  126. 126. Bring back holiday favorites :
  127. 127. 5 oz. Chocolate-covered espresso beans $5.99
  128. 128. 5 oz. Dark chocolate salted caramel corn $6.99
  129. 129. Holiday cookies (snowman & tree) $1.99
  130. 130. Lollipops $2.49
  131. 131. Peppermint Bark $1.49
  132. 132. Entice guests to try something fun and new:
  133. 133. 3 oz. Merry Munch $3.99
  134. 134. S’mores Pops $2.49
  135. 135. Peanut Butter Meltaways $6.99
  136. 136. 5 oz. Peppermint shortbread bites $5.99
  137. 137. 2oz. Dark chocolate peppermint Bar $3.49</li></ul>Strategy<br />31<br />
  138. 138. IN-STORE OBJECTIVE 1: DRIVE TICKET AND DONATIONS FOR AMY’S BLEND PRODUCTS<br />Amy’s Blend 2011: Amy’s Blend targeted promotions<br />10.1 – 11.9<br />What<br />Pink Out<br />Oct. 15-16<br />Free Drink w/ BOH<br />Oct. 17-23<br />Double Donation<br />Oct. 24-30<br />Target audience<br />Any Caribou guest who has been touched by cancer and wants to bring hope to someone else dealing with the disease<br />Why<br />Current situation<br />We want to continue the excitement of Amy’s by adjusting our promo slightly each week to ‘raise the stakes’ and give TMs new messages to say<br /><ul><li>Having multiple small promotions throughout the window keeps the story fresh for TMs and guests
  139. 139. Varying the call to action speaks to multiple types of guests and needs
  140. 140. BOGO weekend (Oct 15-16)
  141. 141. Free drink with donated 1lb of Amy’s beans or 2 Amy’s tea tins (Oct 17-23)
  142. 142. This week only, 20% of Amy’s sales go to Susan G Komen for the cure! (Oct 24-30)</li></ul>Offer details<br />In-store<br />elements<br /><ul><li>No POP, just chalkboard
  143. 143. Double-sided Stanchion & Ambient Bucket sign with LTO food/bev on other side
  144. 144. Stanchion sign sent with later kit</li></ul>32<br />
  145. 145. Our frequency cards will keep ‘em coming…<br />What:<br />Target audience<br /><ul><li> Everyone who visits Caribou or likes coffeehouse</li></ul> beverages<br />Why<br /><ul><li>Last year’s mocha frequency card successfully shifted product mix towards our chocolate beverages, which are higher-than-average ticket
  146. 146. To-date, our summer frequency card has been well-received in part because it is more flexible in that guests ‘get credit’ for ANY beverage, not just a chocolate beverage</li></ul>Current situation<br /><ul><li>Last year, we featured a paper mocha frequency card which went over well with guests; this summer we also have a paper frequency card
  147. 147. We’d like to incent frequency and ticket with a holiday-centric beverage card
  148. 148. Make it Merry this holiday
  149. 149. Buy “X” drinks, get 1 free! </li></ul>Key messages<br /><ul><li> Buy “X” drinks, get 1 free! (applies to all handcrafted bar beverages only)</li></ul>Offer Details<br />33<br />
  150. 150. Fun holiday promotions add to the building excitement<br />Traffic Driving Promotional Plans<br />Friends & family<br />Nov. 18-19<br />Thanksgiving week<br />Nov. 20-24<br />New Year’s bounceback<br />Dec. 1-Dec. 30<br /><ul><li>Everyone receiving a CBOU gift</li></ul>Target audience<br /><ul><li>Hostesses
  151. 151. Thanksgiving guests
  152. 152. Caribou loyalists</li></ul>Why<br /><ul><li>We want to take advantage of the natural tendency of holiday shopping behavior to ebb and flow over this 7-week period
  153. 153. Brand-right, seasonally appropriate promotions showcase our personality AND drive incremental traffic!
  154. 154. Strong historical bean sales the week of Thanksgiving
  155. 155. “Viral” coupons are more relevant now than ever before as we’ve built up our fans & subscribers
  156. 156. Gift packaging to distribute bouncebacks
  157. 157. Bounceback offers can talk to new guests who don’t visit us today</li></ul>Current situation<br /><ul><li>20% off beans and merchandise </li></ul> Nov. 18-19<br /><ul><li>2 lbs for $22 </li></ul> Nov. 20-24<br /><ul><li>BOGO w/ coupon New Year’s Weekend</li></ul> 12.31 – 1.1 <br />Offer Details<br />Promo-tional<br />elements<br /><ul><li>Email and social media
  158. 158. In-store handout
  159. 159. Email and social media
  160. 160. Bean quad chalkboard
  161. 161. Email and facebook posts
  162. 162. Handouts with each gift bag</li></ul>34<br />