My ancestors


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My ancestors

  1. 1. MY ANCESTORS By Lazarte Jesica
  2. 2. This is the only photograph where the whole family were together while they were living in Spain. The little girl sitting with her hands clasped in her lap is Margaret. She is with her parents, her two sisters and two brothers. Lazarte Family Photo
  3. 3. Margaret's mother This photograph portrays Margaret's mother with her little daughter Laura, who is Margaret's younger sister. It is one of the keepsake she still have as well as her father's clock.
  4. 4. Personal diary Margaret is fond of writing. She has kept personal diaries since she was very young, and used to write on it everyday. Unfortunately, she has lost some of them when left Spain and emigrated to Argentina. However she has kept one of her diary entry during her last times in Spain.
  5. 5. The last dairy entry in Spain My name is Margaret, I am ten years and live with my family in Spain. I have two brothers and two sisters and all live together in a small room in the suburbs. Here the economic situation is worst every time and my father cannot get a job. Therefore we do not have money to buy food and we fell frustrated for the lack of progress. So my father has been thinking of migrating to America. Many people have been migrating because of the Second World War and he thought it was a good chance to start a new life. Some people has come back for their family and my father has heard that South America was the right option to live and get a good job. During those times of war, it was said that Argentina was similar to Spain but with a great sense of freedom. Therefore, it was the place chosen by my father and my parents decided that travelling by sea was the fastest and cheapest way of going. So they were trying to get some tickets for all of us. I think the dream of a new life is coming true.
  6. 6. Margaret's journey
  7. 7. Buenos Aires harbour I arrived with my father and two brothers in Buenos Aires in 1940. The journey was fatigued, and longer than a i had expected. Nevertheless we were extremely excited to worry about that.
  8. 8. Margaret came to Argentina with her father and brothers. Here she wrote a letter to her mother. Dear Mum, I would like to know how are you. You have no idea how happy i am thinking there are only several days until your arrival. I am really sorry you couldn't come with us, but my father is doing a great job taking care of us. Our journey here was fine, though it was a long one. By the time we reached i was exhausted. I got a cramp in my leg and a terrible headache. But i think it was also because i was extremely frightened of the ship. Don't you think so? Anyway, my father got a job in a factory and my brothers and me started going to school. Besides, he rented a room in a tenement, known as conventillo, here in Buenos Aires. Despite being bustling with people, it is quite comfortable and i am really happy. Moreover i have made a lot of friends. Laura is my best friend. I met her at school and she lives in the same tenement as us. At first she gives the impression of being unsympathetic , but she is only too shy. In fact, she is really easy to talk to and she is very funny. Although she isn't as tall as me, she is quite tall. She has got a pale complexion and brown curly hair. Anyway, the first thing you notice about her are her lovely green eyes. She is actually really beautiful. I was wondering if you could come early. My father has just sent you the tickets for you and my sisters. I love you and miss so much! I'm looking forward to your arrival, lots of love. Margaret
  9. 9. A conventillo in La Boca La Boca is a southern neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, the reason of its name is because it sits at the mouth of the Riachuelo . For many years its port was the main port of the city, but at the end of the 19th century it was replaced by Madero Port. During the great immigration, many immigrants used to stay in conventillos , big houses with many rooms for rent (a room for each family) and an internal patio : the shared areas of conventillos helped to mix those different immigrant cultures, making possible the exchange and communication between them.
  10. 10. After a long time... <ul><li>Margaret grew up, she felt in love, and afterwards got married, and When she knew she was pregnant, she decided that the city life was not the proper place to brought up a baby. So my grandparents decided to move to the countryside. </li></ul><ul><li>They had 11 children, six girls and six boys. My mother is the eldest daughter, who after some time move to suburbs. Same of my aunts and uncles lives in downtown, others in Tucuman, and one of my uncles moved to Brazil. </li></ul><ul><li>Unfortunately we don't see each other very often. In fact i met my uncle, the one who live in Brazil, last year. Nevertheless we are a huge and joyful family. </li></ul>
  11. 11. Today My grandmother My grandparents
  12. 12. My family... ...Just part of it.