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Mobile Social media has precipitated a new marketing revolution . Exploit on existing Web based social Networking technology and upgrade to Mobile based social media to the fullest as well as implement you new Mobile Social marketing program

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Mobile Gadget Review Today

  1. 1. 5 Essential Elements for Your Mobile SiteSo you did your research and you Mobile web design relegates content to aunderstand the importance of building a new level, underneath website. That’s great. Sure, it is still important that your contentYou are truly ahead of is accurate, relevant, informative, and easythe game when it to understand.comes to the world ofInternet marketing. However, the most important thing is that your content is short, concise, and free ofNow you need to know any unnecessary to build the mosteffective mobile A good rule of thumb is that it should all fitwebsite possible . . . on one page (and on a tiny mobile deviceand, no, it is not screen, at that).nearly the same asbuilding a traditional Graphics and navigation Keep the touch screen in mind whenA mobile website is a new brand of site, designing a mobile website.and it involves a unique set ofconsiderations. Any good mobile site should have thumb- friendly navigation buttons.Here are five essential elements foryour mobile website: Additionally, other graphics should be kept to a minimum.Content. If you are at all experienced inweb design, then you’ve most likely heard Single column layout.the phrase, “content is king.” You don’t want your site visitors to have to work to view your page. It should not be necessary to zoom or Put Your scroll to fit your site’s content on the screen. Add The most effective way to display your mobile website is in a single column, which will be compatible with most smart phone screens. HerePg. 5 Envision To Profit from the Power Of Mobile Social Media
  2. 2. Essential Elements of a Mobile Site Cont.Use the mobile device’s inbuilt functionality.This refers to all of those things a mobile device can do that a desktop or laptop can’t do –phone calls and GPS, for example.To aid the user experience, provide a way to access these features so that your sitevisitors can call or locate your business with just the touch of a button.Navigation layout.In addition to having simple, large-scale navigation buttons and search boxes,you should also arrange your site’s navigation tools in a way that integrates well into thecolumn format.You may opt to stack them, put them in a drop-down menu at the top or bottom of thepage, or present them as the home page.As you can see, mobile web design is a whole new ballgame.It is important to keep all of these factors in mind if you are to build an effective mobilewebsite.Pg. 6
  3. 3. 10 Mobile SEO SecretsIf you know anything about web design, Variance.then you understand the importance ofsearch engine Keep in mind that your mobile SEO mustoptimization (SEO). read well on a wide variety of mobile devices, and through an equally variantYou also know that SEO protocol seems to number of browsers.change faster than you can stay abreast ofthose changes. Again, simplicity is key.Now you have yet another SEO concept to Predictive search.master: that of mobile website design andSEO. This feature is a handy way for search engines to help web searchers fill out theirMobile SEO is different from traditional queries.SEO in a number of ways. Choose keywords that fall into the mostHere are ten mobile SEO secrets that you highly ranked predictive search results.absolutely cannot afford not to know:The guiding principles.First off, it is important that youunderstand what you are dealing with.Keep these things in mind: mobile searchengines are unique to traditional searchengines, mobile usersexhibit unique web browsing behaviors,and mobile site design is altogetherdifferent from traditionalsite design.Keyword relevancy. Content categories.Mobile users don’t have a lot of time, or Decide which category your site best fitseven resources, for lengthy searches. into, and optimize its content so that it is most likely to be featured when mobile webYour keywords must pertain to short, users search for that particular category.sometimes sketchy, search terms. Google standards.Keep it simple. Read up on Google mobile site standards and comply, comply, comply.Keyword usage. Otherwise, Google will tweak your site forContent on mobile sites is terse and you in order to read it and display it toconcise. mobile web viewers (this is called “transcoding”), and you will not be in fullYou must choose short keyword phrases, control of your site’s presentation.and very few.Pg. 11 Get New Paperback Book from Trafford Publishing
  4. 4. 10 Mobile SEO Secrets ContinuedLocation.Mobile web users often use location in their searches.Therefore, location needs to be addressed with your site’s SEO.Portals.Mobile users don’t always use Internet search engines.Sometimes they use operator portals.Submit your site to every portal, business directory, and listing service that is relevant toyour site to increase your mobile website traffic.Target audience.Because your mobile SEO must be short and concise, you must give a lot of thought asto exactly who you are trying to reach.Research your target market (keeping the mobile sector in mind!), and tailor your sitecontent to that market.Mobile SEO is a new frontier, and must be approached with new eyes.To get the most out of your mobile website, put your mobile SEO in the hands ofcompetent professionals.Pg. 12
  5. 5. Check out on ebookstorePg. 16