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Tooth Fairy

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Jesah Marie L. Estrellado
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  4. 4. Jesah Marie L. Estrellado
  5. 5. ∞The tooth fairy is a fantasy figure of early childhood. The folklore states that when children lose one of their baby teeth, they should place it underneath their pillow and the tooth fairy will visit while they sleep, replacing the lost tooth with a small payment. The tradition of leaving a tooth under a pillow for the tooth fairy to collect is practiced in various countries in the Anglosphere. ∞ Jesah Marie L. Estrellado
  6. 6. Jesah Marie L. Estrellado
  7. 7. Appearance of Tooth Fairies Belief of Children Female- 74% Neither a male nor a female- 12% Either a male or a female- 8% Findings From Wells’ Research Tinkerbell- type tooth fairy Man Bunny Rabbit Mouse Public Children’s Books Child with wings Pixie Dragon Blue Mother Figure Flying Ballerina Dental hygienist etc Jesah Marie L. Estrellado
  8. 8. ∞ Unlike Santa Claus and, to a lesser extent, the Easter Bunny, there are few details of the tooth fairy's appearance that are consistent in various versions of the myth. A 1984 study conducted by Rosemary Wells revealed that most, 74 percent of those surveyed, believed the tooth fairy to be female, while 12 percent believed the tooth fairy to be neither male nor female and 8 percent believed the tooth fairy could be either male or female. ∞ Jesah Marie L. Estrellado
  9. 9. ∞ When asked about her findings regarding the tooth fairy's appearance, Wells explained - "You've got your basic Tinkerbell-type tooth fairy with the wings, wand, a little older and whatnot. Then you have some people who think of the tooth fairy as a man, or a bunny rabbit or a mouse.” ∞ Jesah Marie L. Estrellado
  10. 10. ∞ One review of published children's books and popular artwork found the tooth fairy to also be depicted as a child with wings, a pixie, a dragon, a blue mother-figure, a flying ballerina, two little old men, a dental hygienist, a potbellied flying man smoking a cigar, a bat, a bear and others. Unlike the well-established imagining of Santa Claus, differences in renderings of the tooth fairy are not as upsetting to children. ∞ Jesah Marie L. Estrellado
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