Personal Development for Smart People Main Takeaway Pt. 2


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In this show you will learn about every facet of personal growth and how to apply it to your life NOW.

We talk about intelligence, habits, career, money, relationships, and spirituality. By reading the slides, you will be able to learn and apply the best practices for these facets of life. Enjoy!

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Personal Development for Smart People Main Takeaway Pt. 2

  1. 1. MainTakeAway:Personal Developmentfor Smart People Pt. 2 By Steve Pavlina
  2. 2. Every Facet of Personal GrowthPart 1 (Last Video) Part 2 (This Video)Truth IntelligenceLove HabitsPower CareerOneness MoneyAuthority RelationshipsCourage Spirituality
  3. 3. Intelligence Intelligence is Alignment with Truth, Love, and Power A Fascinating Quality of Intelligence is That It Seeks ItsOwn Improvement. The Smartest Choice We Can Make Is To Attempt to Become Smarter, and Growth is the Mechanism through which this is Achieved. It is Intelligent to Grow Working On Your Personal Growth is the Most Selfless Thing You Can Possibly Do. You Can Increase Your Capacity to Serve Others
  4. 4. Intelligence: State of FlowThe State of Flow Results From Conscious Thoughtand Action in the Direction of your Dreams. Learn to Satisfy Your Desires and Fulfill Your Dreams Instead of Pretending they Don’t Matter to You When You Maintain the State of Flow it will Feel as if there’s Powerful Energy Working Through You, Driving You Onward. You Know Without a Doubt that You’re On the Right Track as You Make Progress Toward Something Meaningful & Important
  5. 5. Habits Habits are your Mind’s Approach to Time Management. Itwould be Extremely Inefficient for You to Consciously Decide How to spend Every Minute of Every Day – and Solve the Same Problems Over & Over – so it Delegates Known Problems to Your Subconscious Mind in Order to Recall andApply the Memorized Solutions. Now Your Conscious Mind is Free to Focus on Higher-Level Functions Sometimes Your Subconscious will Memorize Inefficient, Inaccurate, or Ineffective Solutions. You Must Eventually Uproot and Replace Habits That Have Serious Negative Side Effects
  6. 6. HabitsBrainstorm all the Habits You’d like to Implement. If you Successfully Adopt These habits Today, What Will Your Life Look like 10 years from now? Enlist the Help of Others to Dramatically Increase your Chances of Success Ask Yourself if there are Any Incompatible Connections You Need to Release
  7. 7. Habits to Help Boost Personal Effectiveness• Daily Goals-Set Targets for • Tempo- Deliberately Pick • Resonance- Visualize Each Day In Advance up the Pace & Try to Move Your Goals as Already• Worst First a Little Faster than Usual Accomplished• Peak Times • Neat Freak • Prizes• Mini-Milestones • Agendas• No-Comm Zones- Allocate • Pareto Principle(80/20 • Prioritize Important Uninterruptable Blocks of Rule) from Merely Urgent Time • Ready-Fire-Aim- Beat • Breakdown Complex• Timeboxing Procrastination. Adjust Projects into Smaller• Batching- Batch similar Your Course Along the Way Well-Defined Tasks Tasks, like phone calls or • Minuteman • Stick to Projects 100% errands, and knock them • Set Deadlines • Learn New Skills- out in a single session • Promise- Tell Others Your Martial Arts, Language,• Early Bird commitment so They’ll• Pyramid- Spend 15 Doing Hold you Accountable Chess. Ideas will Cross- Easy Tasks to Warm Up, • Punctuality Pollinate Then Tack Your Most • Gap Reading- Read Books • Send a Thank-you Card Difficult Project for Several & Articles while Waiting for • Say No to Non-critical Hours an Appointment or in Line requests for your Time• Do Boring Tasks As If • Stop Caffeine • Stop TV Insane-In Crayon
  8. 8. Career Most Job Titles are Defined in Terms of Media,Including Doctor, Lawyers, etc. But the Medium is Only a ShellYour Medium is Not How You Express Yourself, but Your Message is What You ExpressYour True Career Path is About Your Message, Not Your Medium
  9. 9. Career Write, “What is my True Purpose in Life?” Write Down Any Answer. Repeat Until You Write the Answer That Makes You Cry The Author’s is “To Live Consciously andCourageously. To Enjoy, Increase, and Share Peace, Energy, Passion, and Abundance. To Resonate w/ Love and Compassion. To Awaken the Great Spirit Within Others. And to Fully Embrace This Present Moment.”
  10. 10. Career If You Aren’t Doing Something ThatScares You and Challenges You, You’re Missing golden Opportunities that could Make a Real Difference
  11. 11. MoneyMoney is the Primary Social Resource. We Assign it Value Through Social AgreementsMoney is Social Credit – an IOU from Society. The More Money You Have, the More Societ Owes You, and the More Value You Can Extract The Difference Between Earning $25/hr vs. $250/hr isthat the Latter Work has Much Greater Social Value. This Isn’t Anyone’s Fault. The Difference is Due to the Social Consensus about the Value of Certain Work
  12. 12. MoneyIf You Want to Earn Income, You Must Impart Social Value, Not Personal Value Social Value is Determined by Social Consensus. IfYou Believe That Your Work has Trememdous Value, but Virtually No One Else Does, then Your Work may have High Personal Value, but Little or No Social Worth. Find a Need and Fill It
  13. 13. Money If You Want to Earn More Money, DevelopSkills & Talents to Facilitate the Creation of Lots ofSocial Value. Focus on Giving, and the Getting Will Largely Take Care of Itself.As You Earn a Higher Income, Moochers will Project Their Values onto You, Concluding that You MustTake Advantage of Others for Personal Gain, Just as They Are Aim For What You Think Money will Give You
  14. 14. MoneyWhen You Decide in Advance that a Lack of Funds is an Obstacle to Achieving Your Goals, You Disempower Yourself Don’t Automatically Assume that Money is Necessary to Achieve a Particular Goal. This Narrows Your Options and Stunts Your CreativityOften the Simplest Way to Create Value for Others is by Sharing What You Love to Do
  15. 15. RelationshipsDo Your Relationships Empower or Disempower You? Is Something Still Missing?What Do You Contribute to the People Closest to You? When Something Feels Wrong to Me, I Know theBest Thing I can Do Is Go to the Other Person andExplain That We Can Work Together to Sort it Out. When You Bring Truth To Your Relationship, You Build Closeness and Trust
  16. 16. RelationshipsIf You Stop Deliberately Injecting Fresh Truth Into Your Relationship on a Regular Basis, Distance is Created by Default. All Human Relationships are Guaranteed to be Temporary In Order to Connect, We Need to Overlap inCommunication Styles. In Order to Grow, We Need Some Differences In Our Strategies
  17. 17. RelationshipsThe Best Relationships Increase Your Power. The Point of Entering Into a Relationship is to Increase Your Alignment w/ Truth, Love, and PowerYour Best Relationships will Help You Meet Your Needs, Fulfills Desires, Gain Clarity, and Feel More Connected What Do You Really Want From Your Relationships?What Character Qualities Do You Find Most Attractive In Others?
  18. 18. Relationships It is Important to Set Standards For Deeper Levels of Bonding Be Careful to Avoid Relinquishing Your Power to Your Relationships. In Order to Achieve An Empowering Level of Interdependence, You Must Retain a Reasonable Degree of Independence. If You Find Yourself Unable to Make Decisions as anIndividual and Must Defer to Someone Else, You’re Giving Away Your Power and Shrinking Your Responsibility to Your Own Life
  19. 19. Spirituality Quiet Reflection and Meditation Can Be Powerful Spiritual Practices to Help You Connect Within, But It’s Best if They’re Combined with Abundant Social Interaction Personal Relationships can be a Tremendous Source of Spiritual Growth. The Pursuit of Spirituality is Really the Pursuit of Accuracy, Where Our Goal is to Develop the Most Accurate Model of Reality We Can. If We Fail toInclude Other Human Being in the Model, We Toss Awaytoo much Potentially Valid Information, and our Model is Doomed to Inaccuracy
  20. 20. Spirituality One Way to Balance Yourself Financially,Emotionally, and Spiritually is to Center Your Life Around Services to Others. If you Focus Your Efforts on Genuine Value Creating and Contribution, You’ll Eventually Be able to Manifest Happiness, Wealth, and a Sense of Meaning.
  21. 21. SpiritualityHow Can You Effectively Train Your Spiritual Depth Perception? Find Others with Different Belief Systems that Seem to Empower them in someSpecific Way, and Learn from Them. Study People From Other Cultures. Find Out Why BuddhistsMonk Seem so Calm, Why an Athlete can Maintain Such a High Fitness Level, or Why a Billionaire is Able to Enjoy so Much Financial Abundance
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