Personal Development for Smart People Main Takeaway Pt. 1


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Hi I'm Jeremy, and in this show you will learn every facet of your personal growth. As quoted in an Amazon review, "You can just take 2 or 3 topics in this book, and implement them to change your life."

Steve Pavlina is the king of personal development, and has been a blogger on the topic for many years. You will learn everything from Courage to Love to Trust in this video, and be able to implement them NOW in your life.

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Personal Development for Smart People Main Takeaway Pt. 1

  1. 1. MainTakeAway:Personal Developmentfor Smart People Pt. 1 By Steve Pavlina
  2. 2. Every Facet of Personal GrowthPart 1 (This Video) Part 2 (Next Video)Truth IntelligenceLove RelationshipsPower HabitsOneness CareerAuthority MoneyCourage Spirituality
  3. 3. Truth Your First Commitment Must Be to Discover and Accept New Truths, No Matter how Difficult or Unpleasant the ConsequencesPerception is the Most Basic Aspect of Truth. If YouWant to Improve Some Part of Your Life, You Have to Look at it FirstYou Can’t Get From Point A to Point B if You Refuse to Acknowledge that You’re At Point A
  4. 4. TruthAre there any Addictions or Destructive Habits You’d Like to Break?If Something Satisfies All Your Expectations, You Won’t Learn Anything New. To Help You Grow, Something Must Violate Your Expectations & Give You some Unexpected “Aha!” Moments
  5. 5. Truth Embrace New Experiences That Are Unlike Anything You’ve Previously Encountered Make Conscious Deliberate Predictions and Use those Predictions to Make Better DecisionsAccept the Long-Term Consequences of Your Predictions Whatever You Fear, You Must Eventually Face Don’t Deny the Truth of the Situation. Never Pretend to be Happy.
  6. 6. TruthSecondary Gain is When You Temporarily Benefit by Embracing Falsehood. (i.e. Lying)The More You Succumb to Secondary Gain, the Phonier You Become as a Human BeingAccept That You Want what You Want, and Stop Living in Denial of Your True Desires
  7. 7. LoveOne of the Fundamental Choices You Face in EveryEncounter is the Choice to Approach or Avoid. The Decision to Connect is the Essence of LoveYour Life Becomes a Reflection of What You Choose to Connect w/ Most Often. When You Feel Good About Your connections, You Come Into Greater Alignment with the Principle of Love
  8. 8. Love You Must Master the Art of Forming ConnectionsThe Best Way to Fulfill Our Desires Is to Walk Up to Whatever Interests Us and Engage w/ it Directly The True Purpose of Relationships is Self- Exploration. When You Feel a Deep Sense ofCommunication w/ Another Person, You’re ActuallyConnecting Deeply w/ an Important Part of Yourself. By Communicating w/ Others, You Learn to Love Yourself More Fully
  9. 9. Love Instead of Having to Break the Ice w/ Someone, Assume There is No IceOne of the Easiest Ways to Lovingly Connect w/ a Person is to Share Something w/ Them. Share aConversation, Experience, Stores, Laughs, Meal, Game, YourselfWhen You Learn to Love Everyone and Everything, You Come Into Alignment w/ Your True Self
  10. 10. Power Power is Your Ability to Consciously and Deliberately Create the World Around You. No Matter Your History, The Burden ofResponsibility of Your Life Now Rests Squarely on Your Shoulders. Blame Can Only Make You Powerless No One is Coming to Rescue You
  11. 11. Power If You don’t Proactively Solve Your Own Problems, They’ll Never Be Solved Desire is the Fuel of Power. Enjoy the ProgressiveFulfillment of Your Desires Through the Exercise of Your PowerYou’re Completely Free to Decide What You Want. You Never Need to Justify What You Want.
  12. 12. Power True Power only Exists in the Present You Have No Power to Act Yesterday/Tomorrow The Purpose of Goal-Setting isn’t to Control the Future.The Point of Goal-Setting is to Improve the Quality of the Present Set Goals that Make You Feel Powerful, Motivated, &Driven When You Focus on Them, Long Before the FinalOutcome is Actually Achieved. Avoid Setting Goals That Make You Feel Powerless, Stressed, or Weak
  13. 13. PowerMotivation is the Highest at the Beginning of aProject. Self-Discipline Can Prevent You FromQuitting. Motivation Starts the Race, but Self- Discipline Crosses the Finish LineThe 1st Hour is the Rudder of the Day. Adopt aDiscipline Routine for the 1st Waking Hour, and You’ll Enjoy a Highly Productive Day
  14. 14. OnenessStrive to Be Direct and Forthright. Genuine Honesty is the Truth Tempered w/ Love. In Order to Truly Experience Unconditional Love, You Must Make Yourself Naked to the World In a Broader Social context, Fairness Takes the Form ofJustice. We Must Make Decisions that Farily Balance The Needs of the Individual w/ the Needs of the Larger Whole. Whenever We Turn a Blind Eye to Injustice, We Embrace Separation Instead of Oneness
  15. 15. OnenessYou Can’t Continue Making Decisions Solely At the Personal, Family, or Communal Level. You Must Consider How Your Thoughts & Actions Impact the Planet as a WholeSpending Time in Nature is One of the SimplestThings You Can Do to Experience Oneness. Stop Doing, Stop Thinking, and Just Be Among the Plants and Animals
  16. 16. Authority Authority is the Principle Devised from Truth and Power. Truth w/o Power Accomplishes Nothing. Power w/o Truth Generates Wasted ActionWith Authority, You Not Only Assume Responsibility for Your Life, You Take Complete Command of ItThere’s Only One Authority in Your Life, and it’s You
  17. 17. Authority If You Fail to Claim Authority Over Your Life, Someone Else Will Surely Claim It for You. Many People Allow Their Spouse, Parents, or Boss to Practically Run Their Lives. Look Around You and Notice the Results You’re Currently Getting. Life is Simply Obeying YourCommands. If You Want Different Results, You Must Issue Different Orders. Effectiveness is the True Measure of Authority
  18. 18. Authority Failure is Your Friend. While It’s Often Disappointing to Miss the Goal You Aimed For, There’s Always a Consolation Prize. When You Fail, You Become Smarter.You Teach Your Mind to Become Better at Prediction. This is an Immensely Powerful Result. You Can’t Expect to be Competent When You TackleSomething New, but You Can Expect that You’ll Improve Over Time. Set a Goal, Make Decisions That You Think Will Lead You in the Right Direction, and Keep Taking Action.
  19. 19. AuthorityIf You Quit Too Early, You’ll Never Compete the Shift from Novice to Expert. The Expert Level is Where Most of the Rewards are FoundDon’t Pressure Yourself to Achieve Massive Success the First Time Out. Just Do the Best You Can. At First, You Best May Be Barely Above Idiot.Eventually You’ll Gain Some Basic Competency, and Further Down the Road, People Will Call You an Expert. An Expert Being a Person Who’s Failed Enough to Succeed
  20. 20. Authority If You’re Clear About What You Want, Settle For Nothing Less. Accept that Success Will Take Time, Perhaps Much Longer than You’d Like. RideYourself of the Fast & Easy, Something-For-Nothing Mindset. Keep Your Head Down, Work Hard, and Know That Your Efforts Will Eventually Pay Off, as Long as You Keep Learning and GrowingAs You Perceive Reality w/ Increasing Accuracy, Your Decisions will Improve, and in Turn So Will Your Actions and Thereby Your Results
  21. 21. Authority TRIAGE can Help You Focus Your Attention on the Most Significant Actions. Divide Between:1. Projects that will Fail to Have a Significant Impact, Whether You Do Them or Not2. Projects that will Succeed Anyway3. Projects that will have a Significant Impact Only If You Complete Them in a Timely MannerDon’t Blindly Follow the Advice of Experts. Find Out WhatWorks Best for You by Conducting Personal Experiements
  22. 22. Courage When Your Mind Predicts a Positive Long-TermOutcome, but a Negative Short-Term Outcome from a Course of Action, Courage is Required to Bridge the Gap What if You Know You’re On the Wrong Path, butDon’t Know How to Find the Right One? Get Off the Road You’re On. Just Stop. If You Can’t See the Right Path From Your Current Location, Go Out and Explore
  23. 23. CourageDon’t Wait for a New Career, Relationship, or OtherOpportunities to Come to You. Go Out and Actively Create What You Want. Life Is Waiting for You to Make the 1st MoveIf You Want Something, Ask for It. Accept the Risk of Rejection and Summon the Courage to Take Action Anyway. If You Don’t Get Rejected, You’ll Achieve Your Outcome In the Fastest Simplest Way Possible.
  24. 24. Courage An Honest Rejection is Always Better than a Clever DeceptionShort Bursts of Courage can Overcome Many Obstacles The Guiding Force of Honor is Your ConscienceService to Self & Service to Others are the Same Thing
  25. 25. CourageWhen You Feel Lazy & Unmotivated, You’re FellingDisconnected. Remember Who You Are. Reconnect w/ what Excited You. Revisit Those Times in Your Life When You Were on Fire – Not Because ofExternal Events, but Because You Were Aligned w/ Your Truth Whatever Scares You, Learn More About it. The Knowledge You Acquire Will Help You Act More Courageously and Intelligently
  26. 26. Amazon: Personal Dev. For Smart People• 4.4/5 Stars by 93 People – Read It & Make Your Own Comment• Get It on Amazon for: – $10.85 New – $6.38 Used
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