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JV Capabilities Overview 12 12-12

  1. 1. Jerry VerpentConsumer Insights and Marketing Strategy Capabilities Overview December 2012
  2. 2. Mission Statement  Senior Marketing and Consumer Insights expert with over 25 years experience in corporate business, and a passion for achieving a deep understanding of consumers to drive compelling brand strategies and business growth for clients seeking a competitive advantage in the marketplace.JV Consumer Insights & Marketing Strategy
  3. 3. What We Offer  Development of research action plans for clients including:  Clear identification of business issues and marketing information gaps/needs  Design and management of custom research from conception to implementation  Synthesis of existing data already in-house  Ad hoc projects or ongoing consultancy  Simple and complex projects  Helping clients get more from limited resources  Development of best practices tailored to your individual needs and budget  Available as a strategic consultant for completion of complex projects requiring extra time or focus  Strengthening reporting of ongoing projects to increase impact  Leveraging both traditional and cutting edge research technologiesJV Consumer Insights & Marketing Strategy
  4. 4. Expertise  Consumer insights professional with more than 25 years experience and expertise in all phases of marketing research  Substantial background on both the Corporate and Research Supplier sides of the business  Outstanding quantitative and qualitative research skills, including custom research design and syndicated analysis (Nielsen, IRI)  Strategic outlook and a strong marketing orientation, with the ability to integrate insights across multiple methodologies and translate research into actionable marketing/strategic recommendations  Global and domestic research expertise  Wide and varied experience across numerous categories, including beauty, food, OTC, household, and personal careJV Consumer Insights & Marketing Strategy
  5. 5. Capabilities To Address Your Key Issues Business Solutions: Learn Which Omnibus Surveys Segmentation Studies Opportunities Are Need States Research Attitude & Usage Studies Worth Investment Market Structure Volumetric Forecasting Concept Screens Benefit Sorts Develop and Identify Conjoint / Choice Modeling Concept Testing Winning Concepts Positioning Testing / Optimization Price Optimization Name Testing Product Testing Package Testing Optimize and Evaluate Sensory / Taste Testing Name / Logo TestingProducts and Marketing Competitive Benchmarking Advertising / Support Elements Alienation Testing Development and TestingManage Your Business Franchise Extendibility Line Optimization Tests Problem Detection Brand Health Tracking More Effectively Brand Equity Assessment Advertising TrackingSharpen Your Insights Virtual Reality Testing Competitive Assessment Purchase Decision Trees In-Store Testing 5 JV Consumer Insights & Marketing Strategy
  6. 6. Brand ExperienceJV Consumer Insights & Marketing Strategy
  7. 7. Client Testimonials  “Jerry is an extremely strong researcher with the unique ability to marry qualitative and quantitative data to get at key findings and recommendations. As market researcher on Novartiss largest and most strategic brands, Jerry was able to deliver strong results that directly led to brand growth. Jerry was an able champion for the consumer and always ensured all strategic decisions were grounded in target audience insights.” Afsha Abid, Brand Manager, Novartis Consumer Health worked with Jerry at Novartis Consumer Health  “I hired and managed Jerry while I was the CMO of Atkins Nutritionals. Jerry helped us start a market research department so we could gain stronger insights into consumer behavior that was driving purchase of the new low carb category. His research skills and insights helped us make smarter decisions on products, pricing and positioning. Additionally, his passion for the business and ability to work with the team to solve problems made him a valuable asset.” October 21, 2010 Matt Wiant, CMO, Atkins Nutritionals Inc hired and managed Jerry at Atkins Nutritionals, Inc  “As my client, Jerry demonstrated his strong strategic marketing sense. He asked challenging questions that quickly got to the root of the issue, and helped translate research findings into actionable strategies. He partnered with us, as researchers, and with brand management to ensure that all questions were answered and that all findings and recommendations were completely valid, understood, and accepted. He is an asset to any organization, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” June 3, 2010 Richard Playner, Account Director, The Nielsen Company was a consultant or contractor to Jerry at Reckitt Benckiser  “Jerry is a seasoned research professional who is driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency. He is a highly productive and strategic researcher who generates innovative solutions to challenging business questions, knowing when to leverage existing data and intuition and when to conduct primary research. Critically analyzes work to identify fundamental consumer and professional insights. Given limited financial resources, Jerry has been trying all sorts of innovative ways to deliver the best results to the organization without losing sight of the strategic objective. It would be a pleasure to work with Jerry again!” Adriana Soares Matos de Perez, Marketing Manager, Novartis worked directly with Jerry at Novartis Consumer Health Will re-evaluate order and JV Consumer Insights & Marketing Strategy content once I have my Coty recos
  8. 8. Thank YouJerry VerpentConsumer Insights and Marketing Strategy917-596-9847jerryv@nyc.rr.com8 Customized Business Research and Analysis 8