2011 Toyota Corolla at Jerry's Toyota in Baltimore Maryland


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2011 Toyota Corolla at Jerry's Toyota in Baltimore Maryland

  1. 1. Toyota is the first full-linemanufacturer to make the HYBRIDSfeatures of the Star Safety US US RS10 US-PRS10-484-A S10 4 A US CY 0- 02 US CY 0-502- US-CY10 502 B US US-HI11 2 A US HI11-21-A 1-21System standard equipment ™ PRIUS CAMRY HYBRID HIGHLANDER HYBRIDon all vehicles. That’s a sign CARSof our dedication to building US YA US-YA09-445- US-YA09-445-C S- A A09-445 4 5- US-MX1 2 D US-MX11-22-D US MX11-22-D S MX1 22 X US-CL1 -31-E US CL11-31-E US CL11-31-E L 31- US-CY10 98 US CY10-498- US CY 0-498 B S- Y Y1the most trustworthy vehicleson the road. Simply put, YARIS MATRIX COROLLA CAMRYwe want the loyalty of our TRUCKScustomers to outlast even US-AV US AV11-107 US-AV11 107 B S 07-B US-V 9-433-A US-VZ09 433-A S S- 9- US TA09-426- US-TA09 426-C S-TA 2 US TU 1-400- US-TU11-400-A TU 1-400 U1 400- 0our vehicles. AVALON VENZA TACOMA TUNDRASUVs | VAN US US US-RV09-100 A S- 09-100 100- 00 0- US US- J11-1 D US FJ11 1-D US US-HI11 20-A US-HI11-20-A 1-20 A US-FR1 -106 US-FR10-106- US-FR10-106 B S R 06-B US Q 0-408 US SQ10-408- US-SQ10-408 B 408-B 8 US-LC1 US- C1 3 A US- C11-30-A US LC11-30-A US-SE11-124- US SE11-124-I S E11- 4 E 4- 2011 US-CL11-1- US-CL11-1-A S-CL11-1 CRAV4 FJ CRUISER HIGHLANDER 4RUNNER SEQUOIA LAND CRUISER SIENNA CorollaFOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITYToyota encourages their printing partners to embrace environmentally responsible business practices, including compliance with nationally recognized certification requirements.These partners adhere to either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) guidelines that ensure Toyota brochures use paper from well-managedforests through a chain of custody — from the tree to the paper mill, from the paper mill to the printer, then, from the printer to Toyota.100% of the electricity purchased by one of Toyota’s print partners is generated by renewable wind energy. Another print partner installed solar panels and expects theircompany’s energy demands to decrease by 30% and reduce their carbon emissions by 630 tons per year. This brochure is printed on Sappi’s Opus Gloss paper. 100% of theelectricity used to manufacture this paper was generated by Green-e® certified renewable energy sources. Opus Gloss uses 10% post-consumer recovered fiber and is FSCcertified, sourcing fiber from sustainably managed forests.toyota.com 1-800-GO-TOYOTA©2010 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. PC1-417 (11/10) 00616-11COR Litho in U.S.A.
  2. 2. US-CL11-2- US-CL11-2-A CL1 11-Am I the Corolla type? Without a doubt. Since we introducedToyota Corolla in 1968, we’ve sold nearly 35 million of them around theworld. One look at the 2011 Corolla and it’s easy to see why: Its many 1 US CL11-3- US-CL11-3-A S-C 11thoughtful features, fuel efficiency and legendary reliability make ita great value. It also has fresh styling inside and out, and comesequipped with an impressive list of standard safety features. Just US-CL11-5 - US-CL11-5-A -CL11 1the kind of qualities you’d expect from the best-selling subcompact US-CL 1-4- US-CL11- 4 -A S Ccar in America.2 Are you the Corolla type? Perhaps the real questionshould be: Which model of Corolla is your type? The 2011Toyota Corolla. Moving Forward. Every time you start off on a journey, whether it’s a quiet weekend away or a quick trip around town, rest assured — we’re with you every step MODEL CHOICES3 COROLLA COROLLA LE of the way. For more than 50 years, Toyota engineering has created more than just COROLLA S durable vehicles. It’s created enduring memories. S shown in Barcelona Red Metallic. 1. Based on Toyota Motor Corporation sales data since Corolla’s inception in 1966 through 2009. 2. MotorIntelligence.com CY 2009 sales.
  3. 3. US-CL11-7- US-CL11-7-A L11- US-CL11-8 -A S-CL11-8- Does it know where I’m coming from? As if clairvoyance were standard equipment. With its sophisticated styling and intuitive design, Corolla just seems to have a sense of who you are and what you might appreciate. And with a host of high-end amenities, like the available moonroof,1 Corolla is right in line with your plans for upward mobility. So you could say Corolla knows just where you’re going too. Remote keyless entry system1 Convenience is keyless. Corolla lets you lock and unlock its doors with the touch of a button. And once you open the door, a warmly lit interior welcomes you inside. The remote can also be used to pop open the trunk lid. Even the alarm can be activated remotely. Available moonroof1 In the high-spirited Corolla, things are always looking up. In fact, the available moonroof gives you an uplifting view of not only the moon, but also the sun, the stars and the glimmering city. US-CL11-30 -A S-CL11-3 A -30-A US CL11-6- US-CL11- 6-A 1 6-A 6 Sporty shift knob With its textured, leather trim and clean, chrome accents, Corolla’s handsome new shift knob is agreeable to hold and to behold, as well.S interior shown in Dark Charcoal with available upgraded audio system and automatic transmission. 1. Not available on Corolla grade.
  4. 4. Will it live up to my expectations? How could it not? Since its introduction over four decades ago, Corolla has been a perennial example of Toyota quality and reliability. And it just keeps getting better. Drive it and you will discover that Corolla is a truly remarkable blend of style, performance and value. It’s almost unfair to the rest of its class. US-CL11-10 A US-CL11-10 -A CL1 10-ALE shown in Classic Silver Metallic with available Premium Package.
  5. 5. Can Corolla keep up with my life? SUNGLASSES STORAGE Corolla’s thoughtful interior offers a wide variety of storage You bet your gigabyte it can. Corolla can not only keep up with your technology- possibilities, not to mention an available overhead compartment5 rich life, it will enhance it. It’s loaded with advanced features: From available hands- US-CL11-14 US-CL11-14 14-A that’s perfect for essentials free technologies that help you keep your attention safely on the road ahead, to like sunglasses. device ports that can handle most popular digital music players. With Corolla, your busy life won’t skip a beat when you get behind the wheel. Advanced audio systems LOADS OF STORAGE Be your own mobile mix-master. The standard audio system in Corolla So that you can bring your things and find them too, Corolla provides lets you plug your MP3/WMA player into the auxiliary audio jack. US-CL11-15 A US-CL11-15 -A L11- 5-A a huge dual glove box. Below, a large bin offers general storage for items Plus, the CD player will play back WMA or MP3 CDs and allow you US-CL11-11-A US-CL11-11-A US-CL11-11-A CL11-11 US CL11-12 A US-CL11-12-A S-C 11- like CDs, a camera or even — of all things — gloves. Above is a separate to browse or shuffle within a selected folder or the entire CD. enclosure, ideal for papers that should be kept readily available. The available upgraded audio system1 can be controlled by its head unit interface or the steering wheel-mounted controls, and offers a USB2 port, so you can put music on a flash drive. The system comes with a 90-day trial subscription of available XM® Radio3 and has presets that can be mixed and matched. Use the standard 12V outlet as a charging station for your player, cell phone or games. US-CL11-18 A US-CL11-18 -A CL11-18 1 60/40 SPLIT REAR SEAT Bluetooth®4 wireless technology Inside, Corolla offers remarkable The cutting-edge Corolla is available with Bluetooth® hands-free wireless versatility. The rear 60/40 split US-CL11-16-A US-CL11-16 -A C 6 A technology. Its advanced voice recognition capability allows you to bench seat folds flat to create operate your compatible cell phone with your hands on the wheel. Also a truly surprising amount of available is advanced Bluetooth® functionality that lets you stream useful cargo space. 6 music from your compatible stereo Bluetooth®-enabled device directly to the available upgraded audio system. TRUNK VOLUME US-CL11-13-A 13-A A Corolla may be a compact US-CL11-17-A S-CL1 -17-A -CL11 1 car, but you wouldn’t know it to peek in the trunk. In the LONGEVITY FACT: Unlike a conventional hydraulic power steering system, Corolla’s Electric Power Steering (EPS) back, you’ll be pleasantly does not require a vane pump, pulley or power steering surprised to find a full 12.3 fluid. So there’s less to maintain over time. cubic feet6 of cargo space for road trip necessities. LE interior shown in Ash with available Premium Package.1. Available on LE and S models only. 2. See footnote 8 in Disclaimers section. 3. See footnote 7 in Disclaimers section. 4. See footnote 10 in Disclaimers section. 5. Included on LE and S models when equipped with available moonroof. 6. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.
  6. 6. US MX08 118 - US-MX08 -118-B 8-1 8 US-CL11-21-A S CL11-21-A L11 1-A 11- I know it gets the MPG, but what about the LOLs? Corolla is as fun as it is frugal. Sure, it gets great gas mileage. Corolla’s known for that. But with an advanced Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) engine, it also knows what to do with all those miles. Contributing to Corolla’s responsiveness are innovations like Electric Power Steering (EPS) that lessens engine load and Electronic Throttle Control for precise acceleration. With Corolla’s spirit-lifting performance you may, indeed, find yourself laughing out loud. US-CL11-20 A US-CL11-20 -A - 11-2 Engine power The 2011 Corolla is powered by an aluminum-alloy 1.8-liter 16-valve US-CL11- 9 A US-CL11-19-A CL11-19 4-cylinder engine. Incorporating lightweight pistons and a cooling “water jacket spacer” surrounding the cylinder walls, the design allows the engine to be lighter and more compact. Yet, while smaller, the engine still produces a spirited 132 hp and 128 lb.-ft. of torque. Its efficient operation comes courtesy of Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i). VVT-i automatically adjusts valve timing across the engine’s full range of operation to maintain maximum power and achieve an EPA-estimated 28 city/35 highway mpg rating.1, 2 Refined suspension Corolla’s impeccable road manners begin with its rigid chassis. Built to resist body flex, it provides a reliable platform so that the US-CL11-22-A US-CL11-22-A S C A suspension can best do its job. The front suspension, mounted to an additional sub-frame to reduce noise and vibration, is tuned for precision handling. In back, the rear suspension employs a torsion- type design that further smooths the ride quality. S shown in Magnetic Gray Metallic with available upgraded audio system.LE interior shown in Ash with available Premium Package. S shown in Barcelona Red Metallic with available upgraded audio system and moonroof. 1. See footnote 4 in Disclaimers section. 2. Manual transmission only.
  7. 7. How is Corolla designed to help protect me? At Toyota, your safety is what drives us. That’s why we’ve given Corolla an impressive list of active and passive safety features as standard equipment. From systems designed to help you avoid accidents to those that can help protect you should a collision occur, Corolla takes your safety seriously. US-CL11- 3 A US-CL11-23-A -CL11 1LE shown in Classic Silver Metallic with available Premium Package.
  8. 8. What kind of safety features does it provide? 1 Corolla comes standard with the Star Safety System. This integration of active safety ™ ACTIVE FRONT HEADRESTS4 SMART STOP TECHNOLOGY (SST) features is designed to protect occupants by helping drivers avoid accidents in the first Corolla comes standard with active When both brake and accelerator pedals are pressed at the same headrests in the front seats that help US-CL11-25 -A S-CL1 5 CL11- time under certain conditions, Smart Stop Technology is designed to place. The 2011 Star Safety System™ includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction 1 maintain the occupants’ head position automatically reduce engine power to help bring the vehicle to a stop. Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), in the event of certain lower-speed, Yet another safety feature that’s standard on all 2011 Corolla models. Brake Assist (BA) 2 and Smart Stop Technology (SST). 3 rear-end collisions.. 2 3 CRUMPLE ZONES SIX AIRBAGS 5 Front and rear energy- Driver and front passenger absorbing crumple zones and advanced airbags, front seat- a collapsible steering column mounted side airbags for the are designed to help dissipate driver and front passenger, impact forces in a collision and and front and rear side curtain help protect occupants. airbags are all standard. 6 3 4 5 LATCH SYSTEM TIRE PRESSURE Lower Anchors and Tethers for MONITOR SYSTEM (TPMS)6 CHildren (LATCH) help to secure Two logic systems determine US-CL11-24-A US-CL11-24-A S-CL1 L A child safety seats for improved tire pressure. If it’s seriously 4 low, an indicator lamp on the 2 safety and ease of use. instrument panel illuminates 2 1 to alert you. 6 5 5 3-POINT SEATBELTS o t a .c o m oy Corolla provides 3-point n. Visit t for more seatbelts with pretensioners io e in f o r m at for all seating positions, while n the front seats are equipped with the added safety of 2-step force limiters. To view videos of Star Safety System™Photo not intended to replicate actual inflated airbags. features, visit toyota.com/safety 1. See footnote 11 in Disclaimers section. 2. See footnote 1 in Disclaimers section. 3. See footnote 12 in Disclaimers section. 4. See footnote 14 in Disclaimers section. 5. See footnote 13 in Disclaimers section. 6. See footnote 15 in Disclaimers section.
  9. 9. Specifications MECHANICAL AND PERFORMANCE COROLLA LE S Engine 1.8 Liter DOHC 16-Valve 4-Cylinder with Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) 132 hp @ 6000 rpm; 128 lb.-ft. @ 4400 rpm Standard Standard Standard US-CL11- -B US -CL11-27-B US -CL11-27-B C US -CL11-27-A S -CL11-27 A CL11- 7 US-CL11-26 -A 26-A 26-A - US-CL11-26 -B US -CL11-26 -B S -CL1 6 L11- US-MX11-2 A US -MX11-20 -A -MX1 M 11 Ignition System: Electronic, with Toyota Direct Ignition (TDI) Standard Standard Standard Emission Rating: Ultra Low Emission Vehicle II (ULEV-II) Standard Standard Standard Transmission 5-speed manual transmission Standard NA Standard 4-speed Electronically Controlled automatic Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i) Available Standard Available Drivetrain: front engine, front-wheel drive Standard Standard StandardCorolla fabric in Ash Corolla fabric in Bisque LE fabric in Ash LE fabric in Bisque S fabric in Dark Charcoal Body construction: Unitized body Standard Standard Standard Suspension: Independent MacPherson strut front suspension with stabilizer bar; torsion beam rear suspension with rear stabilizer bar Standard Standard Standard Steering: Electric Power Steering (EPS); power-assisted rack-and-pinion Standard Standard Standard Turning circle diameter, curb to curb (ft.) 35.4 35.4 35.4How many colors does it come in? Brakes: Power-assisted ventilated 10.7-in. front disc brakes; 9 -in. rear drum brakes with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA)1 EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS (in.) Standard Standard Standard Corolla offers seven exterior colors to choose from — not surprising, considering Overall height 57.7 57.7 57.7 Overall width 69.4 69.4 69.4 Corolla’s accommodating nature. And each exterior color offers two or three interior Overall length 180.0 180.0 179.3 colors to match. Decisions, decisions. Wheelbase 102.4 102.4 102.4 Track (front/rear) 60.2/60.4 60.2/60.4 59.7/59.9 Minimum running ground clearance 5.8 5.8 5.8 INTERIOR DIMENSIONS front/rear (in.) Head room (with moonroof) 38.8/37.2 38.8/37.2 (37.9/37.1) 38.8/37.2 (37.9/37.1) US-CL11-31-C US-CL11-31-D US-CL11-31-E US-CL11-31-F Shoulder room 54.8/54.7 54.8/54.7 54.8/54.7 Hip room 53.0/43.9 53.0/43.9 53.0/43.9 Leg room 41.7/36.3 41.7/36.3 41.7/36.3 Seating capacity 5 5 5BLACK SAND PEARL NAUTICAL BLUE METALLIC BARCELONA RED METALLIC SANDY BEACH METALLIC2Ash, Bisque or Dark Charcoal1 interior Ash, Bisque or Dark Charcoal1 interior Ash, Bisque or Dark Charcoal1 interior Bisque interior WEIGHTS AND CAPACITIES Curb weight (lb.) manual/automatic 2734/2767 NA/2800 2767/2800 EPA passenger volume/with moonroof (cu. ft.) 92.1/NA 92.1/90.8 92.1/90.8 Cargo volume2 (cu. ft.) 12.3 12.3 12.3 Towing capacity3 (lb.) 1500 1500 1500 Fuel tank (gal.) 13.2 13.2 13.2 US-CL11-31-G US-CL11-31-A US-CL11-31-B TIRES SizeMAGNETIC GRAY METALLIC CLASSIC SILVER METALLIC SUPER WHITE Standard P195/65R15 P195/65R15 P205/55R16Ash, Bisque or Dark Charcoal1 interior Ash or Dark Charcoal1 interior Ash, Bisque or Dark Charcoal1 interior Available NA P205/55R16 NA Type Standard All-Season All-Season All-SeasonUS-CL11-28-A US-CL11-29-A Spare Temporary Temporary Temporary MILEAGE ESTIMATES (mpg city/highway)4 WHEELS1 2 1 Corolla and LE 15-in. steel wheel Manual 28/35 NA 28/35 with wheel cover Automatic 26/34 26/34 26/34 2 Available LE and standard S 16-in. alloy wheel 1. Available on S models only. 2. Not available on S models. See numbered footnotes in Disclaimers section.