5 Classic Google Hangouts Marketing Mistakes


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I have played around with Google hangouts on air here in Zambia. Its an awesome opportunity for marketers and PR professionals. As a Google apps solutions providers in Zambia our company Net Innovation, we are positioning hangouts on air as an affordable powerful tool for marketers and PR professionals in Zambia to live stream branded events including but not limited to press briefings,conferences,discussion panels. and that\'s just one way of looking at the potential . Save for the tech aspects such as webcam quality, bandwidth etc.knowing how to leverage hangouts on air for lead generation with pre and post event marketing campaigns is a critical part of making hangouts on air a success. Im just finishing authoring a quick guide "5 Google Hangouts on air marketing mistakes you can not afford to make...and how to avoid them

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5 Classic Google Hangouts Marketing Mistakes

  1. 1. 5 Classic Google+ Hangouts on air PR & Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make … And how to avoid them!Mistakes You Can’t Afford to MakeAnd how to
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Jerry SakalaIn the past 16 years worked with telecom,energy and educational brands in Zambia:I’m currently the “Going Google” Evangelist At Net Innovation The leading authorityConsultants and experts on going Googlein Zambia. Jerry Sakala jsakala@net-innov.com +260 968539223
  3. 3. Introducing Google+ Hangouts on air: liveevents video streaming made easy forZambian Marketing & PRWARNING: Done the wrong way, Google+ Hangouts on air, can be a PRdisaster…DILUTING the value of your brand in public view (LIVE)• Generating NEGATIVE industry buzz around your brand• DISCOURAGING potential customers from even trying your productsand services• UNDERMINING your Position as a trusted leading brand and authorityin your industry
  4. 4. What not to do and why.Five classic mistakes you can avoid whenmarketing your Google+ hangouts on airevents
  5. 5. 1. Not providing enough lead time• Giving a week notice or less that you’re doinga hangout on air chat, webinar, discussion etc.Not enough time to promote the hangout on air event• Managers have very busy schedules, they need time to adjust theircalendars• You need time for social media outlets to get the word out• If you don’t give enough lead time understand that the live attendancerate maybe a low as 30% however many more depend on the recordingfor on-demand viewing later.• Always allow at least 2 weeks lead time for a pre-event emailpromotional campaign
  6. 6. 2. Switching the Topic last minute• Don’t publicize a hangouts on air Youtube live webinar topic and thendo whatever topic you want when the when you go live• You asked people to give you an hour to hear a specific topicThey set aside time for.*Change the speaker not the topic if need beAlways have a stand-by speaker•
  7. 7. 3. Not Branding the Google hangout on air• it’s your company event “Hangout on air” live on your Youtube channel,Facebook page and on your website. *Place your logo in the lower one third of the hangout and brandthe backdrop .
  8. 8. 4. Ignoring to answer Questions from thelive stream audienceMonitor comments , questions from G+, Facebook, twitter, Youtube andyour own website during the live stream. Provide answers at the end ofthe presentation. At the start Invite and announce you will respond tocomments posted on G+, twitter, Facebook,Youtube or your companyblog during the hangout on air.*Allocate time at the end of your Hangout on air event for Questions& comments posted by the live audience on your social mediaprofiles
  9. 9. 5. Not building an email list of leads fromHangouts on air event replays withexclusive on-demand replay on Your ownwebsiteMention that the replay will be made available exclusively on yourwebsite and send out reminders within 24 hrs after the eventDisable Youtube public viewing. Make on-demand replay exclusive forviewing only your own website next to a prominent lead generating call-to-action eg;“Sign up to get a FREE pdf transcript of this event hangout on air”*Replay on-demand with a Call-to-Action for lead generation
  10. 10. INCREASE the value of your brand in public view (LIVE)• Generate POSITIVE industry buzz around your brand• ENCOURAGE potential customers to sample your professional advice& tips• ENHANCE your market Position as the most trusted leading expert andauthority in your industry• Demonstrate PROFESSIONALISM to your industry peers • Jerry Sakala jerry@jerrysakala.com Thank you!
  11. 11. Contact 17 Permanent House Kitwe Road CHINGOLA, ZAMBIA info@net-innov.com+260 0968539223 www.net-innov.com@GoneGoogleinZm on twitter
  12. 12. ••