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Transforming IT - ITaaS Onboarding


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Episode 1 of 8 - presenting an architectural transformation for IT organizations that are interesting in delivering ITaaS to its consumer (user) community. Automation/Provisioning of services via an "" experience is defined.

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Transforming IT - ITaaS Onboarding

  1. 1. Transforming IT – Episode One Providing an “Amazon-like” IT Experience Business Transformation Architectural Transformation Process Transformation
  2. 2. An Architecture for IT Service Delivery Human Resources Your Services Store Services Catalog IT Return of Services Self Service Workflow Your Workspace Manager Dynamic Configuration Adaptive Security Delegation and Compliance Active Directory Mobility And Cloud Desktop Extender And Analyzer Management Layer Cloud MDM PCLM Apps Automate Not ONLY ITaaS, but IT IS A SERVICE Oracle SaaS Payroll IAM AppsA/D Provision MS 365 SF Lync /MS365 AirWatch MobileIron XenMobile Remedy/ServiceNow VmWare/Citrix/HyperV
  3. 3. ITaaS - Reasons to Transform “IT is A Service” On-boarding and Reassigning Employees takes too long and costs too much EPISODE 1 Our employees need to use their own devices – I want to provide choice but maintain standards. EPISODE 2 My Service Desk is taking too long and spending too much time on repetitive tasks. EPISODE 3 The users are provisioning themselves. Shadow IT is growing. I want them to come to me first. EPISODE 4 I know I am spending too much on software licenses, but it is too hard to track them. EPISODE 5 Part 1 My company is at risk of violating compliance regulations. EPISODE 5 Part 2 VDI has not delivered the ROI I promised. Users do not like it and are not adopting it. EPISODE 6 System migrations are too expensive and disruptive. And provisioning devices is too costly EPISODE 7 My company employees are less productive. And they are angry at IT for being too slow. EPISODE 8
  4. 4. Are you a fireman? • What are typical fires that a help desk puts out repeatedly? – OnBoarding/OffBoarding/Change Employee Status – Password Resets – Device First Aid – Temporary Admin Rights – Updates of Personal Information This Episode will address Employee Status
  5. 5. WIN by Shifting Support Calls Left • Move calls to appropriate resource • Free Experts for Innovation / Business Value • User Help Support Expert Self Desk Engineer Engineer Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
  6. 6. Employee Status Changes • On-Boarding – Repetitive tasks – email, apps, office, cards, shared drives, security badges, printers…….. Use case: Major Law Firm – 70 page onboarding script Average 2 hours to complete Process for interns/consultants Mergers/Acquisitions expensive
  7. 7. Employee Status Changes • Off-Boarding As a manager – I need to: Remove identity Reassign Email Restrict Access Return Licenses and Apps Revoke Access to SaaS applications Have you ever had access to email after leaving a company? Do you have an accurate record of all apps/SaaS for an employee? Can you guarantee an ex-employee cannot remote connect or copy old files? Do you have a process that can rollback the onboarding process instantly, accurately and completely for security and compliance concerns?
  8. 8. Why an IT “Amazon-like” experience WINs Traditional Service Model • Inflexible and slow • Too many manual processes • Inconsistent User Experience • Wasted OPEX in overhead • Multiple portals • Data disaggregated • Assets not always recovered • Software Licenses underutilized • Low customer satisfactions • IT Perceived as a “NO” organization Services Led Model • Consumers self service • Lower OPEX • Increased competitive edge • Enable new revenue streams • Slows “shadow” IT initiatives • Reduce CapEx • Consistent and accurate view of deployed assets • Automatic recovery of unused or expired assets • Accurate record of assets for audit INNOVATION transforms IT to a Business Asset
  9. 9. What is an “Amazon-like” Services Experience • Proactive IT Services • Fast response to manual processes (instant in some cases) • Self managed Active Directory • Empowers Users to self service • Expand service hours to 7X24 • Workflows logged, alerted, tracked, and auditable • Significantly reduce IT hours spent on mundane tasks • Asset tracking to re-allocate, recover, and retire capital • Customized by role, location, time of day, and other attributes • What you expect from a services provider SERVICE TRANSFORMATION business benefits: Access to services increases Cost of services decreases Time to implementation – days Savings - ROI less than 6 months ACTS
  10. 10. Delivering an “Amazon-Like” On-Boarding Experience Outside Consultants Business Unit Hires New Staff Seasonal Temp Workers Manager Tasks “One Click” Order Physical – Cards, Laptop, Badges Training Scheduled Role Based IT Services Provisioned Software Licenses Subscribed/ App Access Authorized Payroll /Direct deposit Setup O N E R E Q U E S T Your IT Store Automated Standard Operating Processes Invoked Enhance Existing Tools: SCCM, Citrix, VMWare, ServiceNow Peoplesoft OracleApps Active Directory Consumer Experience with Enterprise Security Services Delivered WorkFlows Recorded Assets Tracked Minimal IT Effort High User satisfaction achieved. Innovation Group (IT) Transformed to Service Delivery Consistent Efficient Secure Auditable Your Custom Processes Defined by you. Foundation For Partners, Customers, Suppliers Services P O R T A L A G G R E G A T I O N
  11. 11. Employee Change of Status • What happens when an employee changes roles? – Are security concerns addressed immediately? – Are old assets recovered / new assigned? – Are software licenses recovered and redeployed? – Are corporate directories updated? – Is there an official audit trail?
  12. 12. Delivering an “Amazon-Like” Change Experience Outside Consultants Assignment Ends Employee Promoted/ New Role/ Leaves Seasonal Temp Workers Released Manager Tasks Dedeploy and Recover Physical – Security Tokens, Laptop, Badges Modify A/D and application access De-provision Old IT Subscribed Services/ Subscribe New Software Licenses Recovered for Redeployment Information in HR systems Modified One Click Near Real Time Know Who, When What NOW Your IT Store Automated Standard Operating Change Processes Invoked Updates to system recorded: SCCM, Citrix, VMWare, ServiceNow Peoplesoft OracleApps Active Directory Consumer Experience with Enterprise Security Services Updated WorkFlows Recorded Assets Tracked Minimal IT Effort High Business Unit satisfaction achieved. Innovation Group (IT) Transformed to Service Delivery Consistent Efficient Secure Auditable Your Custom Processes Defined by you. Business Partners Change Or Security Breach P O R T A L A G G R E G A T I O N
  13. 13. What is stopping me? • I have invested in several tools? • I do not have the resources? • I have an Enterprise App Store. • My users are not asking for it • I have out sourced my Help Desk.
  14. 14. Success stories • ITaaS is being delivered efficiently and fast. • Transformation is achievable $ % $3.6M savings 225% ROI 6.3 mth payback 25% reduction in help desk tickets within 30 days New worker productivity in minutes versus days Actual Customer Results Georgia Regional Medical Center – 150 beds Regional Transportation company with 8000 temporary employees Large Consumer Finance company reduced Help Desk tickets by 30,000 per year Full case studies are available upon request
  15. 15. Next Steps • Live Demo • Analysis of Your Help Desk Tickets • Financial TCO Study • Creation of Executive Business Justification
  16. 16. Thanks Jerry Jermann 312-218-3994