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The Future Of Creative Technologies Conference Abridged


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Backgrounder deck used at the Institute of Creative Technologies in November 2008.

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The Future Of Creative Technologies Conference Abridged

  1. 1. the Future of Creative Technologies Conference technology workshop Jerry Fishenden
  2. 2. ... our mission ... ... to consider high level issues facing researchers, industry and policy makers today
  3. 3. some starters ... • convergence / divergence; • the conjoining of the real and digital worlds, including new modalities of interaction; • the Internet as ubiquitous, pervasive grid; • robotics; • security, privacy and identity; • people, society, localism and technology ... versus State-ist / regulatory models
  4. 4. ... the reality of technology?
  5. 5. ubiquitous computing 17 billion networked devices by 2012 (IDC) appliances/toys: 11,000M industrial/automotive: 400M entertainment: 1,300M handhelds: 2,600M computers: 1,080M
  6. 6. convergence …. • … of networks, protocols and interfaces … • … and multi-purpose devices …
  7. 7. … and divergence • … of devices and experiences
  8. 8. re-thinking “computing” • interact using … – speech and non-speech sounds – gestures and tactile interfaces – navigation through context (glancing) – physiological means • support for multiple modalities
  9. 9. another convergence?
  10. 10. Source: “Sketching User Experiences”, Bill Buxton
  11. 11. intelligent environments • office, home and public buildings running embedded technologies: – controlling lighting, heating (energy efficiency) and security – entertainment (music/film etc following you around the house) – dynamically moving calls and content between desk/mobile phones, PCs other devices • public environments – knowing you’re there – telling you what’s available
  12. 12. .. it’s getting personal! • lifetime stores of everything: – articles, books, cards, CDs, letters, memos, papers, photos, pictures, presentations, home movies, videotaped lectures, voice recordings, phone calls, IM transcripts, television, radio …. (mylifebits)
  13. 13. identity, security, privacy …? subscribes to shops at Vodaphone (source: mobile phone) Morrisons (source: loyalty card and credit card) overweight (source: connected bathroom scales) alcoholic (source: The Red Lion EPOS) iPod owner (source: RFID tag fashion victim (source: street CCTV)
  14. 14. 2008 Jerry Fishenden This presentation is for informational purposes only. NEITHER JERRY NOR ANY ONE ELSE MAKES ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS PRESENTATION – BUT HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT ANYWAY