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Bernhart valueproposition


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Value prop updated Oct 16. 2018

Published in: Business
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Bernhart valueproposition

  1. 1. Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC Our value proposition
  2. 2.                            More than 29 years of experience
  3. 3. Selected by nearly 20% of the Fortune 2000.....
  4. 4.       ...... as an external recruiting solution
  5. 5.       97% two year+ success rate for placed candidates That’s because….
  6. 6.       We put a laser focus on what we believe is the most important hiring success factor….
  7. 7.       Cultural fit It’s really true what they say: Culture DOES eat strategy for lunch.
  8. 8.      Founder and manager of, one of the internet’s first marketing-specific job sites
  9. 9.      That first-hand experience running a successful nationwide ecommerce business gives me unique insight into your digital and ecommerce needs
  10. 10.      I speak your language and understand your critical requirements
  11. 11.     Our candidates have earned for our clients, collectively, more than $4B dollars in incremental revenues
  12. 12. ......Plus saved our clients countless millions of dollars more in marketing efficiencies
  13. 13.                   What can we do for you?
  14. 14.   Call or email us:   507-451-4270