Agile training model - Enterprise Wide Task Training Mastery


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Training is NOT Education! Training is task driven, while Education is concept driven and relatively task free. This is why the educational model is ineffective as n enterprise training tool. Agile training is the first cognitive learning model designed especially for task and procedural training so necessary to profit. Training is performance focused. Objective measures of accomplishment are the only criteria for success. The Agile Training Model described in this short slide deck is the prelude to a sea change, a full paradigm step up in the world of enterprise wide training. it is training for profit! Agile training is performance based.

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  • Agile training model - Enterprise Wide Task Training Mastery

    1. 1. “Training is a hole in the organization into which we Pour money ...” Production Supervisor largest US manufacturer Follow Me! Jerome Peloquin Organizational Psychologist 717 Lawrence Street, NE Washington, DC 20017 1+410-227-0498 Email:
    2. 2. • • • • Cuts Training Time Improves Performance Reduces Costs Improves Profits
    3. 3. Cost Factors Analysis and Development •Course Design •Material • Development Delivery •Instructor Time •Materials •Administration Trainees •Wages •Benefits •Overhead (depending upon numbers Trained ...could be millions) Cuts Training Time and Eliminates Costly Mistakes
    4. 4. Human Capital Average Exemplar Human Capital AverageNew Average Greatly Improved Productivity Economic Gain
    5. 5. Procedures Task Duty Du Decision Logic Note: Drop Shadow boxes like this: Are multi-step procedures and can Be found here.
    6. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Teach The Concept Teach Critical Tasks Teach Job Aid Use Provide Task Practice Certify
    7. 7. Start At the block diagram level Teach Concept A To Eliminate Rote Memorization Teach Job Aid Tasks Critical ? No One Pass Review Yes Train To Recall Task Practice (Simulation) Task Certify ? The traditional ISD model is used to create instructional objectives and single concept training. adults need only minimal models and can easily extrapolate. Concepts are taught at the block diagram level. Drill and Practice to Mastery Prompted and Unprompted Practice No Observation of Performance END Copyrihgt 2013 Jerome J. Peloquin B C Job Aid – A graphic reference tool used during training and on the job to assure accuracy of performance A simple one pass review through the materials is sufficient since the job aid is available for on the job performance reference Full drill and practice with is necessary since tasks will be performed immediately These tasks require rote memorization and Must be fully trained to recall As they will have significant value to the company. Once in short term memory, tasks must be practiced until fully integrated and can Be performed accurately and quickly Without reference to job aid if necessary. computer simulation is often used here. The Performer is observed by a trained Evaluator. The criteria for success is 100% It is a two step certification. The learner is certified at the end of training and on the by their immediate supervisor.
    8. 8. The Job Aid reduces the need for rote memorization and allows people to apply the thought processes of the expert • Reduce cost and improve productivity • Institutionalize best practices. Duty Job Decision Logic Task • • • • • Job Duty Task Procedure Decision Logic Procedure
    9. 9. Th Job Aid The Shift Management System
    10. 10. • • • • • • • • • • No Cross Referencing Cross Train Eveyone All info in Single Frame 30 sec Time to Task Easy Transfer to Tablet Graphic Carries Message Few Words Use During Training Replaces ‘Manuals’ Task Certify Everyone
    11. 11. Jerome Peloquin Organizational Psychologist 717 Lawrence Street, NE Washington, DC 20017 1+ 410-227-0498 Email: