We Can Create Magic and Miracles


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Quick tips on how to become a master mentalist and magician
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We Can Create Magic and Miracles

  1. 1. ==== ====Top magic consultant reveals insider short- cut secrets to becoming a master mentalist andmagicianhttp://tinyurl.com/7nfzf2k==== ====The law of attraction is a very popular topic these days. More people are beginning to realize thatthere is a strong connection between what thoughts and feelings they have and what actuallymanifests in their day to day life and experiences. To my delight more people are realizing andcoming to the understanding that prosperity and abundance begin in the mind first. The thoughtsand what we hold in our minds do make their way into the realm of physical manifestation. This iswhy it is so vitally important to be aware of our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our feelings andwhat we feel determines what experiences and circumstances life brings to us. Life will bring uspositive situations or negative ones based on what we think and feel. It is as simple as that andcan be no other way.Most of us fluctuate like the tides upon the shores. Sometimes we drift in the positive flow and findthat what we desire and need have a way of coming to us. Other times we seem to be filled withthoughts and feelings of a negative nature and so-called bad or negative things happen to us.Nothing really happens to us. Everything is attracted to us based on whether our thoughts andfeelings be positive or negative. I know I may sound a bit redundant and repetitive here, but it is sovital that we comprehend this concept if we want to attract happiness and prosperity in our lives.We are learning that we are not puppets to some grand being or force who dictates our lives. Weare the puppet masters and we pull our own strings. What this means is that we can control ourthoughts and feelings to a great degree. This might sound like very radical thinking to those whobelieve that we are pawns on some big cosmic chess board and we are moved wherever destinywants us to be moved. Such people often easily fall into the victim poor me mode and mentalitywhen so-called bad things happen. They blame God, life, or destiny for their sad unhappy lots andthese will be the first people to say something like "if it werent for bad luck Id have no luck at all."I have nothing but compassion and sympathy for such people for I have been where they are. Iknow what it is like to live a miserable life where frustrations and struggle and lack are the norm. Iknow what it is like to be broke most of the time and to barely get by. I very well remember when alucky day would be if I could afford a taco-bell bean burrito for less than a buck and maybe I couldbuy two if I were really lucky. And when life was really good I could even afford a coke. I use theword afford because I figured out if I was ever going to have anything decent I had to stop myconstant use of negative expressions like, I cant afford. I dont have. Maybe some day. I will. Iwould like to go to Europe etc. They are all negative statements which guarantee that we can wantto go to Europe until the cows come home and still never go. Maybe is one of the worst words wecan use when it comes to attracting prosperity and abundance.For years I constantly used such negative phrases which only reinforced my negative thoughtswhich reinforced my basic belief that the universe did not consider me worthy of prosperity and
  2. 2. abundance. After doing some soul searching and much inner work, I discovered that my basicoutlook on life was a combination of negative beliefs as well as some very positive ones. It almostfelt as if I were two completely different people at times. At a young age I would constantly readthe Bible and memorize the positive thinking verses in the New Testament. Some of my favoriteswere " ask and ye shall receive," "I have come that you have life and have life abundantly." Andthe verses go on.I was reading Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, The Power of Positive Thinking by NormanVincent peale, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen and How To Win Friends And Influence Peopleby Dale Carnegie along with my academic studies while in college. When I was thirteen I prayed toGod everyday to find me a nice foster home and a college to attend. These prayers were positivethoughts that were backed up by positive expectations. I would also give gratitude for my wishesbeing granted and visualize them as being granted. It never occurred to me that I would not getaway from a horrible home and that I would not go to college. That was the faith that Jesus saidcauses the mountain to fall into the sea if we have enough faith.Then as though a completely different person took over, Id drift into a negative spiral and it seemsthat all I could do would be to dwell on what I did not have. The more I dwelled on the have notsthe more lack infiltrated my life. So yes, I have been there and still deal with the positive andnegative feelings and thoughts that I have at different times. I am by no means a saint or an expertwhen it comes to manifesting hopes and dreams. But like anything we can achieve results withpractice and I have gotten better at it with much practice.With many magical positive experiences and many depressing negative thoughts and feelingsunder my belt so to speak, in time I began to realize that I could choose to have positive ornegative thoughts and feelings. I found that the more emphasis I gave on the one versus theother, the more experiences I would have, be they positive or negative.Becoming accustomed to the see saw ride of the positive and negative, I decided that I needed totilt the see saw so that it moved more in the positive direction on a constant consistent basis.There is nothing that we cannot achieve and accomplish if we set our minds strongly on the taskand goal. This includes evaluating our mind sets and beliefs and becoming willing to challengeand then dismiss and toss those beliefs which do not serve us. Old habits may not die overnightbut die they do if we are determined and work diligently on cultivating new thoughts of a positivenature. These new thoughts and beliefs can become reinforced through creative visualizations andpositive affirmations which we can write down, speak out loud, chant or even sing. Repetitioncreates momentum which stirs and moves the creative energies of the universe to direct the windcurrents of positive change in our direction.I am not engaging in theoretical hypothetical speculation here. I am expressing ancient timelessconcepts of truth that stand the test of time. They are universal, impersonal and they work foranyone who believes in and invokes them. To illustrate what I am endeavoring to convey here Iwould like to share some recent experiences. I am a professional psychic, spiritual advisor,motivational counselor, life coach, poet, author and singer by profession. One of the things I enjoyabout doing so many different things is that I am hired to work as a psychic reader at parties for alloccasions. There I can offer spiritual counseling and advice, psychic impressions andentertainment all in one.
  3. 3. In mid September I received an email from one of my clients that said, "Michael, I met you at apsychic party a few years ago. I had my first reading and I was surprised at how emotional it wasfor me. Id like to have you over for a party in mid October. There will be at least ten of us, maybemore." I booked the party and we were set to go. As the days passed, this little gnawing feelingcame upon me that something wasnt quite right. I could not pinpoint it but something was up. OnFriday the day before the party I received an email from my client. "Michael, my list is dwindling.People have been canceling. We are down to four definites and maybe two more. One may bringa friend so at best Ill have seven. At worst four. If you dont think that will be worth your time,please let me know. Ill understand and we can cancel."Well that email confirmed the nagging feeling I had been having. My first reaction was a negativeone. "Of course that is not enough people to make the trip worthwhile," I said out loud as thoughtalking to Cindy in person. I felt anger surging through me and I wondered why I had not insistedon the deposit I usually get to hold the space for parties. I also usually stick to my policy of aminimum of ten people. I could feel a big tug and knot forming in my solar plexus as my moodcontinued to dampen and my spirits drop. I began to sink lower until I could feel a depressioncoming over me. Depression was followed by self-pity and more anger. I continued to rant andrave. "I was counting on that $400.00 from that party to make my car payment which is due in acouple of weeks. Darn it."Then out of the blue I heard this little voice in my head say. "This does not have to be a negativeexperience." Easy for you to say I almost blurted out, but the words just would not come out. Thenit was like a big light bulb lit up in my head. I felt guilty for being so negative as its not ordinarilymy nature to get so emotional, upset and negative so easily and quickly. I thought some more andthen said, "I am not going to let one little situation depress and drag me down. So what if nobodyshows up and the party cancels. Its not the end of the world. There is plenty more where thatcame from. I can choose not to get caught up in the negativity. "Yes, I choose not to get caught upin the negative," I said several times.Next I started imagining money coming from other sources and directions to reinforce my sayingthat there is more where that comes from. I visualized dollar bills all over the place. The energybegan to shift. My mood lightened. Then I knew that I would go on with the party. I would doreadings for whoever was there and be grateful for the business and the lives that I would touch. Ifelt much better and I was even happier that I had chosen to shift my thinking and feelings to apositive one. Then I received a hunch that I would have closer to ten people than four. I even sentmy client good thoughts and in the email I said, "Cindy, I am looking forward to the party. I will bethere no matter how many show up." I also imagined her making a few more phone calls. Eightpeople showed up at the party. I earned enough to make my car payment with some money left.My heart rejoiced and I thanked my guides for the prosperity and abundance.I think that part of the reason the attendance increased was that not only did I shift my attitude andthinking, but also that I actively engaged in what is called the act as if step in creating abundance.I visualized and proceeded to act and feel as if I were blessed with abundance. The good feelingsstayed with me the rest of the day. When I got home from the party I had an email from a regularclient who wanted to schedule a reading. "Thanks, spirit," I said, joyfully. "Bring on the magic andmiracles!"We must be careful of the words we speak. Once I shifted my attitude I reinforced it by speaking
  4. 4. the words "there is plenty where that comes from." I did not say there might be or it would be niceif, or maybe there could be; all of which are negative affirmations guaranteed to neutralize ouraffirmations and render them useless. The other little nasty one as I call it is "I cant and I donthave." In saying there is plenty more where that came from I was affirming that reality. In essenceI was creating it. For that which we name and give voice and expression to truly does manifest.The next day another client booked a session. On Monday I had three calls within an hour forthree more readings.Sometimes the universe and our guides are very specific in blessing us in small and detailed waysto remind us that they are constantly nearby and helping us. For example, I had a nurses partybooked for the following Tuesday. There would be some one hundred nurses there. The directorhired me and two other psychics for two hours. I wanted to pay the psychics their percentage incash. I had enough from the other party to pay the first psychic and I was $20 short for the secondone, as some of the clients from the first party had written me a check.To show you how synchronicity and our guides work, on Monday, the day before the nurse party,one of my clients handed me a $20 bill and said, "can I write you a check for the other $20 as thisis all the cash that I have on me." Clients never pay me partly in cash and partly with a check. Thissimply does not happen. But it did happen and the cash portion she paid for her reading was thevery exact amount I needed. Was that a mere coincidence? I do not think so. I believe that myguides were in on this. I had aligned my thoughts in a positive flow and the result is that the law ofattraction was set into motion and was manifesting positive experiences and abundance because Ihad chosen to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. The nurse party was a hit and mypsychics and I were grateful to be of service and for the prosperity we were blessed with. As Iindulged in a beer over lunch with the girls, I remember thinking. This is Tuesday. I am leaving onFriday for three days to visit my friend in Eaton, Oh then next Friday Ill be gone for a week to visitmy family in Ky and then Ill head to Mammoth Cave for my four day annual retreat.I cranked up my imagination and visualized more money coming in as I touched the checks andcash waiting to be deposited into my credit union bank account. A couple hours later I received anemail from a client saying, "Michael, when can I come over for a reading? Im miserable." I did thereading on Thursday evening. The next day was Friday and I was packed and set to go. I wasntleaving until noon and would spend the morning working on my new book. While driving to mycredit union I said, "I could even do a reading before I leave for Eaton. Again, we need to watchwhat we ask for.When I got back home I had an email from another regular client, Rhonda. "Michael, can you doan email reading for me today?" I did the reading and a half hour later a little voice told me to signonto my live person psychic on-line business. Minutes later a request for a reading came from oneof my regular clients. I had been so busy and not been signed on much for several weeks. But hefound me at that precise time when I had put out to the universe Id like some more prosperitybefore I left for my trip. Was this a coincidence? No. Tears fell down my face and I was trulyhumbled.I do not claim to always be in the flow. I think that after all these years of working with the law ofattraction, that I have a pretty good idea and understanding of how it works. I have seen thisuniversal law of attraction in action many times in my life and in the lives of many others. Still thereare times when I get out of synch and my abundance slows down or even totally comes to a
  5. 5. screeching halt. I allow myself to indulge in a poor me pity party for a little while. I cry and moanand the whole nine yards. I think that this is okay. Perhaps such relapses occur to humble us andkeep us on our toes.So called bad things can also happen to good people for other reasons such as soul contractsagreed upon before we were born and soul choices to experience particular challenges, notnecessarily for karmic reasons, but for desired growth. Being born into abject misery and povertydoes not always mean that the soul stole from others or created misery for them in other lives,although it often does. Sometimes the soul will simply choose a more challenging lifetime for themere experience of learning about polarity and duality. It may have experienced many lifetimeswith relatively few, if any, challenges and then decide to see what it is like to be faced with struggleand conflict. I think of one of my teachers who used to say that growth comes from irritation. Anold gospel song says "If I never had a problem Id never know that God could solve them."Sometimes we will choose such lives for the mere learning opportunities that are offered fromadversity. I do believe that every adversity has an equal or greater benefit. I have learned this thehard way you could say. I would not change my horrible childhood for anything. It made mestronger and made me seek spiritual help within and outside myself. The challenges led me todiscover my souls own resources as well as strengthened my resolve and faith in God, my angels,my guides, and my resolve and fierce determination to heal and become a beacon of hope forothers.By the same token, there are many soul contracts and agreements which result from karma wehave incurred from our previous lives with different individuals or groups. Such lessons are pre-planned and are a part of our growth, destiny, and soul evolution. Yet, even taking our karma intoaccount does not mean we are doomed to live a life of misery; that is unless we were very bad insome past lives and have soul contracted to pay off many bad past life deeds in the currentlifetime. Fortunately, such scenarios are unusual and rare. There is also the element of gracewhere our guides are sometimes permitted to assist us. I believe with the ascension process thatis currently raising the entire planetary vibrations and the energies so heightened now, that mostof us are able to work off or even transcend our bad karma through service and love tohumankind.Another factor to be aware of if our dreams are not manifesting is how in touch are we with ourtrue self; our inner self and our subconscious mind? The subconscious mind is very powerful andaffects us far more than we are usually conscious of. We can talk about the book The Secret untilthe cows come home, do our creative visualization exercises and state our positive affirmationsand still not get results if our subconscious mind does not believe this. We can talk aboutabundance and prosperity all we want but if the subconscious has incorporated the belief systemthat money is the root of all evil and a bad thing, we will sabotage our prosperity and abundance.The same goes for relationships.I have a dear friend who constantly talks about wanting to find a good man to marry. Let us recallthat often the subconscious mind will try to get our attention in many ways to show us what wereally believe instead of what we claim to believe. This sometimes occurs in those proverbialFreudian Slips that we make or even things we say where it becomes obvious that we dontreally believe what we claim to believe and say.
  6. 6. Back to my dear friend. She will go on and on about wanting a husband and marriage then in thenext sentence she will say that men are stupid, selfish, ignorant jerks. I have called her upon itmore than once, reminding her that not all men are stupid, ignorant jerks even though there are alot of them as there are women as well. My friend wonders why she does not attract men. Theanswer is that her subconscious has incorporated her belief that men are jerks and sabotagesevery potential relationship. Her subconscious belief is so ingrained that she does not even attractmen. I think she could very well be an emotional lesbian and might do better with a woman,though she claims she loves men. I also believe that she has not come to terms with her father.He put her down as a child, constantly calling her fattie and such, and I sense that suchexperiences help create her distrust or liking of men. Yet she claims that she has forgiven him andall is well. Then why does she not attract men? As the saying goes denile, denial, aint just a riverin Egypt. If we are deluded from ourselves how can we attract the relationship and love orprosperity we crave? It is when we are daring enough to meet and confront our fears, and innerdemons that we can become free.The truth is that human beings are really very complex. I personally know about the strength of thesubconscious mind as I am a writer. Ive struggled as a tortured artist most of this lifetime and inmy last life as well, from the past life regressions Ive had. Consciously, I have known for yearshow I love to write and I even gave up a career as a college professor to pursue my writing dream.So why has it been a struggle for over twenty years and why have I stopped and started so manytimes? The answer is that my subconscious mind has not believed in my worth as an artist. Why isthis? It is because as a child my father constantly berated and criticized me, putting me down bysaying things like I would never amount to anything. That I was a loser etc. The inner childaccepted that and those words were so strong from an abusive father that my subconscious mindadopted them as truth. So even though Id claim how badly I ached to receive recognition, money,status etc. for my hard work and tons of hours writing and editing, my subconscious had acceptedthat I was basically worthless.I recall going into a major depression several years back when my first story was published. Ilooked at the cover design, read the story, and was filled with joy. But the next morning I woke upextremely depressed. It made no sense. My friends thought I was acting crazy. After all this timeand so many rejections I finally got published. I should be in seventh heaven. The only person whounderstood me was my friend who was also a psychotherapist. She knew right away what was up.I called her and told her I was depressed when I should be jubilant. "I know why you aredepressed," she said softly. "Your inner child does not believe he is worth success because hisdaddy always put him down. This breakthrough you have made with your hard work and effortshas upset the apple cart as the saying goes. Your inner child still hears those mean things hisdaddie used to say, and he still believes them. The only way you are going to get over this andlearn to love your art and embrace success is to face, confront and deal with the part of you thatthinks you are piece of s...t. It is your inner child who is depressed. It always is the inner child whogets depressed." That was a lot to swallow but I listened and we had a few sessions. I realizedthat my dear friend was totally right. Once I started facing the part of me that thought I wasworthless, I was able to see that part for what it was and how it had been sabotaging my dreamsfor most of my life.So if your dreams are not manifesting, you may have some subconscious blocks that can besabotaging your prosperity. If this is the case than you have some inner soul work to do. The goodnews is that you are not alone. Your guides and perhaps counselors and therapists can help you
  7. 7. find out what is really going on at a subconscious level. Once we get to the roots of our fears andbeliefs that sabotage our dreams, we are in a position to choose to release them. But it takes workand willingness which can be very challenging and difficult.The Greeks said "KNOW THYSELF!" It is in knowing and becoming acquainted with oursubconscious self. It can be our dearest most treasured friend guide and mentor, for it has accessto all of our memories and even the collective unconscious and all the knowledge therein as SwissPsychologist Carl G. Jung speaks so much about.The examples in this article remind me that we can choose to turn a negative situation into apositive one. When our thoughts begin to change to a more positive nature and frame of mind, ourfeelings naturally follow suit. Our energy shifts and our very auras begin to brighten and to glow.The universal law of attraction senses this glow and shift of our frequency and vibration. Then thetides of destiny begin to move in our direction and good fortune and good things start showing up.Success and happiness are our birthrights! Let us stand tall and proud and claim it. And let usremember that it is by changing our thoughts that our feelings change and then we can createmagic and miracles.Michael Dennis- Psychic/Spiritual Medium/Author/Poet/Singer as seen on CBS, FOX TV, JerrySpringer. Q-102, MIX, MOJO RADIO. Michael offers a variety of Psychic Readings to meet yourneeds. He offers In-Person, Telephone and Email Readings. Michael is the author of aspiritual/self help book, Halfway To Heaven and a book of love poetry-Dawns Kiss. He has writtennumerous articles for magazines. His book Morning Coffee With God comes out in 2010 by OzarkMountain Publishing. To learn more about Michael, set up a Reading or order books pleasecontact Michael directly: Paxomnis@aol.com or http://www.mikethepsychic.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_Pax_Dennis==== ====Top magic consultant reveals insider short- cut secrets to becoming a master mentalist andmagicianhttp://tinyurl.com/7nfzf2k==== ====