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It is a chance for everyone of us to build this business with success

If we feel that we can earn $100,000 from this business it is possible if you follow some steps and tell others with conviction no matter someone joins or not our Wazzub Family is increasing at a speed of more than one member per second. That means easily before launch we would cross more that 8 millions by this rate

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  1. 1. ==== ====FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON THIS SOCIAL SITE ====Eons ago, when the dinosaurs still ruled the earth, there was MySpace. It was mostly frequentedby a specific collective of humans, most under the age of 25. Fast forward a few lifetimes later andyou have Linked In and Facebook dominating a world of social sites. LinkedIn and Facebook arethe New York and Los Angeles of social sites, the popular big cities with bright lights andmultitudes of people visiting and hanging out. Sites like Plaxo and Merchant Circle andFoursquare are the smaller towns, sitting in the outskirts, wishing they could grow up to be a bigcity too.These days there are as many social sites as anyone could ask for, and, some may say, morethan we really need. But just as there are different types of people in the world, the stay at hometypes and the traveler types, there are sites to make anyone happy.While early naysayers claimed its all a waste of time, clearly the reality is that human beings whohave embraced the world of social networking have derived real benefits from it - their social life orbusiness life has grown as a result of interacting with others online.In fact businesses have been developed solely as a result of social networking. Take a look at allthe experts popping up around the world - people offering lectures and seminars, selling lessonsand books, writing articles and blogs not in addition to their real jobs, but because it IS their onlyjob.How many can you belong to? How many do you really engage in, spending chunks of your dayvisiting? How many new ones are you willing to try? How much time will you invest in setting up anaccount, inviting your associates, posting statuses and photos and background information?Of course, it depends on who you are, what your daily routine is and what you want. Most adultswith full time jobs may spend a few moments updating their LinkedIn during the day but pop openFacebook in the evening to catch up with friends and family.So why on earth are new sites coming out month after month? There are many reasons of course,mainly because the companies creating them see the potential for huge revenue (sorry - thereasons are not altruistic). Also because people are fussy and if they like some features but dislikeparticular aspects of one site, they will seek the newer, better place to hang out in.Considering the time you invest in creating and building up your account/profile on these sites,ponder the following:If you hate the sites youre using, but all of the people who are important to you are on there, keep
  2. 2. hanging in there until you find a better place for you all to move to.If you poked your head into a site your 3rd cousin swears is great, create a 5 minute version of askeleton account, visit a while with a critical eye, and evaluate the vibe as well as your experience- is it silly or complicated or full of people you know but are not really invested in? Cut your lossesand leave.If you hear of a brand new site, take a while and Google it first - read blog posts and news storiesabout it before you decide to spend hours building an account.And if you do decide to make the jump, ensure that at least 2 or 3 people you like will be openingaccounts there, too. What good is a social site when all your friends are elsewhere?Susana FonticobaPresident, Home & Office Computer TrainingHelping Clients Control Their Computers With Confidence Since 2004Email: susana@njpctraining.comWeb: http://www.njpctraining.comNavigate to the Newsletters Tab for useful every day tipsBlog: Source: ====FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON THIS SOCIAL SITE ====