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Levitation Techniques Made Easy


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Quick tips on how to become a master mentalist and magician
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Levitation Techniques Made Easy

  1. 1. ==== ====Top magic consultant reveals insider short- cut secrets to becoming a master mentalist andmagician ====With levitation techniques made easy online, many can replicate the feats of famous magicianswho perform on television, stage shows and on the streets. No more is levitation consideredsomething supernatural or magicians regarded as gifted with extraordinary powers.The secrets of their levitation skills are out for all to perform by following easy steps. If you canmaster mentalism that makes people believe something supernatural is happening when ordinarytricks are being performed, you too can appear to levitate. Levitation techniques have been madeeasy by the gurus of magicians as they unlocked the key to master mentalism.While magicians had to spend a fortune to learn from them, the gurus have let the secrets out inthe form of an easy to follow step by step guide at a fraction of the cost. They have made levitationtechniques easy and accessible to anyone interested in replicating the feat of famous magicians.While learning to replicate the feats of eminent magicians and their levitation techniques, you arenot attempting an impossible or supernatural act. Instead you are learning to make it appear thatyou are performing an impossible feat. You create an illusion when you levitate and that is whatmaster mentalism is all about. You would make people believe that you are levitating, when youare just performing tricks.Audiences at magic shows and while watching television, never cease to marvel at the impossiblelooking feats performed by magicians like David Blaine, Chris Angel or David Copperfield. None ofthem perform a supernatural feat, but carry put the tricks in front of our eyes without us knowing.All their feats and tricks are online and you can perform them too if you master mentalism. To dothat, you have hands-on guide online on how to master mentalism beginning with holding theaudience spellbound or by keeping them engaged in lighthearted banter. None of them wouldnotice the tricks that you would perform.You would make them assume what you want them to. With levitation techniques being madeeasy, you too can perform the impossible if you master mentalism.If you would like to learn how to do the exact same mentalism and magic tricks you see ontelevision by Criss Angel, Derren Brown & David Blaine, be sure to visit
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Top magic consultant reveals insider short- cut secrets to becoming a master mentalist andmagician ====