Public relation campaign


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  • Good ten examples of public relation campaigns and their targeted audience!
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Public relation campaign

  1. 1. PUBLIC RELATION CAMPAIGNPrepared by jerin johnMACFAST
  2. 2. MEANING It is the practice of managing the spreadingthe information between an individual or anorganization and the public. It also helps to improve a new business aswell as an existing business. These campaigns are vital necessity for acompany’s success.
  3. 3. Ten public relation campaignsand their targeted audience Doves campaign – “ real beauty sketches” revealfemale insecurities : in this video campaign womendescribe themselves to a sketch artist facing awayfrom them, demonstrating how little confidencemany people have.Their target audience is women . Huggies tweet pie device -Huggies have created adevice calledTweetPee in Brazil, which consists of asensor being clipped onto the diaper.When thediaper gets wet, it will alert oh so busy parentsby tweeting them - publicly, and telling the worldthat their baby just pissed themselves.Their targetaudience is parents especially mothers who havesmall kids.
  4. 4.  TAC’s social media road trip -It’s time foranother innovative safety campaign fromAustralia.TheTransport Accident Commission ofVictoria worked with media agency, SCA, todevelop an interactive Facebook campaignhighlighting the dangers faced on the road.Roadtrip Forever encourages Facebook users togo on a virtual roadtrip to a music festival,bringing their best friend on Facebook along forthe ride.
  5. 5.  Bar creates 1000 calories egg cock tail -Provingthat simplicity is the key order viagra onlinewhen it comes to PR stunts, a London bar haswon a shedload of coverage by devising a CremeEgg Cocktail that contains almost a thousandcalories.The ‘Creme Egg mojito’ has beencreated especially for Easter by mixologist JackWilliams for the Jewel bar, owned by Late NightLondon. It blends rum and chocolate liqueurwith the smashed-up milk chocolate andfondant treats and comes in at 987 calories.Their target audience is youth.
  6. 6.  Coca –cola ATM gives free money and askpeople to help others – this was happened awhile back in spain . ATM where placed indifferent cities and when people stops andtapped yes , theATM will take them throughdifferent steps. People will get the money andthey can use it as they want, majority of thepeople shared the money with others.Theirtargeted audience was the people who passedthrough the busy lane and the purpose was tohelp the others .
  7. 7.  Fragrance map of uk - ZPR has created aperfume map. Sales from Superdrug reveals thata perfume can be used to signal where a womanmay live. Scents differ widely as some placeslove the classics, some love the latest designerbrand while others are about the hottestcelebrities.
  8. 8.  Nokia lights up london square to launch two lumiahandsets-The launch used immersive visualtechnology to enable the square in Southwark to be‘played’ like a musical instrument.The square wasdecked out with lights, projectors and speakers toturn the whole thing into a miniature arena. Peoplearriving in the square saw just a normal Londonstreet, and as the music started the technologyallowed it to be ‘played’ like a musical instrument.The show took its inspiration from the vibrantcolours of the range.The Nokia Lumia 920 hasextraordinary low light capabilities and theywanted to create an event that would showcasethis fantastic feature and still show that theirproducts stand out from the current sea of facelessblack handsets”.
  9. 9.  Surf excel - Taking surf excel, hindustan unileverhas created a new campaign for the detergent.Forgiveness is the idea using in this campaign, withtheTVC a boy forgiving his fellow schoolmates.Theirtargeted audience was children and house wifes ,that they showed all kind of dirt will be removed andalso showed how to forgive one another. Ford launches stunt campaign to mark B-Maxlaunch- ford has rolled out a campaign to supportthe new B-Max vehicle which has the front and reardoors that open from opposing hinges. It shows aman diving through the 1.5 meter-wide open doorsof the B-Max into a swimming pool. It states nopillars no barriers.
  10. 10.  The McDonald’s chalkboard campaign - itsthat McDonald’s changes its menu twice aday, every day. So they created a chalkboardbillboard and got an artist to draw a differentimage twice a day for a week. It is a freshpublic relation thinking.
  11. 11. Conclusion A PR campaign is an excellent way forbusinesses and organisation of all sizes andsectors to diversify their efforts and attemptsat promotion and advertising. Publicrelations, as with any tool of this nature, doeshave its drawbacks, but a carefully plannedPR campaign that includes realistic actionscan be used by just about every business.