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Hadeed certificate


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Hadeed certificate

  1. 1. INBESCO CERTIFICATIOI{ This is to Certify that Mr. Jerico Cortez, Filipino National holder of Passport no. ><x16763180 worked for our company deployed at Hadeed Long Products Expansion project from october 21, 20ll until December 16, 2AI3 in the position of ID Section Supervisor / HR Officer. Mr. Cortez performed his duty with enthusiasm and responsibility during his stay with the company. Issued at Al-Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A.) on this l2th day of Decemb er 2013. ln 1Z z^_ 2>/ 3 A-rJ+t+ *_prttb)rj, c.c.r e&' :l_g nt-..el_i.J.J""', rJll ];info@inbesco.co6.s6 : jo ;<J!t q,Jt lndustrial Beteiligung Services & Contracting L.L.c sA c. R.2051042506 Website : Email ITII T'ANIELI CONSTRUCTION E -mail : c. amin@i n bes co. co m- s a 6th Floor, Silver Tower, Al-Khobar P. O. Box 4867 Al-Khobar 31952 - Saudi Arabia Tel. : +966 3 899 3145 - Fax : +966 3 899 3198 u-rlJl &lLjl - ,J.:lJl 5r:LI _ ,*;.tl cillrJl a*rJl a<aL_ll tt loy J-;Jl tAlV ,:,.o- +111 r lt Y1A: ","61jl - +t-i.l y All t Lo : ,.rrr!