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Aqas Certificate


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Aqas Certificate

  1. 1. #**# &tr,tt irljli*lt ltrt&tt ffirf;r{*tr #t W AsEltAtlt[t Gsnorat Gontracffng EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE RefNo. :AQAS-HQ-HR-CERT-026115 Date : 2l't September 2015 From : HR & Administration Department - HQ This is to certifu that MR. JERICO VICENTE CORTEZ of I'ILIPINO nationality, with Iqama No. 2380171971 issued at Jubail and passport number EB8873542 was under the sponsorship of AI-QIADIYA ASSHAMILLA GENERAL CONTRACTING from November 26, 2014 until September 21, 2015 as Human Resource Administrator. '' This certification is issued to the above mentioned employee without any obligation on the company. CC. FMl IILD, Enployeefiie t )vlA DA C.R: 2055019978 P. O. Box: 324 Code: 31951 Tel: 013 - 3616380 / 8{ Fax: 013 - 3616382 101 Business Tower, Office No.40{ King Abdul Aziz Street, Jubai!, KSA. Emai!: