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Leveling the playing field


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Leveling the playing field

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Launch Products Like a Fortune 500 Company
  2. 2. Facebook: 400 million users in only 6 years in existence Twitter: 75 million users. Each account has 300 followers; in July 2009 it only had 70 MySpace: 57 million users YouTube: Streams 100 million videos daily. Videos are embedded in blogs 57% of the time Source: Web Strategy by Jeremiah Oywang
  3. 3. PENETRATION TIME SPENT 205,709,000 US Average Internet Unique Internet Visit = 27.3 minutes Users Social networking is 54% on Facebook about 1/3 of time 27% on MySpace spent, at 9-11 minutes per visit 3% on Tagged 3% on Bebo Source: comScore, December 2009 (Courtesy LeeAnn Prescott/Research-Write)
  4. 4. Facebook: Free to start an account MySpace: Free to start an account YouTube: Free to start an account Twitter: Free to start an account LinkedIn: Free to start an account THEY ALL INVOLVE AN INVESTMENT OF TIME TO BE SUCCESSFUL!
  5. 5. Hootsuite Free web-based software Keyword search monitoring of Twitterverse Define target audience Define influential players within market Track information Fortezza distributes
  6. 6. Radian6 Fee based software Keyword search monitoring of complete social media (blogs, social networking sites, microsites, etc.) Monitor potential competitors Separate product within marketshare In-depth reporting functions on Fortezza’s reach
  7. 7. Purchasing Power: Moms account for $1.6 trillion in annual spending Growing Online Presence: By 2012, Moms will account for 39.6 million of the total online audience Decision Makers: Moms make 80% of household purchases in families Influence: Mommy bloggers is the largest segment of blog influence on the web Source: Robin Niefield, ClickZ
  8. 8. POWER MOM 50 Nielsen Online’s Power Mom 50 is a collection of leading voices in the mom blogosphere based on a blend of blog posts, comments and link love developed through ongoing monitoring of more than 10,000 mom and parenting blogs as tracked by Nielsen Buzzmetrics. In addition to site engagement, number of Twitter followers, ratings and other metrics were included in the calibration to provide a comprehensive sphere of authority and influence. are mom bloggers who trial, sample and review product (often brand-sponsored) Source: Neilsen’s Power Mom 50 Report
  9. 9. Some momfluentials pack too much of a punch to be categorized. These women create powerful mom networks; speak around the world on the dynamic digital world of mom; and have legions hanging on their every word –via TV, magazines, podcast, blog or tweet. Who She Is Where She Blogs just a handful of the … Heather Armstrong Portals + Maria Bailey Communities Lisa Belkin Connecting Moms m/ Alice Bradley Daphne Brogdon Amy Clark Stacy Debroff Asha Dornfest Jessica Gottlieb Christine Koh m Jenny Lawson Dana Loesch Audrey McClelland Wendy Piersall Mindy Roberts Jessica Smith Source: Nielsen’s Power Mom 50 Report
  10. 10. Craft newsletter to target audiences. Use Twitter platform to distribute. Track results. Research & Pitch influential Mommy bloggers. Something of value for them and their readers, in exchange for help in beta testing and blogging about product. Monitor competition. Engage in conversation where appropriate. Write free white paper. Establishes leadership in marketplace; also great way to collect e-mail information for product launch Combine social media/traditional PR. Social media initiatives above with traditional Public Relations/Media Relations (i.e. press releases, television/radio interviews, product review in magazines, etc.)