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Greek history


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Greek history

  1. 1. The Big Ideas: Progression of Form Subject Matter in Art
  2. 2. ARCHAIC PERIOD Inspired by the stone sculptures of Egypt, but their forms are more dynamic than the Egyptian sculptures. Greeks began to emphasize essential features of the human figure Shows an increasingly accurate comprehension of human anatomyKleobis and Biton
  3. 3. CLASSICAL PERIOD Classical period saw changes in the style and function of sculpture a dramatic increase in the technical skill, depicting realistic human forms. Poses became more naturalistic ex: Contrapposto stance The Classical Period also saw an increase in the use of statues and sculptures as decorations.Kritios Boy
  4. 4. Greek National Academy Building The characteristic temples of the Classical era, such as the Parthenon in Athens, and the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, required relief sculpture for decorative friezes, and sculpture in the round to fill the triangular fields of the pediments
  5. 5. HELLENISTIC PERIOD Laocoon and His SonsCommon people, women, children, animals, and domestic scenes become acceptablesubjects for sculptureSculptors no longer felt obliged to depict people as ideals of beautyor physical perfectionNew Hellenistic cities springing up required statues depicting the gods and heroes ofGreece for their temples and public places.Statues still depict Classical themes, but their treatment is far more sensuous and emotionalthan the austere taste of the Classical period would have allowed
  6. 6. Why do you think that humanbeings feel the need toexaggerate?Examples we see today?What does that say about ourculture?
  7. 7. dove video
  8. 8. ARTIST PROMPT 11x11 Take a significant ancient greek figure and interpret it into a modern day exaggeration. Keep the story of the character, but translate it into our time period today. Experiment with your artand show how we would portrayor worship the greek figures today with our society’s need to exaggerate and beautify.