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The keynote talk given at the 2009 jQuery Conference.

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State of jQuery '09

  1. State of jQuery ’09 John Resig September 13, 2009
  2. Releases ✤ January ✤ jQuery 1.3 ✤ jQuery 1.3.1 ✤ February ✤ jQuery 1.3.2
  3. jQuery 1.3.1 & 1.3.2 ✤ jQuery 1.3 ✤ Sizzle: New selector engine ✤ A number of performance improvements ✤ jQuery 1.3.1 & 1.3.2 ✤ Successive bug fix releases. ✤ Minor features and speed improvements in 1.3.2. ✤ Downloaded 59 million times since release.
  4. TestSwarm ✤ Distributed testing for JavaScript test suites. ✤ Built so that we can easily run the jQuery test suite on more platforms. ✤ Works like seti@home.
  5. Now Testing in...
  6. ...50 browsers on 11 platforms
  7. New Big Sites... ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤
  8. Corporate Support ✤ Microsoft ✤ Shipping jQuery as part of Visual Studio ✤ Included as part of ASP.NET MVC ✤ Now shipping the Validation plugin, as well. ✤ Nokia ✤ Hired core dev Brandon Aaron, sponsored contributions back to core.
  9. Growth +javascript&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0
  10. ✤ 21.56% of all sites use jQuery. (1 out of 5 sites!)
  11. ✤ At least 33.78% of all sites that use JavaScript use jQuery.
  12. Traffic ✤ last month: ✤ 13.2mil page views ✤ 1.7mil uniques ✤ (not including
  13. Traffic
  14. Cloudfront ✤ Amazon CDN hosting - example from July 2009.
  15. Infrastructure ✤ Media Temple ✤ Over the past year have been transitioning our sites over to Media Temple. ✤ (mt) is donating all the resources to host the site. ✤ Will be providing a full cluster for us to use. ✤ Amazon Cloudfront -> (mt) CDN ✤ We’ll have our own, private CDN.
  16. What’s Coming Up?
  17. jQuery 1.3.3 ✤ Lots of good tweaks, bug fixes. Big point: Huge performance overhaul all over (append/prepend, attr, css, remove, empty, html, bind). 3.5x Faster!
  18. jQuery 1.4 ✤ Provide a build of the jQuery source suited towards mobile devices. ✤ iPhone, Palm Pre, Android, and Fennec. ✤ jQuery.plugin() ✤ Adapt and take the best parts of the jQuery UI Widget library and bring it into core.
  19. Foundation ✤ Software Freedom Law Center ✤ Joining the Conservancy (Non-Profit host) ✤ Legal advice ✤ Tax-deductible donations ✤ Money is controlled by the Conservancy ✤ Eventually move towards the Conservancy owning the code, as well.
  20. jQuery Project ✤ Organization has been rather loose up until this point. ✤ Shifting to a formalized structure with voting. ✤ Need to be voted on: ✤ Spending money. ✤ Adding/removing members. ✤ Changing the charter. ✤ A new project site will be launching to hold this.
  21. Finances ✤ 100% of jQuery’s resources come through donations. ✤ We should be operating at ~$0/month starting in October. ✤ We can conserve costs and use for other purposes.
  22. What will we spend money on? ✤ Infrastructure ✤ More conferences ✤ Travel (having more face-to-face team meetings) ✤ Schwag (t-shirts, etc.) ✤ Things that aren’t our core competency. ✤ Building web sites, for example.
  23. Conferences ✤ Next year: 4 conferences. ✤ Online conference early next year. ✤ Followed by conferences in London, San Francisco, and Boston.
  24. jQuery Groups ✤ We’re launching a new groups site for managing local jQuery meetups. ✤ (groups/meetup/events) ✤ Great way to find events and organize with other jQuery users. ✤ Providing basic funding to local groups. ✤ (Food, shirts, books, etc.)
  25. jQuery Forum ✤ The team has agreed that Google Groups simply doesn’t work for our needs (especially jquery-en and jquery-ui). ✤ Moving to a forum as soon as possible. ✤ Currently evaluating options, hoping to make a move within a couple months. ✤ Not Google Groups, Not PhpBB, likely not Stack Overflow. ✤ Vanilla is looking pretty good.
  26. Core Moving to Git ✤ Git makes it much easier to collaborate, accept patches and forks. ✤ Work offline. ✤ Moving to Github! ✤ Been kicking old plugins/users out of the repository. ✤ Have already moved over plugins. Will be moving QUnit and Core together.
  27. Revamped Plugins Site ✤ Planning complete, beginning implementation. ✤ In drastic need of an overhaul. ✤ Complete rewrite: More like a ‘dumb’ search engine. ✤ No user accounts (for submitting or commenting). ✤ Submit a SVN/Git/Google Code/Github URL. ✤ Auto-pull in information and populate the database.
  28. Revamped Plugins Site ✤ Plugins categorized by: ✤ Official (‘officially maintained by the jQuery team’) ✤ Supported (‘actively tested against in jQuery core’) ✤ Themeable (‘can be themed using Themeroller’) ✤ Recommended (‘member of the jQuery team recommends the plugin’)
  29. Revamped Plugins Site ✤ Features: ✤ All plugins are hosted on the new CDN. ✤ (Along with an auto-minified version of the plugin.) ✤ Dependency trees are auto-computed and made available for download. ✤ Documentation is mirrored, formatted, and made available as part of the API. ✤ Shooting to launch by the end of this year.
  30. jQuery Core Plugins ✤ Some are already on the jQuery site, making an official list. ✤ Criteria: Depended upon by a number of other plugins, no dependencies of their own, minimal, stable, API, maintained by the jQuery team. ✤ Plugins: ✤ color, bgiframe, zIndex, cookie, metadata, mousewheel, history, easing, mouse, hotkeys, positionTo ✤ Will be in the official jQuery Github repo and have special listing on
  31. Thanks! ✤ Thank all our speakers! ✤ Thank the coordinators! ✤ Thank the sponsors!
  32. Don’t Forget ✤ Rate The Speakers: ✤ Get a free jQuery Cookbook from O’Reilly. ✤ Register at using your conference email address. ✤ Reception tonight, 6-8pm, right here! ✤ T-Shirts are on sale, $20/shirt (this year and last)
  33. Q&A Karl Swedberg, Brandon Aaron, John Resig, Paul Bakaus, Richard Worth, Scott Jehl