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How to Build a Social Strategy (and How NOT to Build One)


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My presentation from PMIEUR in Berlin on 24th June 2014. How to build a social media strategy - what to do (and what NOT to do)...

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How to Build a Social Strategy (and How NOT to Build One)

  1. 1. @JeremyWaite Head of Digital Strategy EMEA   #PMIEUR
  2. 2. of marketers believe that “ 70% The industry has changed more in the last 2 years than the last 50”.
  3. 3. @JeremyWaite #PMIEUR A  strategy  is  a  cohesive  response  to  an   important  challenge.  It  is  a  set  of  coherent   ac6ons,  not  to  be  confused  with  details  of  the   actual  implanta6on  of  that  strategy  (that   would  be  'goal  se>ng').  A  strategy  tells   everyone  "this  is  how  our  organisa-on  is  going   to  move  forward".       Strategy – [A Definition]
  4. 4. @JeremyWaite #PMIEUR •  Where did we come from? •  Where are we now? •  Where are we going? •  How do we get there? Social Media Strategy
  5. 5. 3 RULES FOR WINNING 1.  What Does Success Look Like? 2.  How Are We Going To Get There? 3.  What Is Likely To Stop That From Happening?
  6. 6. Where did we come from? #PMIEUR
  7. 7. 2 Most Common Questions I Get Asked ~ 1.  Which social networks should I concentrate on? 2.  How much of my time and resources should I allocate to each one?
  8. 8. reproduced every 48hrs All the data that had ever existed until 2003 is now
  9. 9. “Never before have so many people known so much useless information about people they don’t care about”. @unmarketing
  10. 10. Now reaches more US adults (18-34) than any cable TV station
  11. 11. “We ask too much of Technology and not enough of ourselves”. @NateSilver538
  12. 12. Where are we now? #PMIEUR
  13. 13. The World’s “Most Social” Brand?
  14. 14. The World’s “Most Social” Business?
  15. 15. There are 4 billion smartphones in the world… Only 25% of them are “smart”.
  16. 16. 86%of eyeballs on Mobile are now in Apps not on Websites
  17. 17. The  average  @TwiCer  user:     •  American  woman   •  iPhone   •  208  followers   •  Purple  profile  background  
  18. 18. of people trust their friends “ 78% recommendations”. (Only 14% trust brands).
  19. 19. Social Networks Are NOT Sales Channels. #PMIEUR
  20. 20. X
  21. 21. Pinterest generates 2X the revenue of Facebook and 2X the CTR of Twitter”. “ Rich Relevance
  22. 22. “Click-to-Buy” v “Click-to-Share”
  23. 23. Where are we going? #PMIEUR
  24. 24. of daily searches on20% Google have never been searched for before”.
  25. 25. THE  ECONOMIC  GRAPH  
  26. 26. Be accurate Be helpful Be everywhere How should you build meaningful relationships with your customers?
  27. 27. Is  the  Future  “Anonymous?”
  28. 28. How do we get there? (The Strategy bit…) #PMIEUR
  29. 29. “Insights are things we don’t know. Should know. But can change”. @ESwyane
  30. 30. 5 x W’s @Dell
  31. 31. 1. Who 2. What 3. Why 4. Where 5. When 6.  How 7.  Outcomes
  32. 32. @Forrester P.O.S.T
  33. 33. How To Decide What To P.O.S.T." People" Who is your audience (demographics / interests)?" What are they saying (right now)? " Objectives" Why do you want to create content?" What do you want your content to achieve?" Strategy" What is your plan of action (and why)?" How do you want your plan to affect your audience?" Technology" Which technologies should you use?" How do these technologies integrate?"
  34. 34. Campaigns v Customer Journeys 60:30:10
  35. 35. 60:30:10 " 30%   Crea6ve   30%   Crea6ve   60%   Media   60%   Media   10%   Strat   10%   Strat  
  36. 36. Question to always ask ~ “How will this make the world’s best marketers even better?” WHO DO WE WANT TO SPEAK TO? WHY? WHAT WILL WE DO? WHY WILL PEOPLE CARE? METRICS REVIEW ACQUIRE ENGAGE CONVERT RETAIN WHO? HOW?
  37. 37. Map YOUR Customer’s Journey…
  38. 38. 60:30:10 " 30%   Crea6ve   60%   Media   5%Strategy 5%Measurement 30%   Crea6ve   60%   Media  
  39. 39. Loyalty Beyond Reason. Brand Relationship
  40. 40. “Digital marketing has more to do with psychology and sociology than technology”. @BrianSolis
  42. 42. Only 42% Companies know how to Measure “Lifetime Value” @eConsultancy
  43. 43. never been searched for before”.
  44. 44. @JeremyWaite #PMIEUR •  Social Networks are NOT Sales Channels •  Chase the # NOT the @ •  Understand Your Audience •  Be Obsessive About (Commercial) Metrics •  Have Fun Takeaways
  45. 45. “You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want”. Zig Ziglar
  46. 46. #CXSummit14
  47. 47. Questions?