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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. Why Danielle ShouldGo To Prom With Me A Short PowerPoint Presentation By Jeremy Teichmann
  2. Here is a list of reasons why we should go to prom together:• I’m a fun guy• Prom is fancy, and who doesn’t like fancy things?• I’m a good (sort of) dancer• I clean up nicely• You get to wear a dress, which is a thing girls like to do, or something• I can pick my nose with my tongue
  3. Proof:
  4. #YOGTSPAAJO*You Only Go To Senior Prom As A Junior Once
  5. We Make ACute Couple
  6. • Here is a list of reasons why we• shouldn’t go to prom together:••••
  7. Look At These Puppies * These puppies told me they want you to go to prom with me
  8. This cat represents me in all things relating to asking a girl to prom
  9. So....Will You Go To Prom With Me?• Laugh at least one time during this PowerPoint if yes• Never laugh ever again if no
  10. Back-up Joke (just in caseyou haven’t laughed yet)• Sine and Cosine are at the beach together. All of a sudden, Sine jumps on top of Cosine. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” asks Cosine. Sine replied “I’m trying to get a Tan!!!”
  11. Thank You For Your Time• Special thanks to Ms. Gray, the websites that I stole images from, Bill Gates for creating powerpoint, and myself for being quite humorous