Midwest is Best


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What we can learn from Minnesota and Minnesota-based Strategic Planners.

Presented at Planning Barcamp #2 in Hamburg, Germany.

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Midwest is Best

  1. 1. Midwest is Best What we can learn from Minnesota and Minnesota-based Strategic Planners. Planning Barcamp 02 | Hamburg, Germany | July 27th, 2010 Jeremy Abbett | jeremy.abbett.net | jeremy@abbett.net | twitter: jeremytai | Hamburg, Germany
  2. 2. United States of America?
  3. 3. Minnesota Midwest
  4. 4. Minnesota Fame
  5. 5. 1. Status Quo A look at advertising’s current situation 2. Minnesota Nice Land of 10,000 Lakes 3. Midwest is Best Strategic Planning’s Midwest Triumvirate
  6. 6. Status Quo A review of advertising’s current situation (and my own)
  7. 7. The New Scarcity ou rces res attention
  8. 8. The New Scarcity ou rces res attention
  9. 9. 5,380 Followers 25,880 Likes
  10. 10. Truth (and my own)
  11. 11. Digital Director strategy insights insights for mass for niche classic empathy digital (and my own)
  12. 12. Status Quo Our world is radically changing
  13. 13. Minnesota Nice Land of 10,000 Lakes
  14. 14. Contemporary Art Culture
  15. 15. Consumer Culture
  16. 16. Bicycle Culture
  17. 17. Car Culture
  18. 18. Lake Culture
  19. 19. Minnesota Nice
  20. 20. Minnesota Nice People that are courteous, mild-mannered and reserved
  21. 21. Midwest is Best Strategic Planning’s Midwest Triumvirate
  22. 22. Adrian Ho Aki Spicer Paul Isakson Zeus Jones Fallon Thinkers & Makers Partner & CFO Director of Digital Strategy Partner
  23. 23. How do you feel being based in the Midwest has influenced your thinking in communications and advertising?
  24. 24. “ In Minneapolis, removed from everything that could possibly be cool and avant garde you are forced to think at a more human, fundamental level.” Adrian Ho Zeus Jones
  25. 25. “ Minnesota keeps me grounded in realities of everyday America, and as a "digital" strategist it keeps me honest about what people may want from our brands.” Aki Spicer Fallon
  26. 26. “ What I believe living here gives you is a sense of appreciation for others and a healthy amount of humility that comes from the area's blue collar and agrarian roots.” Paul Isakson Thinkers & Makers
  27. 27. Does an agencies culture have more influence than the culture within a city or are they inseparable?
  28. 28. “ I think they are inseparable - look at any agency that has offices in different countries - they all take the flavour of the country and mix it with the values of the agency.” Adrian Ho Zeus Jones
  29. 29. “ They're definitely capable of being completely separate. Because we spend so much time at work and with people from work even when we're out of the office, I think the agency's culture has more influence over their work than the city's. ” Paul Isakson Thinkers & Makers
  30. 30. What three words of advice do you have for up-and-coming strategists?
  31. 31. “Think for yourself.” Adrian Ho Zeus Jones
  32. 32. “Explore. Listen. Imagine.” Paul Isakson Thinkers & Makers
  33. 33. Adrian Ho Aki Spicer Paul Isakson Zeus Jones Fallon Thinkers & Makers Partner & CFO Director of Digital Strategy Partner www.zeusjones.com www.fallon.com www.thinkersandmakers.com www.zeusjones.com/blog www.fallon.com/fallon-blog/ paulisakson.typepad.com twitter.com/adrianho twitter.com/akispicer twitter.com/paulisakson slideshare.com/zeusjones slideshare.com/akispicer slideshare.com/paulisakson
  34. 34. Midwest is Best The values that embody Minnesota Nice are those that a Strategic Planner needs in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape.
  35. 35. 1. Status Quo We need to keep up with the changes in culture 2. Minnesota Nice Your Take-away Create strategies where brands act courteous, mild- mannered and reserved / friends not consumers 3. Midwest is Best Be where the people are not the trends
  36. 36. Yah, you betcha! Jeremy Tai Abbett twitter.com/jeremytai slideshare.net/jeremytai www.truthdaredoubledare.com
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