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Using smartphones


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Using smartphones

  1. 1. Sma rtphones eBy:Jeremy Squir
  2. 2. hat is a Smartphone?? WA smartphone is a device that lets you maketelephone calls but also adds features that youmight find on a computer. Also, it offers theability to send and receive emails.
  3. 3. ication in w ork places Commun● Smartphones have increased productivity in the workplace.● People can now do a lot of business on the road.● Emails can be accessed and managed all from your smartphone.
  4. 4. Social En gagement○ Smartphones give you access to any social networking site.○ Social networking has proved to be a popular activity on smartphones.In some cases higher than the corresponding time spent by users through traditonal web access.○ Quick and easy access to mail.○ Check news,sports,and the weather anytime on the go.
  5. 5. Effect on Education● Smartphones are easy to carry around and is a great studying tool.● It is said that students who use smartphones study more often and more efficient.● Students can capture data in a field by entering it into an app.● Colleges are developing their own apps to help students study.
  6. 6. cation in Sm artphonesEdu
  7. 7. tages of Smartphones Advan● Small and easy to carry around.● Flexible Working● Keeping you organized● Information at your fingertips
  8. 8. tages of Smartphones Disadv an● Small screen size● High Cost● Awkward keyboard size● Work life balance
  9. 9. Sources●●●●●●