UCL and iTunes U 2010


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Update and expanded presentation to include latest UCL developments with iTunes U

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UCL and iTunes U 2010

  1. 1. Jeremy Speller Director of Learning & Media Services UCL and iTunes U An institutional study
  2. 2. What we’re going to cover First toes in the podcasting ocean How we came to be on iTunes U The private site and VLE integration Where we are now Future developments
  3. 3. The World of UCL
  4. 4. Founded 1826 The original University of London First to offer education regardless of race, religion or gender 4th in 2010 QS World University Rankings 22,000 students / 8,000 staff The World of UCL
  5. 5. Now this looks interesting...
  6. 6. Background Globalisation policy Strong academic lead Funding for pilot project Apple Podcast Producer On-demand recording Workflow Automated distribution Cost effective
  7. 7. Pilot project Identify champions Develop workflows to meet academic needs Equip selected lecture theatres Make portable equipment available Provide “best-efforts” support Survey staff and student opinion 18 months starting January 2008
  8. 8. LectureCast Piloting since September 2009 150 captured events 200 hours of material Over 12,000 individual views 20 theatres into service from September 2010 Chemistry 56% Biochemistry 32% Laws 3% Medicine 4% Economics 3% Special Events 3%
  9. 9. The iTunes U bombshell! Approach from Apple late 2007 Briefing February 2008 Launch June 2008
  10. 10. Why we did it For the glory! direction from above: good and bad! coherent with UCL’s globalisation policy To further innovations in teaching & learning strong academic leadership
  11. 11. Gathering the team Legal Copyright and IPR MediaPR Systems Project Management
  12. 12. Gathering the team Legal Signoff there should be senior agreement to the service you hope to provide Contract agreement no payment but you must be happy with the agreement between your institution and Apple
  13. 13. Gathering the team Copyright and IPR Content checking do you have rights to the media? can you get rights? do you have a workable copyright model (we used Creative Commons)? Content release contributors must agree to release their media subject to the rights above
  14. 14. Gathering the team Audio Visual lecture capture Design & Photography quality design will sell your iTunes U site Multimedia media creation and encoding Web Services RSS feeds and management of the iTunes U site Media
  15. 15. Gathering the team PR Corporate message push the qualities of your institution Corporate identity use to your advantage Tone and voice do you have a key way of describing what you do? Press close collaboration with Apple PR and strong sell from your own press office
  16. 16. Gathering the team Infrastructure backend storage delivery of RSS feeds Systems
  17. 17. Gathering the team Could be collective I did the technical and media side - a group of four managed overall better if you can dedicate someone for the project Must be done! key to engagement and GTD Steeple resources http://is.gd/f3TAe (PM kit and interviews) Project Management
  18. 18. Gathering the team Legal Copyright and IPR MediaPR Systems Project Management
  19. 19. The most important things Content Content Content Spreadsheet of ideal and realistic content to launch Technical and legal pragmatism Workflow of responsibilities Keeping some back
  20. 20. Clear structure and layout
  21. 21. Clear structure and layout
  22. 22. Attention to graphics
  23. 23. Attention to graphics
  24. 24. Attention to graphics
  25. 25. Attention to graphics
  26. 26. Attention to graphics
  27. 27. A way in
  28. 28. Internal Sites Why would you want to have one? How might you use one in practice?
  29. 29. Why would you want an internal site? Great additional learning channel for students Great for integration with other curriculum tools - VLE A way of trailing / previewing content A way to alleviate fears about IPR and being “in public” Less fuss - design - images - rights
  30. 30. iTunes U private & Moodle Academic requirement Streamed video on-demand within Moodle Moodle link to course page on iTunes U
  31. 31. So how do you go about it? Working with the “classic” system - not PSM Maclearning Webcasts for iTunes U - http://is.gd/f3TYd Keep within your resources - but bear in mind opportunities for automation
  32. 32. Real life All Clinical Medicine finalists are provided with revision materials via Moodle Recorded lectures Slide decks Tutorial sessions All online - what about offline? Provide everything as downloads via the internal site
  33. 33. Revision course page
  34. 34. Key facts: March 2009 1 month 362 MBBS finalists 2,164 downloads
  35. 35. Moving on Results repeated in 2010 High satisfaction rates Staff Students Faculty delighted and request full capture of all clinical lectures - all to be made available via the internal site Across all subjects captured material to be made available via the internal site during 2010/11
  36. 36. UCL content workflow m4a / m4b m4v h.264 Encoding Intro / Outro Streaming server Moodle Browser Capture content Echo360 Echo via browser iTunes storage Feed generation iTunes U Private Capture content Echo360 Echo via browser Receive content Create content Podcast Producer Approvals Final Cut Server iTunes storage Feed generation iTunes U Public
  37. 37. Three steps to heaven? Review and assess technical requirements Keep a check on reality Target areas that will benefit your students and their learning
  38. 38. Lecture Capture Pilot installation Pilot testing Podcast Producer integration Service development Service roll-out Online Media Services Podcast Producer development Web-submission interface Flash server integration Metadata standards Metadata database development Podcast Library RSS/ATOM feed aggregation iTunes U Site design Content administration Podcast Producer integration Automation RSS / Web Services Podcast Library Metadata standards Teaching & Learning Support Sub-Committee Online Media Programme Board Where we are
  39. 39. Where we are Started with c150 items of content Now c1,500 items About 10-30k downloads per month About 300,000 since we started
  40. 40. Now and next Just completed redevelopment of public site Further development of private site Online Media Application
  41. 41. The Online Media Application Ingests and uploads user files to: Streaming server Moodle iTunes U Collects metadata Allows users and admins to view status of uploads Emails users admin actions to keep them informed
  42. 42. Q and A Images copyright © UCL Photography iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries contact: j.speller@ucl.ac.uk