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World of Angus and Pressly: A Case Study


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A solid inbound marketing strategy is the key to traffic and customers for any business. Research your market, chose your strategy carefully and execute it consistently every day.

This is an optic into how we are building traffic and converting customers at World of Angus. It takes a TON of time and effort but it;s worth it. I know that six to 12 months from now we will see fantastic results.

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World of Angus and Pressly: A Case Study

  1. 1. How World of Angus uses Pressly to increase traffic to their e-commerce site PRESSLY CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES How World of Angus skyrocketed their traffic by 340% with Pressly June, 2015
  2. 2. 1 Most companies in this vertical are startups or SMBs. As a matter of fact, only 7.8% of pet-related businesses have more than 20 employees. Pet industry growth (in $Bn) The pet industry is a very competitive B2C vertical. It’s a steadily growing market, following a 4% annual growth curve over the last 5 years with no signs of slowing down. According to the latest industry forecast reports, the ratio of pet owners in the US is on track to increase by 2.2% until 2018. Industry Overview
  3. 3. 2 Jeremy Potvin, Founder of World of Angus “We naturally leaned towards reproducing what worked for us at our last startup, where we had success with our inbound and content strategy. We really focused on creating and sourcing the type of content that our potential customers were looking for. It took us six months to see some results and it went snowballing from there.” World of Angus is a young brand of apparel, lifestyle and grooming products for dogs. At first glance, the company fits in exactly with the archetype of businesses in the pet industry. Founder Jeremy Potvin immediately understood the necessity for World of Angus to stand out from the crowd, gather a loyal customer base and build a solid brand in order to grow the Toronto-based company. The Genesis
  4. 4. 3The Hub When World of Angus turned to Pressly, our lead content strategist Rina Espiritu worked alongside CEO Potvin to develop a hub that could deliver what the brand expected in terms of ROI for their content. “We opened our eyes and realized we didn’t have to write content exclusively on our properties,” he said. Pressly’s native embed widget allows World of Angus to push fresh content on multiple destinations simultaneously, simply by publishing to their root hub. This allowed the brand to sign partnerships with channel partners and tech companies building wearables for pets. “The next step was moving their blog content to the hub where they can start mixing their original pieces with curated content from third-party sources,” Rina said. When it comes to design, World of Angus worked closely with Pressly’s in-house designers to match the look and feel of their corporate website, and add a custom pre-header with a direct link to the online shop and social channels.
  5. 5. Jeremy’s goal is to build an audience and a community before moving the company’s focus to revenue. “Let’s build a brand and become a thought leader in the space. Let’s build a focused and targeted audience first, and convert them into customers at a later stage. The hub is a really important part of this strategy. It’s about building a community and making people see us as a valuable resource. We also learn and gauge where people’s interests are. It helps us build better products that will actually solve a problem or fill a need.” World of Angus relies heavily on Pressly’s Analytics Suite along with Google Analytics to understand which pieces of content perform best with each specific segment of their audience. The goal: build an audience Visit the hub at
  6. 6. Four months after Angus Post was launched, Jeremy shared the initial results with us. Here is what it looks like: Initial results 3 The team at 
 World of Angus posts three pieces every day 3 The average visit duration on the World of Angus hub is around three minutes 3 On average, each visitor consumes three pieces of content directly on the hub, which matches the number of articles, tweets, videos or any other content types the team shares on the platform every day. 340% As a result, World of Angus’ average number of monthly viewers has already increased by 340%.
  7. 7. Buzzsumo +
 Pressly + Pinterest 4World of Angus has integrated Pressly among other tools in their content marketing strategy and workflow. Every morning, Jeremy searches BuzzSumo for the most popular and valuable news and articles about dogs published in the last 24 hours. Over time, he realized that the most performing content for his business are articles under 150 words. “Once I find the articles I want to share, I first post them on our Pressly hub. I add context and essentially explain why I find them relevant and pin point the interesting parts. Then I use Buffer to create a cue for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, that will redirect to the Pressly hub.” It becomes really interesting at that point. Knowing that animal lovers are likely to enjoy and share pictures of dogs, Jeremy focuses on Pinterest. He pins each picture from each article on his boards, and changes the source URL to point back to the Pressly hub.
  8. 8. “On average, we post 3 pieces of content everyday, which means between 25 and 30 pins. As soon as we started using this tactic, we saw our daily impressions increase from 200 to 17,000 in the first few days. On average, we collect between 10 and 12K impressions everyday.” Since they’ve implemented this workflow, World of Angus has been invited to contribute to popular boards with very high follower counts. Jeremy Potvin recognizes the snowball potential of this strategy. He systematically invites any Pinterest user that re-pins a picture from the Pressly hub to continue increasing his reach. Why Pinterest over Instagram? “You can’t get anyone out of Instagram. How do you get people to click the link in your bio? No one ever does that.” On the other hand, Pinterest allows content to remain easily accessible for longer than any other feed-based social network. 6 months after posting the original images, 50% of Jeremy’s pins are still visible on his boards. “Pressly gives us the ability to share twenty pieces of content a day and have a huge amount of those content pieces redirect traffic to our core property.
  9. 9. 5What’s next? For World of Angus, the first quarter of 2015 has been more than a proof of concept. The company has worked out an efficient workflow that leverages Pressly at its centre, with a content and distribution plan that can scale. Now that the foundation work for growing a loyal community has been laid out, they can easily shift their focus to what’s next: revenue and profit. “We first focused on building a funnel and exploring different channels to drive attention to our brand. Now that we’ve proven that we can leverage our content hub for reliable traffic, it’s time to increase the amount of resources we spend on content and optimize our conversion strategy.” The best money I spend is 650 bucks a month on Pressly, Buffer and Buzzsumo. Right now I am married to everything I have.
  10. 10. 6How about you? Are you looking to increase traffic to your online store or drive more direct sales? Pressly will help you set up the appropriate content strategy for your business and build a beautiful, mobile- optimized content hub to convert your audience into customers. For more information or to book a free demo, please visit +1 416 840 4384 @Pressly 49 Fraser Avenue Toronto, ON M6K 1Y7