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Rails 3.1 Asset pipeline


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Slides from my presentation at WellRailed (27th July 2011)

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Rails 3.1 Asset pipeline

  1. 1. Rails 3.1Asset Pipeline Jeremy Olliver
  2. 2. Rails 3.1 Release Schedule• August 8th: Rails 3.1.0.rc6• August 22nd: Rails 3.1.0
  3. 3. Native Support for• Sass• Coffeescript• asset packaging/minification/compression• cache friendly static filenames (hash in filename not mtime querystring)
  4. 4. Assets Directory Structureapp assets javascripts stylesheets imagesoptional:lib/assets (non-application specific assets)vendor/assets (third party assets, css/js plugins etc)
  5. 5. How Does it Work?• manifest files specify js/css files to load• app/assets/javascripts/application.js• app/assets/stylesheets/application.css• Only needs changing for specifying load order• Picks up coffeescript, javascript, css, and sass files
  6. 6. Coffeescript / JS compilation• provided through sprockets and execjs• Need to include a javascript runtime such as node.js or a native ruby implementation such as gems ‘therubyracer’ or ‘mustang’
  7. 7. Sass / Compass / Referencing assets• use compass ‘rails31’ branch• use sass (scss) it’s awesome• referencing assets/images requires erb and asset_path helper
  8. 8. Deployment• updated capistrano version coming up• in the meantime: • rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production• compiles to public/assets