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  • Big Idea/Concept:
    Located at Mandalay Bay, the pride rock outside the resort and casino will be the central location for a sample of the costumes and music that make the Lion King the most successful show on Broadway.
    The animal actors will be in full costume, spread out along the strip for walks to the rock outside Mandalay Bay.
    For an hour the animals will walk around the block a few times, and then a given time will head towards the rock attracting tourists and locals alike to purchases tickets for the upcoming show.
    - The walk and mini show outside Mandalay Bay will occur from 2-5:30.
    - From5:30 – 6:30 animals will walk outside Mandalay Bay to attract pedestrians.
    There will be a ticket box located at the “Pride Rock” outside Mandalay Bay, as well as a cashier walking around with each group on the strip selling tickets for spontaneous/impulse purchasers (emotional).
    1. The costs may be an issue – performers and costumes
    2. Liability of the costumes and/or performers
    3. Who will actually perform this walk? Understudies?
  • Big Idea/Concept (continued):
    Based on our market research, the primary buyers are impulse buyers. Most people don’t plan their Vegas trips and often look for a way to fill their time once they have arrived.
    A lot of times, buyers are indecisive on which show to attend due to the number of options. This will create a visual idea of what the show will be like to the potential buyers.
    Some of the problems this concept will be solving is attracting a consumer-based group that is looking for some sort of activity to fill their evening; moreover, those that like to purchase on impulse. This generates a somewhat different clientele when compared to those already purchasing tickets far in advance. This also may generate an interest from more children when they see the animals on the strip; children then become the influencers.
  • Target Market:
    The basis for segmentation:
    - Age: 20 to 45
    Family Life cycle: singles/couples and families with children
    Income based: higher-income and higher-educated people
    Region: Vegas Strip
    - Personality: impulsive types
    - Lifestyles:
    - Those living more on a whim
    - Living one day to the next (non-planners)
    - Income and education also apply here as well
    - Usage-Rate:
    - Repeat visitors to Las Vegas, or even locals
    - Those looking for something new to do, something different
    Profiling our ideal target customer:
    - If he/she were a person, he/she would be in their twenties to mid-forties, income over $100,000 with a college education and professional status. The person would be an impulse buyer looking for live entertainment and an alternative to gambling. They would be repeat visitors looking for a new Vegas experience, emphasizing our main concept in slide two, who also spend a lot time on the strip either shopping, eating, or gambling. This individual can be either a tourist or local and has time on their hands to just cruise the strip.
    - We are also appealing to those individuals with children who have not made their evening plans, which is rare. The great thing about this idea/concept is that is really pertains to just about anyone who finds themselves traveling the strip. Even those working on the strip may find themselves curious to see what these animal costumed individuals are advertising. We are simply spiking interest into the minds of all individuals on the strip.
    How to reach this target:
    - We are reaching our target by visual application when the tourists are traveling from point A to point B. Anyone flying into Las Vegas has to drive by Mandalay Bay to reach their hotels and others destinations. We are putting the idea of the show into their heads and their hands with flyers; this idea is flashy and hard to miss, much like the rest of Vegas and also the production of The Lion King.
  • Perceptual Map:
    1. Price and Quality: high price as a signal of quality
    2. Product Attribute: the production is associated with being a classic; its timeless and majestic.
    3. Indirectly addressed:
    - Indirectly shows competition by positioning
    - The Lion King as less trendy and more classic
    - As oppose to many of the shows found on the strip
    (positioned as more trendy and short-lived)
    - Indirectly shows main product users
    - those with higher incomes will tend to spend the
    money to pay for such a high priced ticket.
    The Lion King is more classic than trendy; however, it is not totally classic. Classic would be considered Gambling or magic shows, like Siegfried and Roy. It is not as trendy because the Lion King production has been around quite a while making it more classic. The Lion King the movie was produced almost 15 years ago.
    The production of The Lion King is more costly than gambling, amusement park, and even restaurants. We have set the spending level as higher than average, because compared to other shows, The Lion King is more costly.
  • Although most of our money will be spent on advertisement, during four months of the year that Vegas considers “down-time” for consumer business, we will promote discounted tickets for family packages of 3+ tickets.
    Promotion will be through the “Walk to Pride Rock.” A banner will serve as the promotion of the package deal for the buyers on the strip. Once again, our aim is at impulse buyers looking for a way to fill their time with something different and unique.
    The promotions will occur after Thanksgiving and up until around Christmas time. There will be a break of about one week to two weeks where the promotions are not used; this includes Christmas through New Years. A week into January we will use the promotion once again through the months of January and February.
  • We would like to use a cost-effective banner to promote the discounts during the off-season. We originally considered using printed coupons, but we believe using a banner would alleviate the price of printing coupons and also remain environmental-friendly.
    We want to continue to sell to the impulse buyers of the ever-changing target market on the Strip. We believe the clientele will be a little bit different when compared to the busiest times of the year. More families may travel in this case.
    In the off-season we plan to promote a discounted ticket, such as marking tickets down from $170 to $120 for each ticket, IF you buy a family pack (which may include no less than three tickets per purchase).
    The banner, we estimated, would cost around $1000, at most. This would be very justifiable because it is one fixed cost that is added to the money allotted each month.
    The banner would be reusable over a long period of time, and we believe the promotion will not take away too much money from the overall revenue. This is because a select amount of people will take advantage of this offer, but it only pertains to families greater than three.
  • Objectives:
    To reach impulse buyers who are looking for a purchase that night or that upcoming week; not weeks in advance
    To reach capacity at nightly shows; fill up the venue as much as possible
    To attract Vegas travelers looking for new venues; looking for something different to do
    We want to appeal to potential buyers in a way that is different than just the average ad in newspapers, handbooks, or other sources
    This will appeal to the emotions of these consumers on the strip, because it uses physical objects (people in costumes and face paint)
    Performance Times Include:
    Monday – Thursday: 7:30 pm
    There are no performances on Friday
    Saturday and Sunday: 4 pm and 8 pm
    Assumption: Mandalay Bay will pay for and provide the ticket booth and “Pride Rock” outside Mandalay Bay Hotel
    We estimate that $24,660 will be the cost of a group of six (1 cashier, 5 costumed actors) to walk around the Strip each month.
    This includes the cost of salary wage, make-up and costumes for the individuals
    For the four groups we intend to have walking around we estimate a total of about $100,000 per month for advertising.
    Only fluctuating costs within our promotional mix is the cost of labor.
  • Marketing - Circle of Life Productions, The Lion King in Las Vegas

    1. 1. Circle of Life Productions The Lion King in Las Vegas Team 3 Jeremy Carter, Alex Colyer, Jordan Eiben, Meredith Millard, Drew Nevins, and Lisa Walther
    2. 2. “The Walk to Pride Rock” Come follow the animals along the strip to a place that Vegas has never seen.
    3. 3. “The Walk to Pride Rock” • Idea – Actors in animal costumes to walk around the Vegas Strip – Attracting tourists and locals alike to purchases tickets for the upcoming show • Key Features – Animal actors in full costume – Spread out along the strip for walks to the rock outside Mandalay Bay • Benefits – Attract impulse buyers – Draw attention to the show from anyone on the strip
    4. 4. Target Market • Impulsive buyers that are on the Strip: – Singles/couples – Families with young children • Fairly large and constantly changing market: – The population on the strip is always a mixture of people – Any traffic through the strip is targeted
    5. 5. Perceptual Map Spending Levels Preferred Styles “Classic” “Trendy” “Expensive” “Inexpensive” The Lion King   Cirque du Soleil  Restaurants  Amusement Parks  Gambling
    6. 6. Promotional Calendar November December January February Key: red shows times of promotional use
    7. 7. Promotional Tools Coupons for family (bulk) purchases during the off- season. Quantity Discount Done by using a banner when embarking on the “Walk to Pride Rock.” Save money and staying “green” by not printing multiple paper coupons Promotion Costs Banner: $1000
    8. 8. Yearly Media Calendar January – December (Weekly) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 SHOW TIME SHOW TIME 5:00 6:00 7:00 SHOW TIME SHOW TIME SHOW TIME SHOW TIME 8:00 SHOW TIME SHOW TIME Walking the Strip: 2:00 - 5:30 Walk to Pride Rock: 5:30 – 6:30 Walk: 5:00 – 7:00 Walk: 1:00 – 3:00 Walk: 5:00 – 7:00 Walk: 2:00 – 5:00