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Windows 8.1 Sockets


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Although Windows Store apps run in a security sandbox, the Windows Runtime provides a rich set of APIs that enable connectivity over sockets. WinRT supports the new HTML5 WebSocket specification but also allows apps to connect via TCP and UDP for real-time streaming connectivity. Join Jeremy Likness as he walks through several examples of apps using socket protocols to establish communications and demonstrates the ease of interfacing with the Windows Runtime sockets APIs.

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Windows 8.1 Sockets

  1. 1. Consulting/Training Windows 8.1 Sockets
  2. 2. Consulting/Training consulting Wintellect helps you build better software, faster, tackling the tough projects and solving the software and technology questions that help you transform your business.  Architecture, Analysis and Design  Full lifecycle software development  Debugging and Performance tuning  Database design and development training Wintellect's courses are written and taught by some of the biggest and most respected names in the Microsoft programming industry.  Learn from the best. Access the same training Microsoft’s developers enjoy  Real world knowledge and solutions on both current and cutting edge technologies  Flexibility in training options – onsite, virtual, on demand Founded by top experts on Microsoft – Jeffrey Richter, Jeff Prosise, and John Robbins – we pull out all the stops to help our customers achieve their goals through advanced software-based consulting and training solutions. who we are About Wintellect
  3. 3. Consulting/Training  Sockets, Simplified  WebSockets  UDP and TCP Sockets  Proximity / NFC “Tap to Connect”  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct  Recap Agenda
  4. 4. Consulting/Training  Covers full WinRT API  Over 80 example projects  This presentation is based on Chapter 10  Full source online at http://winrtexamples  Book available at WinRT by Example
  5. 5. Consulting/Training Sockets, Simplified Byte
  6. 6. Consulting/Training Sockets, Simplified Byte Array
  7. 7. Consulting/Training Sockets, Simplified Stream  Length (maybe)  Position  Read  Write  Seek
  8. 8. Consulting/Training Sockets Are Specialized Streams
  9. 9. Consulting/Training  Berkeley sockets released with Unix in 1983 (owned by AT&T at the time) for “IPC” while I was writing my first Commodore 64 programs in 6502 assembly  Open licensing in 1989 (I had finally moved to IBM PC and MS-DOS)  POSIX API (Portable Operating System Interface) released in 1988  Windows Sockets API (WSA or Winsock) released in 1992 (I graduated high school and discovered the Internet in college) and later implemented for Windows  Another F Ancillary Function Driver (AFD.sys) still exists to this day Sockets: A Brief History
  10. 10. Consulting/Training Sockets Are Specialized Streams
  11. 11. Consulting/Training Sockets Are Specialized Streams
  12. 12. Consulting/Training  A way to communicate between end points  Usually operate on streams, which are abstractions over buffers that contain bytes  But can be a datagram that has no connection  A socket connection has two distinct end points  An end point is a combination of an address and a port  End points can be hosted on the same machine, or different machines Sockets Recap
  13. 13. Consulting/Training int main(void) { struct sockaddr_in stSockAddr; int Res; int SocketFD = socket(PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_TCP); if (-1 == SocketFD) { perror("cannot create socket"); exit(EXIT_FAILURE); } memset(&stSockAddr, 0, sizeof(stSockAddr)); stSockAddr.sin_family = AF_INET; stSockAddr.sin_port = htons(1100); Res = inet_pton(AF_INET, "", &stSockAddr.sin_addr); (void) shutdown(SocketFD, SHUT_RDWR); close(SocketFD); return EXIT_SUCCESS; } “The Old Days” (still valid 30 yrs. later)
  14. 14. Consulting/Training  Sit on top of TCP (you’ll learn more about TCP later)  Operate over ports 80/443 by default (keeps firewalls happy)  Use HTTP for the initial “handshake”  Provide full-duplex communications  WinRT implementation allows for message- based or stream-based WebSockets
  15. 15. Consulting/Training GET /info HTTP/1.1 HOST: Upgrade: websocket Connection: Upgrade Origin: HTTP/1.1 101 Switching Protocols Upgrade: websocket Connection: Upgrade WebSocket Handshake Placing my call … Accepting …. Now it’s streams from here on out….
  16. 16. Consulting/Training (a prime example… source code: WebSockets
  17. 17. Consulting/Training  Both are communication protocols for delivering octet streams (bytes!)  UDP is fire-and-forget (connectionless)  Individual messages sent, i.e. “datagrams”  Fast, lots of questions: DNS, DHCP, SNMP  TCP is connection-oriented  TCP is stream-based  Slower, but reliable: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Telnet UDP and TCP
  18. 18. Consulting/Training this.serverSocket = new StreamSocketListener(); this.serverSocket.ConnectionReceived += this.ServerSocketConnectionReceived; await this.serverSocket.BindServiceNameAsync(ServiceName); // can both read and write messages (full-duplex) if (serverWriter == null) { serverWriter = new DataWriter(args.Socket.OutputStream); serverReader = new DataReader(args.Socket.InputStream); } Server Listens for Connections
  19. 19. Consulting/Training var hostName = new HostName("localhost"); this.clientSocket = new StreamSocket(); await this.clientSocket.ConnectAsync(hostName, ServiceName); clientWriter = new DataWriter(this.clientSocket.OutputStream); clientReader = new DataReader(this.clientSocket.InputStream); // both client and server require long-running tasks to wait for // messages and send them as needed while (true) { var data = await GetStringFromReader(clientReader); // do something with the data } Client “Dials In” to Chat
  20. 20. Consulting/Training (a true adventure… source code: TCP Sockets
  21. 21. Consulting/Training  Near Field Communications (NFC) is a standard for extremely low powered communications typically very slow and over a very small distance, between devices and/or smart tags  NFC is capable of sending small bursts of information. However, “tap to connect” is a powerful mechanism for establishing a hand-shake to open a stream over other, longer range and faster protocols like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct  Windows Runtime exposes the Proximity APIs that provide a unified way to discover nearby devices and a protocol-agnostic mechanism to connect  Literally you can discover, handshake, etc. and WinRT will “hand-off” a socket that is ready to use (you won’t even know if it is over Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth)  Bluetooth = short wavelength wireless technology  Wi-Fi Direct = peer to peer over Wi-Fi (wireless cards without requiring a wireless access point or router) NFC and Proximity
  22. 22. Consulting/Training this.proximityDevice = ProximityDevice.GetDefault(); this.proximityDevice.DeviceArrived += this.ProximityDeviceDeviceArrived; this.proximityDevice.DeviceDeparted += this.ProximityDeviceDeviceDeparted; PeerFinder.ConnectionRequested += this.PeerFinderConnectionRequested; PeerFinder.Role = PeerRole.Peer; PeerFinder.Start(); var peers = await PeerFinder.FindAllPeersAsync(); var socket = await PeerFinder.ConnectAsync(this.SelectedPeer.Information); Proximity APIs NFC device and events Peer Finder (listen and browse) Browse for peers Connect to peer
  23. 23. Consulting/Training 1. Try to get Proximity Device (NFC) 2. If exists, register to enter/leave events (NFC) 3. If it supports triggers (i.e. tap) register for connection state change event (NFC) 4. Otherwise browse for peers (Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth) 5. When a peer is found, send a connection request 6. Peer must accept the connection request 7. In any scenario, once the connection exists you are passed a stream socket and are free to communicate Steps for Proximity
  24. 24. Consulting/Training Source code: Proximity
  25. 25. Consulting/Training  WebSockets API for simplified WebSockets  Sockets API for TCP, UDP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct  Windows 8.1 is capable of dialing out to any address and port  As a server, most practical example is listening for Bluetooth connections  The security sandbox prevents using sockets for inter-app communications Recap
  26. 26. Consulting/Training Subscribers Enjoy  Expert Instructors  Quality Content  Practical Application  All Devices Wintellect’s On-Demand Video Training Solution Individuals | Businesses | Enterprise Organizations Authors Enjoy  Royalty Income  Personal Branding  Free Library Access  Cross-Sell Opportunities Try It Free! Use Promo Code: LIKNESS-13
  27. 27. Consulting/Training Questions?