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Tablet and Slate Development with Silverlight


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Learn the key to creating engaging customer experiences

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Tablet and Slate Development with Silverlight

  1. 1. Tablet Development with Silverlight Jeremy Likness Project Manager, Senior Consultant Copyright © 2011consulting training design debugging
  2. 2. consulting training design debugging
  3. 3. what we do consulting training design debugging who we are Founded by top experts on Microsoft – Jeffrey Richter, Jeff Prosise, and John Robbins – we pull out all the stops to help our customers achieve their goals through advanced software-based consulting and training solutions. how we do it Training • On-site instructor-led training Consulting & Debugging • Virtual instructor-led training • Architecture, analysis, and design services • Devscovery conferences • Full lifecycle custom software development • Content creation Design • Project management • User Experience Design • Debugging & performance tuning • Visual & Content Design • Video & Animation Productionconsulting training design debugging
  4. 4. Agenda • The Rise of the Tablet • Case Study • Why Silverlight? • From GUI to NUI: A Touchy Subject • Tips and Tricks • Going Native • Windows 8 • Conclusionconsulting training design debugging
  5. 5. The Rise of the Tablet Devices purchased by employee and used at work Employee purchased and used for business Not used Source: IDC (almost 3000 respondants)consulting training design debugging
  6. 6. Consumerization of IT • “Although consumer technologies create new risks for the enterprise, eliminating their use is increasingly difficult, and impractical” – Rich Mogull, Research VP, Gartner • The IT organizations in 26% of enterprises (firms with 1000 employees or more) were planning to implement or had implemented general purpose touchscreen tablets such as the Apple iPad. – Forrsights Hardware Survey Q3 2010, Forrester Researchconsulting training design debugging
  7. 7. The Influence of NUI • Natural User Interfaces are easier to learn • iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7 are examples of a touch-first interface • Microsoft Kinect, also a NUI, sold 10 million units in 30 weeks • Users are forcing the enterprise to take NUI seriously • Tablet is a “here and now” technology for deploying NUI • Windows 7 supports NUI, Windows 8 will embrace itconsulting training design debugging
  8. 8. Silverlight is not Dead! • Version 5 to be released late 2011 • The primary development platform for the Windows Phone • 1 million Silverlight developers (Silverlight team blog) • 70% penetration ( • Silverlight Firestarter: DayForce – “1/4th cost to build Silverlight compared to Java” – “1/30th total cost due to reduced load on servers” • Major enterprise adoption, including Fortune 500 companiesconsulting training design debugging
  9. 9. Case in Point: Rooms to Go • Sales people tired of losing their customer by having to walk over to a kiosk to get information • Needed something portable, easy to use, with a friendly touch interface • Didn’t want “that other device” because of security concerns and inability to integrate with their existing Windows-based software • Windows tablet would fit in nicely with existing security infrastructure • Silverlight development allowed them to keep in house expertise for the projectconsulting training design debugging
  10. 10. demo point of sale slate applicationconsulting training design debugging
  11. 11. Why Silverlight? • Connects easily to existing web services • Insanely easy to deploy/install OOB • Leverages existing development team and keeps the technology in house – Familiar languages like C#, VB.NET – Familiar Visual Studio environment • Great for platforms with enterprise features – Integration with existing authentication/authorization (Active Directory) – Security policy enforcementconsulting training design debugging
  12. 12. From GUI to NUI • Silverlight is not touch-friendly “out of the box” • Mouse gestures are promoted but “It’s just not the same” • No multi-touch capability (tracking a “mouse” rather than touch points) • No touch and hold • Applications built without touch in mind will sufferconsulting training design debugging
  13. 13. demo untouchableconsulting training design debugging
  14. 14. Touch Primer • A touch is a point of contact (X = 2.7,Y=5.9)consulting training design debugging
  15. 15. Touch Primer • A manipulation is a continuous touch. The touch may change position and the manipulation may track inertia. Origin = (2,3) Delta = (+2,+3) Duration = 0:0:0.5 Velocity = (+3,+3)consulting training design debugging
  16. 16. Touch Primer • A gesture is a specific, repeatable combination of manipulations that may involve multiple touches. Tap Double Tap Hold Pinchconsulting training design debugging
  17. 17. LightTouch for NUI • Provides the missing touch support • Does not require elevated trust • Parity with the Windows Phone 7 APIs • Powered Rooms to Go • Open source • training design debugging
  18. 18. demo lighttouchconsulting training design debugging
  19. 19. Manipulate 2D Behavior <Touch:Manipulate2DBehavior IsInertial="True" ManipulationStarted="TouchShapeBehavior_ManipulationStarted" ManipulationDelta="TouchShapeBehavior_ManipulationDelta“ ManipulationCompleted= "TouchShapeBehavior_ManipulationCompleted"/> private void TouchShapeBehavior_ManipulationDelta(Object sender, Manipulation2DDeltaEventArgs e) { var senderShape = (Shape)sender; var translateTransform = (TranslateTransform)senderShape.RenderTransform; translateTransform.X += e.Delta.TranslationX; translateTransform.Y += e.Delta.TranslationY; }consulting training design debugging
  20. 20. List Box Scroll Behavior <i:Interaction.Behaviors> <Touch:ListBoxTouchScrollBehavior/> </i:Interaction.Behaviors>consulting training design debugging
  21. 21. Touch Combo Box <Touch:TouchableComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Collection}" Width="200" HorizontalAlignment="Left" DisplayMemberPath="Title"/>consulting training design debugging
  22. 22. Element Resizing Behavior <Image x:Name="ResizeImage" Source="/Wintellect.Touch.Sample;component/Assets/avatar.png"> <i:Interaction.Behaviors> <Touch:ElementResizingBehavior x:Name="ResizeBehavior"/> </i:Interaction.Behaviors> </Image>consulting training design debugging
  23. 23. Gesture Listener <Touch:GestureService.GestureListener> <Touch:GestureListener Tap="GestureListener_Tap" DragStarted="GestureListener_DragStarted" DragDelta="GestureListener_DragDelta" DragCompleted="GestureListener_DragCompleted" DoubleTap="GestureListener_DoubleTap" Hold="GestureListener_Hold"/> </Touch:GestureService.GestureListener>consulting training design debugging
  24. 24. Tips and Tricks • “Fat Fingers” is no longer just cliché • The fewer touches, the better – Filters instead of searches – Pop-ups instead of combo boxes • A child’s curiosity, or great UX? – Draw the user’s attention – Make it intuitive • Don’t forget about the SIP!consulting training design debugging
  25. 25. demo the software input panelconsulting training design debugging
  26. 26. Going Native (with Silverlight) • Elevated trust and nothing to share with Windows Phone 7 • Native Extensions for Silverlight (NESL) • • COM Wrapper for Windows 7 Touch • Requires additional steps in your installation packageconsulting training design debugging
  27. 27. NESL Touchconsulting training design debugging
  28. 28. Windows 8consulting training design debugging
  29. 29. Windows 8: What we KNOW • First-class touch experience • Designed to target multiple platforms and processors – instead of a runtime like Silverlight, Windows 8 will meet the hardware on its own turf • HTML5 + JavaScript environment will be available • Fallback to existing shell • Will support existing applications (yes, that means Silverlight too) • There are still millions of Windows XP machines and XP will end of life – it is likely Windows 7 will be the stepping stone, not Windows 8consulting training design debugging
  30. 30. Windows 8: What we SUSPECT • Jupiter is a Xaml runtime • Xaml technology will remain • Something similar to Silverlight will exist, but likely will be closer to the OS and native to Windows 8 rather than part of a lightweight, portable runtime • We should be able to use our favorite languages like C# to develop, but there will be a lot more focus on native (C++) experiences as well • We’ll know a heck of a lot more coming out of BUILD than we will going into itconsulting training design debugging
  31. 31. Your Reality Check (HTML5) • HTML5 won’t be finalized for years • Technology outpaces standards bodies • Touch is still “new” to HTML5 – Supported only by smart phones and special desktop builds – Specification still in flux • Other technologies will continue to fill gaps – Native code (WPF, Surface SDK, Objective-C, etc.)consulting training design debugging
  32. 32. ROI: Today’s Skills Tomorrow • HTML5 and multi-touch – Manipulations are similar (touch start, touch move, and touch end) – Touches (fingers), targets (touches on the interesting element), changes (finger removed) • JavaScript – you still need to know the APIs – Even on Windows 8 will likely rely on hooks – “Not your mama’s JavaScript” – today’s JavaScript plus JQuery includes classes, inheritance, even the “namespace” concept – Good coding practices are good coding practices • Xaml is likely to remain • Why do we love Silverlight? • Xaml + C# (VB/F#/etc.) + Visual Studio + Portability • BUILD, BUILD, BUILDconsulting training design debugging
  33. 33. Example: SVG and XAML HTML5 Silverlight SVG Xaml Graphics SVG Styles Resource Dictionaries Canvas Canvas/WriteableBitmap Audio/Video Audio/Video CSS3 Grid Layout (DataGrid, Panel…) CSS3 WOFF Typography CSS3 Transforms Transforms DOM Visual Tree/Event Model Timer DispatcherTimer Web Storage Isolated Storageconsulting training design debugging
  34. 34. Remember! • Jounce for your MVVM framework – • LightTouch for your NUI – • Follow @JeremyLikness for Silverlight updates: – training design debugging
  35. 35. Questions? Jeremy Likness Project Manager, Senior Consultant jlikness@wintellect.comconsulting training design debugging