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Making Machinima


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This slide show outlines the process of creating videos using 3D environments and video capture tools.
The seven steps:
1) Watch two documentaries;
2) Learn some history;
3) Gather your tools;
4) Choose a 3D platform;
5) Find Actors and Shoot;
6) Edit the Video and add Sound;
7) Distribute it on the ‘Net.

Making Machinima

  1. 1. Making Machinima IN SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS
  2. 2. Jeremy Kemp, A.M., M.S.J. Assistant Director, Second Life Campus SJSU School of Library & Information Science
  3. 3. Machinima is… Machine + Cinema “animated filmmaking within a real-time virtual 3-D environment”
  4. 4. Seven ‘Simple’ Steps 1. Watch two documentaries 2. Learn some history 3. Gather your tools 4. Choose a 3D platform 5. Find Actors and Shoot 6. Edit the Video and add Sound 7. Distribute it on the ‘Net
  5. 5. Step #1: Watch these two documentaries about Machinima:
  6. 6. “What is Machinima”
  7. 7. “Inside the Machinima”
  8. 8. Step #2: Understand the history of Machinima
  9. 9. Platform timeline 1992 - Stunt Island 1993 - Doom 1996 - Quake 1998 - Unreal 2003 - Second Life 2006 - The Movies
  10. 10. First came: Recording Games Originally players: Showed game solutions Bragged about rank, objects Created keepsakes
  11. 11. …evolved into Modding Companies started encouraging modification Bard's Tale Construction Set Elder Scroll Construction Set Unreal Level Editor
  12. 12. Now: Free-form Editors Create custom movies with - The Movies - Second Life - Dark Basic
  13. 13. Step #3: Gather the right tools
  14. 14. You MUST have: Multimedia Computer 3D modeling environment Video capture software
  15. 15. A beefy computer 2 GHz processor or faster 1Gb RAM 10Gb drive space or larger
  16. 16. Some extra hardware External drives for video files Game-ready graphics card (GeForce, Radeon, etc.)
  17. 17. Optional but Important: Broadband connection Video/Sound editor Video Website to Upload
  18. 18. Step #4: Choose your 3D platform
  19. 19. Machinima-ready World of Warcraft Half Life 2 Second Life The Movies Halo The Sims Quake
  20. 20. Almost all WoW videos are game walkthroughs
  21. 21. Sample: quot;Not Just Another Love Story” (It’s barely narrative)
  22. 22. Half Life 2 You cannot change wardrobe, props Actors in fatigues, carrying guns! Gorgeous rendering
  23. 23. Lip Synch Animations Follows voice sounds for realism
  24. 24. Half Life 2 Sample: “A few good GMen” “judge”
  25. 25. Second Life Highly customizable Huge mall of costumes and props Actors for hire Stunning backdrop sets Scriptable filming tools
  26. 26. Second Life Sample: “Second Health” - UK ER concept
  27. 27. “Alt-Zoom” camera in SL “Free Machinima Starter Kit” Buy at quot;waypointquot; objects mark shots Avatar cameraman sits dolly to film
  28. 28. Alt-Zoom Clapboard Sample: Disappears when filming Show shot details
  29. 29. A game about making Machinima 100s of cinematography templates Period costumes and sets In-game editor sucks Web 2.0 rating tools
  30. 30. Sample: “French Democracy” About race issues in France
  31. 31. Halo Strictly sci-fi combat No faces or wardrobe Limited poses and sets Huge fan base
  32. 32. Halo Sample: “Red vs. Blue: Why are we here”
  33. 33. The Sims Well-designed sets and props Actors are uncontrollable Limited to household themes Constricted shot angles
  34. 34. The Sims Sample: “Male Restroom Etiquette” Potty humor
  35. 35. Very mature platform Extensive modding tools
  36. 36. Sample: “Anna” (about the life of a flower) Completely custom
  37. 37. Step #5: Recruit your cast and… “Action!”
  38. 38. Non-Player Characters Complicated to Mod Difficult to herd in a crowd Want to fight
  39. 39. Avatar Actors Need payment, creative buy-in Good for complex shots Direct using VoIP Difficult to find & keep motivated It’s boring work!
  40. 40. Video Screen Capture Snapzpro - $69 by Fraps - $37 by Both offer trials
  41. 41. Step #6: Massage the Media
  42. 42. Choose your Editing Suite Moviemaker (free with XP) iMovie ($99 with iLife) High-end: Premiere - Adobe Final Cut Pro - Apple
  43. 43. Add Titles
  44. 44. Edit a Voice-Over Audacity (PC) GarageBand (Mac) Wiretap (Mac)
  45. 45. GarageBand - Mac Free clip library with movie music
  46. 46. Audacity - PC Free and flexible but technical
  47. 47. Step #7: Choose a Distribution Channel
  48. 48. Upload to the Web Upload .mov or .wmf files Add tags for Youtube, Tell your friends
  49. 49. YouTube Use their best format: MPEG4, etc. Use the community features Tutorial:
  50. 50. Allows download of original file Serves Quicktime stream
  51. 51. Leverage the Social Web Views, votes and ratings Groups and Subscriptions Comments and video responses
  52. 52. This is Hard Work Keep it short and punchy. Budget 3 hours for a minute of finished film. Use sound for emotion, video for description. You won’t get rich, but it won’t cost much. Have a blast!
  53. 53. Jeremy Kemp, A.M., M.S.J. Assistant Director, Second Life Campus SJSU School of Library & Information Science