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International management


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Published in: Business, Technology
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International management

  1. 1. McDonald’s Culture and Growth By Jeremy Holtzman
  2. 2. AgendaGlobalization Strategy Risk AssessmentCulture External InternalQuizConclusion
  3. 3. Globalization• Different tastes and customs• Strategy• Ethical problems at home and abroad
  4. 4. Risk Assessment• Analyzing risks of each country• Risk aversion• Spreading RisksHow have they been able to enter 117countries?
  5. 5. McDonald’s and China• Entry barriers• Brand Image• Long-term deals with the government
  6. 6. McDonald’s and China What are some other reasons why locals are important?Can you give any examples with other companies employing the same strategy.
  7. 7. Internal Culture - Structure• Eiffel Tower• Task-orientedHow does this compare with other fast foodindustries? Other restaurants in general?
  8. 8. Internal Culture and Employees• Maslow’s hierarchy of needs• Average McDonald’s employeeWhat moticational techniques do you thinkwould work best? Would you work forMcDonald’s part-time?
  9. 9. Have they been successful motivating employees?
  10. 10. Total Quality Management• Products and services• Employees• Regulations• QSC & V
  11. 11. Total Quality Management Improving Q8YCan this type of training video actually help?Suggestions for improvement?
  12. 12. QuizWhat are some of the ethical problems that McDonald’s faces?
  13. 13. QuizName one reason McDonald’s has been successful in entering China.
  14. 14. QuizWhat type of employees does McDonald’s have in general?What type of needs do they have according to Maslow’s model?
  15. 15. Conclusion• McDonald’s internal culture is responsible for their success globally• The emphasis on quality and providing customer satisfaction drive the corporation• It is these factors that have allowed them to strategically expand and become the global force it is today
  16. 16. Any questions or comments?