Resume jeremy ppt


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Resume jeremy ppt

  1. 1. Mrs. Davis Computer Applications 1st Period 3/22/12Resumes
  2. 2. Resume The Resume gets you the job you are after
  3. 3. Effective Resume Summarizes your employability at a glance  Professional Resume  A self-marketing tool tailored to your career objectives  It is the first link between you and the potential employer  Strongest points, gives you full credit for your achievements, presents a positive of your best qualities
  4. 4. Resume Format Functional and Chronological
  5. 5. Functional The functional resume is selective and only highlights those skills pertinent to your job objective
  6. 6. Chronological Is used to combine all your experience and employment history simply written in order by date starting with the most recent position and working backwards
  7. 7. Differences The only difference is how you present the information
  8. 8. High School and Resume Usage Column1 Knowledge about Resumes = 40% Knowledge about writing a Resume = 20% Knowledge about the purpose of a Resume = 30% Has used a Resume = 10%
  9. 9. Basic Information Phone Name Address Number Professional Career Objective Profile Educational Information Employment History (dates of Description of employment,job Experience title, company name, city and state)