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Blogging with wordpress


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Presentation on blogging with WordPress that I gave at RETSO, a real estate technology conference in Georgia.

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Blogging with wordpress

  1. 1. Blogging With WordPress 5 Keys To Successful Blogging Jeremy BlantonTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  2. 2. Tweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  3. 3. Blogging MeansTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  4. 4. 55% More VisitorsTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  5. 5. 97% More Inbound LinksTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  6. 6. 434% More Indexed PagesTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  7. 7. Isn’t SEO Dead? Search Engines 7.9% Twitter & Facebook 10.0% Google Images 3.5% 77% 1.6% Direct Referral OtherTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  8. 8. Where to Blog: .com -Hosted by Wordpress -Free, but limited on themes & features. .org -Hosted by Blogger -Self Hosted -Free, but limited on themes -Fully Customizable & features. -Thousands of Plugins -Ability to integrate IDX -Complete Website OptionFree- Post to 220,000 + membersRainmaker- Post to consumers, searchengines, custom domain. $49/month Tweet about our session! I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  9. 9. Tweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  10. 10. Before You Blog...Build YourMousetrap
  11. 11. Tweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  12. 12. 1 2 3Tweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  13. 13. 5 Keys to Successful BloggingTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  14. 14. Key 1: Pace Yourself• Don’t expect lightning in a bottle• Develop a writing strategy• Be steady & consistent Tweet about our session! I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  15. 15. Key 2: K.I.S.S.• Personalize Your Posts• Ignore “REALTOR-EEZE”• Keep it SimpleTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  16. 16. Key 3: Incorporate Basic Components• 300-800 Words• 2 Pictures• Lists• Short Paragraphs Photo: about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  17. 17. The first network I want to talk about today is Customizing your Facebook Page.  But before I get into what to customize and how, Ifirst want to share the difference between the three main categories Facebook offers. The first is a Facebook Profile.  A profile is yourpersonal page on Facebook.  It is where you have "friends" and can connect with people on a personal level.  What many do not realizeabout these profiles is that Facebook frowns heavily on you doing any business on them.  In fact, section 4.2 of Facebook TOS says this:"You will not use your personal profile for commercial gain." Pretty self explanatory. A Facebook Group is the second category ofFacebook that I wanted to discuss.  These pages are limited to the number of members you can have.  Also, they normally require eachperson to be accepted into the group.  They also have several limitations to the customization end of things. So while these might be goodidea, they have some major limitations when it comes to being effective for business. The third Facebook category which I want to talk indetail about is Facebook Pages.  These are designed for businesses.  They allow many customizations and also unlimited number of fans. Many times though, when I look at Facebook Pages, I see so many things that could use some improvement. Here are my 4 mostimportant things to do when customizing a Facebook Page. 1.  Fill in the about me section on your main page.  Facebook pages have asmall about me section on the main area of your page.  Make sure you fill this area in with a brief description of what the page is about. The other thing that is good to do here is add a link to your website.  You can do so by just typing out the full URL to your site.This is aquick and easy way to share a little bit of information about the purpose of your page and also your business.  Like I mentioned, keep thisbrief.  Dont try to get into a sales pitch here or you will lose the consumer before they even take the time to click to become a fan.2. Custom avatars-  Did you know that you can create your own custom avatars for your Facebook Page?  Instead of using a standard200x200 photo, you can actually have something that is up to 540 pixels long!  One of the big advantages to the larger custom avatars isthat they will stand out from your competition when someone is searching for pages to join.  If the logos for all the other pages are smalland yours is over twice the size, you have a much better chance of them noticing you.  Here are a few ideas for other things to incorporateinto your avatar.  You can add additional text, graphics, & colors to it.  While the links you add are not going to be able to be clicked, youcan give people valuable information like a quick reference to your phone number, twitter account, etc.Here are a few that I recentlydesigned for clients.  You can see what I mean: Tweet about our session! I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  18. 18. Key 4: Be Local & Interesting• Share Local Businesses• Communities• Market Reports• Local EventsTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  19. 19. Key 5: Be Yourself • Write how you speak • Use humor • Write about your passions • Use discretionTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  20. 20. Recap• Pace Yourself• K.I.S.S• Integrate Key Components Into Writing• Be Hyper-local• Be YourselfTweet about our session!I’m @JB140 & include #RETSO
  21. 21. How to Contact Me:•• Phone:843-222-9402• E-mail:• Twitter: @jb140•