Foursquare Day - 2011.04.16


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Presentation to Foursquare Day Conference (4.16.2011) in Indianapolis talking about how Visit Indiana has used Foursquare.

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Foursquare Day - 2011.04.16

  1. 1. April 16th, 2011 (42 Day) Visit Indiana & FoursquareA Case Study in Foursquare for Tourism
  2. 2. Follow us… @VisitIndiana @JeremyAWilliams
  3. 3. What is the Indiana Office of TourismDevelopment (Visit Indiana)?• Tourism marketing arm for the State of Indiana• Staff of six• Stand-alone agency reporting to Lt. GovernorBecky Skillman• Current budget of $2.4 million (state funds) plusnearly $2 million in private revenue generatedthrough creative partnerships
  4. 4. Why did Visit Indiana start using Foursquare? • Hyper-local • DISCOUNTS • More locals on Foursquare than Gowalla • Proliferation of mobile devices • Tasked with digital innovation for Indiana Tourism Industry
  5. 5. How we used Foursquare:• Branded Page – added tips throughout Indiana• State Fair Booth check-in promo – Conrad Hotels• Visit Indiana Fall Leaf Cam promotion • Collaboration with Right On Interactive
  6. 6. What is the Indiana Leaf Cam?• Live webcams show changing leaves• Encourage viewers to visit locations• Set up throughout Indiana – 3 locations in 2010• Extremely popular each fall
  7. 7. What’s different about Leaf Cam 2010?• Made it social: • Share links to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Email on each page• Featured discounts: • Featured local discounts on each Leaf Cam location page• Integrated Foursquare: • Encourage users to ‘friend’ our Foursquare account • Friends receive exclusive discount email upon check-in
  8. 8. How we integrated 4sq, Email, Leaf Cam • Created venues on Foursquare for each location • Integrated Foursquare with Right On Interactive’s Customer Lifecycle Marketing Dashboard • ExactTarget integration already existed • Friends’ check-ins near Leaf Cam locations triggered email with discount • Each user would only receive discount email once • Email was mobile-ready and could be used immediately at location
  9. 9. Challenges:• Foursquare changed API settings right as we launched • Anonymized check-ins for branded accounts• Location-based networks are still in their infancy • How many users will check-in?• Users must opt to share their email address with friends • More than 1/3rd of our initial list did not have their email shared
  10. 10. Jumping hurdles:• Created a user account – IndianaLeafCam • Pro: API was more open and we could see friends’ check-ins • Con: User account is not customizable like branded account • Con: Already had 1,200 fans, had to move them to IndianaLeafCam• Surveyed Facebook and Twitter fans during State Fair • 37% of Facebook fans & 66% of Twitter followers already used or were curious about using location-based apps • This was before Facebook Places launched
  11. 11. Discounts:• IMA •$2 off admission to Andy Warhol Enterprises exhibit• Brown County • Family-sized gemstone bucket at Copperhead Creek Gem Mine and Rock Shop for just $24 (regularly $32)• Spring Mill • 20% off adult meal or gift shop purchases within Spring Mill State Park
  12. 12. Results:• Foursquare Account Information: •VisitIndiana Branded Account: 2,758 Followers • IndianaLeafCam Account: 1,251 Friends
  13. 13. Results – Check-ins & Emails:• Check-ins at Leaf Cam Venues: 56• Discount Emails Sent (near venues): 34• Redemption Rate: 76%
  14. 14. Lessons Learned:• Building your brand on rented space leaves you at thelandlord’s mercy (API issue)• Critical mass isn’t using location-based network…yet• Users want simplicity • Promotion became more complicated with 2nd account, having to friend account before you receive the email.• Location-based networks are on their way up, criticalfor Tourism – Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla, etc.• Relevant, enticing offer is KEY
  15. 15. Questions? Jeremy WilliamsInteractive Production Manager Visit Indiana @JeremyAWilliams @VisitIndiana