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How to Optimize Your Presentations with SlideShare and


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Check out these quick and easy tips you can implement today to promote your presentation content with SlideShare and

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How to Optimize Your Presentations with SlideShare and

  1. 1. Offline events are a great way to networkwith businesses and potential customers.Most presenters supplement theirpresentation with a PowerPoint slide deckto visually engage their attendees andhighlight key concepts.
  2. 2. If you’ve ever presented to a largegroup and incorporatedPowerPoint, there are typically twocommon questions from theaudience at some point in thepresentation…
  5. 5. Today, I’m going to help you addressthose questions in a way thatcreates a better dynamic betweenyou and your audience, and helpsyou get more out of yourpresentation content.
  6. 6. Let’s begin by using the highlypopular presentation platform knownas “SlideShare” to upload yourfinished PowerPoint presentation tothe web.
  7. 7. After you’ve created an account onSlideShare, upload the finished PowerPoint toyour SlideShare account:
  8. 8. Once you’vesuccessfullyuploaded yourpresentation toSlideShare, copy the URL ofthe page.
  9. 9. Next, we’re going to use tocreate a custom URL for yourSlideShare presentation.
  10. 10. You can either create a new account, sign upwith Facebook or Twitter, or sign into anexisting account.
  11. 11. Paste the URL of yourSlideShare presentation into link shortener:
  12. 12. Now that you have a URL, take a fewmoments to customize the URL. The URL shouldbe short and easily identify the topic of yourpresentation.
  13. 13. REMEMBERThe URL is CASE SENSITIVE, so Irecommend keeping all characters in the URLlowercase, or consider adding hyphens(especially if you’re planning to use some generalterms- such as “social media tips”- to keep theURL short and concise)
  14. 14. Next, write your custom URL on theback of your business cards. The hand-written URL can add a personal touch toyour card.
  15. 15. Hand out your business cards toattendees prior to thepresentation, letting them know that thematerials are available on SlideShareusing the link on the back of yourbusiness card.
  16. 16. marketing-web-design-seo-inbound-marketing-firm
  17. 17. Many of your attendees maybe using their smartphone toaccess your presentation atthe event.A short, customized URLmakes it easy for people toquickly type your URL intotheir smartphone device.
  18. 18. In addition, by directingattendees to yourpresentation onSlideShare, they can viewyour slide deck on a mobile-friendly platform.This not only shows yourability to make the slideseasily accessible, but alsomake your content easilyviewable for the multi-deviceconsumer.
  19. 19. When your presentation is available toattendees on SlideShare, they can movethrough the slide deck with you as youdeliver your presentation, and comfortablygo back to review previous slides at theirown pace.
  20. 20. After the event, you can track the statistics of yourpresentation. In your account, click the “View stats”link to get more details of your customized URL:
  21. 21. The analytics dashboard offers some great insights intoyour link’s popularity. You can track clicks, shares, andother key stats to learn more about the consumption ofyour content.
  22. 22.  Upload your PowerPoint presentation to SlideShare so people can quickly, easily, and repeatedly access (and share) your content. Use a custom URL for your SlideShare link Write your custom URL somewhere on your business card to hand out on the day of the event Use a short and descriptive URL that people can easily type the URL into their mobile devices Track the analytics of your presentation by using the statistics dashboard within your account
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