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Small and Medium sized businesses are dominating Facebook, often better than the large enterprise corporations. Facebook pages are excellent for connecting with consumers and showing people the personality behind your brand.

If your business is looking to expand its online reach, then Facebook may be the perfect fit for you- with over 900 million users, your target market is waiting to interact with your business!

With so many factors on Facebook Pages, from cover photos to posts to the About page, there's enough to make your head spin. Fortunately, this presentation covers the basics, and can bring you up-to-speed with the necessities.

For tips and hints on how to optimize your company Facebook page, then this presentation is for you!

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  • Going to cover a lot today; you will be receiving an email with the informtion that we covered today. After the basics we will go through some valuable M2How-To ’s – tips and strategies to help you get your Facebook page off the ground How to get people to like you, talk about you, and engage with you.
  • ***PAGE VIEWS Additional Stats: OR 1.6 billion visits a week, OR about 229 million U.S. visits a day.
  • The first thing we have to do is find out how to start a apge; if you ’ve been away from it for a while you can forget how you got there the first time! Facebook Pages for Business 101 Mannix Marketing, Inc. 2012
  • Can ’t create a page from a page…You will be prompted to revertback to your account…something like…” You are using Facebook as Pam's Book Store To access this page, you'll need to switch from using Facebook as your page to using Facebook as yourself.” Facebook Pages for Business 101 Mannix Marketing, Inc. 2012
  • What type of business? Person? Retail? Non-profit? Services? Local retail has special fields for retail: hours, cc, parking, etc. Company is not flexible. Have to agree to facebook terms; you must be an authorized representative to do so. (see b) Page info is all public; anyone can see it, it ’s indexed by Google Claim page name and create page…skip through info and get to facebook web address Easy to remember, (you can do this later, but best to do it now) Click set address Like your own page, ….move forward to the page coming up. Go to unpublish: manage: edit: manage permissions: unpublish Then go back and fill it all in, then publish Facebook Pages for Business 101 Mannix Marketing, Inc. 2012
  • Local or Business Place – typically retail or service; shop hours, phone, special fields for retail Company, Organization or Institution : The most flexible, the main difference is the hours Brand or Product: A single page for fans of a brand or item: a particular camera, coffee pot, motorcycle Artist, Band or Public Figure Entertainment: Sports teams, etc. Cause or Community: Non-profit or community organization
  • This is the only place you can get your url in. Map location will be added to your About page automatically Facebook Pages for Business 101 Mannix Marketing, Inc. 2012
  • We have all seen the lengthy string of letters and numbers that many Facebook pages still have. We will go over this basic but critical bit of functionality
  • Fact : Visitors pay more attention to your photo cover than anything else! this is essentially your storefront, your first impression and the most valuable online real estate you have!
  • Profile Image: Upload 180 x 180 pixels (display size is 160 x 160 px) Image can be uploaded from your computer or from your Facebook photo album.
  • Cannot include anything that is ncluded in the “about” section: address, email, url, phone, etc. No facebook related features such as like button, share or arrows pointing to the like. No calls to action like “sign up today” or “get it now”, etc. Will Facebook ban your apae? Yes.
  • Each app has a unique thumbnail url You can have up to 12 apps Only 4 are visible in timeline You can change the order of all apps except photos
  • This is: logo, design, brandind!
  • … your “Likes” are already visible under your page name! Move it down into the secondary section and put something else awesome in that valuable spot!
  • To post as your business, go to Admin>Edit Page>Use Facebook As…. Mannix Marketing, Inc. 2012 Facebook Pages for Business 101
  • The about area immediately underneath your cover image and profile picture is one of the most important elements on your page. It ’s the only space near the top where you can actually include a clickable and direct link back to your site (you aren’t even allowed to write out a link in your cover image), but it’s even more important because most people will land on your wall first, so this becomes your visible elevator pitch. Make it count.
  • Facebook Pages for Business- Mannix Marketing

    1. 1. Facebook for BusinessPam Sissons, Director of Search Engine Marketing
    2. 2. Checklist How to create a new page Choosing the right page type Enhance your Timeline Reflect your message and your brand Strategies for how to post, what to post, and tips for increasing customer engagement Introduction to Facebook Insights and the valuable data they provide about your business (live event only) M2 How2’s & Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts!
    3. 3. Facebook Statistics• Became the No. 1 ranked website in the US on March 9, 2010• More than 845 million active users• One in 7.7 people in the world have a Facebook account.• Average user has 130 friends (aka customers!)• Facebook has received more than 400 billion page views in the U.S. so far this year,• 42 million “Pages” with 10 or more likes• Monthly mobile users now total 488 million• 3.2 billion Likes and Comments are posted daily
    4. 4. Create a Facebook Page Simple but basic… There are two ways to create a Facebook page….
    5. 5. Create a Facebook Page Navigate to any page from your personal account and click on “Create A Page”
    6. 6. Create a Facebook Page…or go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
    7. 7. Create a Facebook PageSelect your Page type: •Local or Business Place •Company, Organization or Institution •Brand or Product •Artist, Band or Public Figure •Entertainment •Cause or Community
    8. 8. Create a Facebook PageRedo’s welcome: You aren‘t married to your decision! 
    9. 9. Business Profile Info • Go to “Manage Page” to edit your business profile
    10. 10. About Page Share as much about your business as possible!
    11. 11. Admin Panel: Editing Pages 1. Edit Page: • Update business info • Visibility/Privacy • Page Administrators • Manage your notifications (this is where you can choose posting preferences… post as yourself or as your business?
    12. 12. Starting with the Basics Appearance:  Cover photo and profile images  App Thumbnails
    13. 13. Starting with the Basics 1. Appearance:  Cover photo and profile images  App Thumbnails 1. Admin & Functionality  Customize your url  Permissions, admins, notifications  Who are you posting as? How to get from this: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pams- Book-Store/219110131470 to this: http://www.facebook.com/PamsBookStore
    14. 14. Starting with the Basics 1. Appearance:  Cover photo and profile images  App Thumbnails 1. Admin & Functionality  Customize your url  Permissions, admins, notifications  Who are you posting as? 1. Pages for Business  Creating your niche in social commerce  How, what, when to post  Gain insight from your Insights
    15. 15. Timeline AppearanceTimeline gives you two unique yet prominentlocations for images… Cover PhotoFeaturePhoto
    16. 16. Timeline ImagesCover Photo Image: 851 x 315 pixelsProfile Image: Upload 180 x 180The profile image becomes the thumbnailthat shows next to all of your posts. This is agreat branding tool!Use a .png, .jpg or .gif Reflect your brand: This is your virtual business card. Follow the rules – or else!
    17. 17. Timeline Cover Photo Rules • No “pitches” (i.e. 25% off, “Like” our page!) • No phone number, web address, etc.Even the“big boys”don’t risk it…
    18. 18. Awesome App Thumbnails
    19. 19. Awesome App Thumbnails
    20. 20. M2 How2: App ThumbnailsTip: Don’t waste valuable app thumbnail real estate with a “Likes” image!
    21. 21. Changing the App Thumbnail Click Edit Page Select Update Info Select Apps from the left sidebar Click Edit Settings under the name of the app whose icon you want to change Click Change next to Custom Tab Image On the next screen, click Change next to the existing image Follow the instructions that appear for uploading a new image or deleting the existing image (For some apps, the developer has chosen not to make the apps icon customizable and you wont be able to change it.)
    22. 22. Highlighted Posts • These are highlighted by covering the full width of your timeline
    23. 23. M2 How2: Highlighted Posts • Hover over your post and click on the little star icon: • Highlighted posts cover two columns on your page and are highly visible • You can remove highlighted post at any time
    24. 24. M2 How2: Pinned Posts • Hover over your post and click on the little star icon: • Pinned posts do not take up two columns but do stay put for 7 days
    25. 25. M2 How2: Post as Business Go to Admin, Edit Page, Use Facebook as……
    26. 26. About Page: Website Link
    27. 27. M2 How2: Add Website Link Two current options for including your website link: 1. Remove your business location information (address, city / state, and zip code). However, this might not be the best solution as people will be interested in learning where you are located. 2. Remove your business phone number. To do so, go to your Basic Information section, click on the dropdown next to your phone number, and select No Phone. Make sure you have also entered your website link in the Website field. For your website link will appear on your page, include a clickable link here!
    28. 28. We Get You Found on the Web! Visit our blog for the latest news inSocial Media, Search Engine Optimization, and Online Marketing!