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So you want your interface to sell.


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Early on as a Designer I had the privilege to work with some big brands, like: Verizon, Mission Foods, Nokia, and Sabre. Most of my projects were rooted in web applications. Which I loved, and was more than happy to work on as a UX Designer. But some designers took other paths, working on e-commerce sites, or perhaps lead generation. What has been hard to find recently is someone who's done both. I know I didn't know e-commerce to the degree I needed to when starting at GameStop - but learned quickly - luckily I've had some good teachers over the last couple of years.

Now talking about channels, bounce rate, A/B testing, conversion, SEM/SEO in the norm. And as I loved designing applications, I find equal interest in what makes people shop and (hopefully) eventually buy.

I recently gave this short presentation to a group of designers - a 101 on getting your interface to sell

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So you want your interface to sell.

  1. so you want your interface to sell.jeremy johnson 101
  2. Always be closing…That doesn’t mean you’re always closing the deal, but it does mean that you need to be always closing on the next step in the process. -Shane Gibson
  3. uxdesign user interface usability information architect designers have various experiences in past work & projects
  4. uxdesign user interface usability information architect merchandising web app marketingacquisition native app
  5. do you know about... if you have a application background... web app native app
  6. selling?
  7. in the digital world...
  8. channels seo sem direct affiliate mobile off-line crm meta loyaltysocial
  9. sem 4.9% ex.
  10. how is my experience optimized for x? (aka) getting people to my store!
  11. mobile “we have a responsive site” direct “we have personalization” sem “we dynamically match the keywords” seo “we have original content” off-line “we have great agent tools” affiliate “we have promo code reminders” crm “we have landing pages for email” meta “we play up our guarantee” loyalty “we allow you to spend your points” social “you can share purchases”
  12. seo sem direct affiliate mobile off-line throttled up throttled down crm meta loyalty social marketing can throttle up and down any of these at any time to help the business
  13. “where is the fallout?” “why are people from channel X not going from step 4 to 5?” “what if landed people directly on step 2 from channel X?” “can we reduce steps?” “what can we do to make them say “yes” to one more step?” we need to watch...
  14. become an expert in...
  15. reducing bounce
  16.'re acquiring the wrong kind of traffic to your page(s), or're acquiring exactly the right kind of traffic to your page(s). “let’s define the problem...”
  17. site too slow? loading order of the page? too many distractions? missing what customers are looking for? can’t find search? ugly design?
  18. A/B testing
  21. 25% 47%conversion increase conversion increase
  22. getting more clicks
  23. The red button outperformed the green button by 21% . 
  24. conversion (is king)
  25. C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) - 2a ©
  26. “micro-yes”
  28. getting people to shop
  29. are you providing the appropriate merch areas for marketing / promotions / media?
  30. create a frenzy!
  31. Entice your customers
  32. make them feel special
  33. use the social graph
  34. promo codes
  35. different channels, different entry points
  36. partnerships or media
  37. brand messaging
  38. adding to your crm
  39. connecting email
  40. keeping customers loyal
  41. landing pages
  42. “Each card describes one insight into human behavior and suggests ways to apply this to the design of Web sites, Web apps, and software applications.” *
  43. web app native app +
  44. go close the deal!
  45. thanks! @jeremyjohnson