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Game On: Everything you need to know about how games are changing the world

Gaming is at a tipping point, never before have games effected our day-to-day lives in such a substantial way. From entertaining yourself on the subway with Angry Birds, to solving the world's greatest problems - gaming is quickly becoming a mainstream way to explore, communicate, connect, and work.

With "Game On" Jeremy Johnson will take you on a tour of gaming trends - which includes everyone's favorite gaming buzz words: gamification, gameful, game layer, gamestorming, game mechanics, gameplay, game theory and good old video games. How's that for a extra helping of games? Let's top it off with a Call of Duty deathmatch - who's game?

This presentation was given at Big Design 2011 in Dallas Texas. #bigd11

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Game On: Everything you need to know about how games are changing the world

  1. 1. GAME ON GAME ON:everything you needed to know about games are saving changing the world
  2. 2. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!100G - Attended Big Design Game Track
  3. 3. #GAMEON
  5. 5. @jeremyjohnson
  6. 6. I can’t wait for the How can I use next great gaming gaming to make my experience! product more engaging?GAMER DESIGNER
  7. 7. I can’t wait for the next great gaming experience!GAMER
  8. 8. ARe YOU... MOBILE
  9. 9. ARe YOU... CASUAL
  10. 10. ARe YOU... AVID
  11. 11. How can I use gaming to make my product more engaging? DESIGNER(or anyone improving a product)
  12. 12. “There’s  a  lot  to  learn  from  games.  There  are  30  years  of  design  lessons  and  thousands  of  products  on  the  market.  Games  have  more  concrete  lessons  to  teach  applica=on  designers  about  learning,  feedback,  user  mo=va=on  and  social  systems  than  almost  other  field  of  study.” - Danc
  13. 13.
  14. 14. SXSWSeth Priebatsch said at the start of his keynote "Building aGame Layer on Top of the World,"
  15. 15. Jane McGonigal
  16. 16. Felicia Day
  17. 17. Josh Williams
  18. 18.
  19. 19. TERMS? TOOLS? FOR UX gameplay game mechanics gamify gamification gameful game layer game theory gamestorming
  20. 20. YOU ARE HERE
  21. 21.
  22. 22. How do I make boring stuff fun?
  23. 23. HTML5 FLASH gamificationSEO WEB 2.0 SOCIAL
  24. 24. gamification“the use of game playmechanics for non-game “... [a] focus on:applications, particularly 1) more positive emotions,consumer-oriented web and FIGHT 2) stronger social relationships,mobile sites, in order to 3) a bigger sense of purpose andencourage people to adopt the 4) meaningful masteryapplications.” - Wikipedia - Jane McGonigal
  25. 25. gamificationextrinsic motivators intrinsic motivators“extrinsic motivators may lead “People are best motivatedto merely short-range activity FIGHT when they are working towardwhile actually reducing long- personally meaningful goalsrange interest in a topic” whose attainment requires activity at a continuously optimal (intermediate) level of difficulty.”
  26. 26. gamification FIGHT
  28. 28.!/stephenanderson/status/90861107983556608
  29. 29.
  30. 30. 1.Cosmetic: adding game-like visual elements or copy (usually visual design or copy driven)2.Accessory: wedging in easy-to-add-on game elements, such as badges or adjacent products (usually marketing driven)3.Integrated: more subtle, deeply integrated elements like % complete (usually interaction design driven)4.Basis: making the entire offering a game (usually product driven) - AUDREY CRANE
  31. 31.
  32. 32. “Foursquare, Gowalla, and other services popularized the use of gamemechanics to drive user engagement. Unfortunately, many companies havestrictly copied the obvious game elements, such as badges and leveling-up,without understanding the deeper psychology at work. These services have seenthe power of persuasive design, but lack a true understanding of how to properlyapply psychology in UX design.” - LOREN BAXTER
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Tie the tool/method back to the human need.“I like leader boards!” “I enjoy status”“I like points!” “I respond to feedback loops”“I like badges!” “I like to feel I’m achieving something”
  36. 36.
  37. 37. RABBIT HOLE
  38. 38. GAMER + DESIGNER = #WIN
  39. 39. TM
  43. 43.
  46. 46. “Grand Theft Auto IV is both awaste of time and the mostcolossal creative achievementof the last 25 years” - Tom Bissell
  47. 47. The commercial gaming industry isour innovation lab. By making gamespurely for entertainment, we learn moreabout how to make people happy andhow to develop these superpowers.But if you don’t do something real withthese powers, it’s a waste. - Jane McGonigal
  49. 49. GAMES > MOVIES
  50. 50. Video Games 2011 $67 billion$74-billion-this-year/?part=rss&tag=feed&subj=Webware&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed& Movies 2011 $31.8 billion Various reasons have been cited for the slowdown, including the fact that consumers have far more entertainment options, such as video games, the Internet and the ability to watch movies on large screen televisions in the comfort of their own living rooms.
  51. 51. I think video games and movies are merging, but I think that the same creative talents are starting to flow more evenly back and forth between the mediums. For example, I have a lot of story ideas...a lot more than I could ever do in a lifetime as a filmmaker. I think its perfectly valid for a filmmaker to incubate some of their story ideas directly into the game world. If, by the way, at some point you decide you want to license it back to a movie studio to turn it into a movie later, fine. Thats just an alternate life cycle for the creation of vision of the world, or a set of characters, or a story.
  52. 52. Video Games are people too
  53. 53. The court struck down the law 7-2 using the First Amendment as the reasoning. Justice Scalia wrote the majority opinion, with Justices Thomas and Breyer in dissent. "The act does not comport with the First Amendment," opens the opinions syllabus. "Video games qualify for First Amendment protection. Like protected books, plays, and movies, they communicate ideas through familiar literary devices and features distinctive to the medium. And the basic principles of freedom of speech . . . do not vary with a new and different communication medium."
  54. 54. You know what’s cool...
  55. 55. EA Paying Up To $1.3 Billionfor PopCap Games$1.3 Billion The press release notes that PopCap games have been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times and Bejeweled, the flagship franchise, has sold more than 50 million units.
  56. 56. How to Justify a $15-20Billion Valuation for (in 4.5 years)
  57. 57. It’s what the kids are downloading
  58. 58. “...and “Games” was once again the most popular app category. In thesecond quarter, 64% of app downloaders — smartphone users surveyedwho had downloaded an app within the past 30 days — reported havingdownloaded at least one game over the past 30 days”
  59. 59. The next version of Electronic Arts’ mobile Scrabble gamewill let players compete against each other across multipledevices and platforms — at the same time.
  60. 60. Move over NBA, no lockout for pixels
  61. 61. At the very forefront of the esports world is anAmerican company called, fittingly, Major League “In South Korea, leagues for theGaming, or MLG. MLG runs massive events, often original Starcraft game are showncalled, somewhat anachronistically, LANs, all around on television, and the top playersthe United States. These are no small affairs: The are treated celebrities, withmost recent MLG attracted 15,000 live spectators, salaries to match their status. Live1,300 competitors, and around half a million people matches rival Metallica concerts infrom 164 countries who tuned into the live streams terms of sheer attendance.”of the event. Last year, Branson announced his parent company, Virgin Group, made an investment in the online game tournament site and was rebranding it as Virgin Games. Branson promised the company would give away more than $1 million in prizes in its first year. At the time, Virgin Gaming had more than 80,000 users. Now it has more than 400,000 registered users.
  62. 62. “So should you let your kid stayup that extra hour to play thatdamn game he, or she, loves somuch? We can’t answer that, butgames can no longer be calledrefuges from ‘normal’ life; they areas a part of its fabric for many asare the NFL or the Arsenal andManchester United rivalry.”
  63. 63. Up and Coming
  64. 64. OnLive
  65. 65.
  66. 66. PS VITA
  67. 67.
  68. 68. Wii U
  69. 69.
  70. 70. Windows 8 According to Insideris, Microsoft is working on plans to bring Xbox 360 gaming to its next PC operating system: Windows 8. Apparently, users who want to play Xbox 360 games on their PC will have to pay for a subscription (Xbox Live style) and there will be no Xbox 360 to PC cross-platform multiplayer because of the advantage that a mouse has over a 360 gamepad.
  71. 71. What’s Next?
  72. 72.
  73. 73. Inside the head of a game developer
  74. 74.
  76. 76. "Its almost like if you were a paper-airplane maker and somebody came up toyou and said, You know, paper airplanes,it seems like all the kids are into them atschool these days. So we really want tomake paper airplanes about Darfur." - Raph Koster Games For Change
  77. 77.
  78. 78.
  79. 79. Can a game on climate change reallyproduce the real life results we need tosee to turn things around?
  80. 80. Changing the world
  81. 81. Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better andHow They Can Change the WorldGames inspire hard work, the setting of ambitious goals, learning from andeven enjoying failure, and coming together with others for a common goal.McGonigal points out many real-world applications, including encouragingstudents to seek out secret assignments, setting up household chores as achallenge, even a 2009 game created by The Guardian to help uncover theexcessive expenses of members of Parliament. With so many people playinggames, this comprehensive, engaging study is an essential read.
  82. 82.
  83. 83. The challenge for all these teams is integrating the United Nations Millennial Development goals into their games while keeping them fun. The easiest path is to educate about world problems. But that’s not the only path represented here.
  84. 84. “... Hilomi rescues oil-covered animalsand delivers them to a creature that canclean and restore them.”
  85. 85. “...their game Brainergy, requires the userto select and use various equipment toconvert renewal energy sources to performwork.”
  86. 86. “If you’ve ever known a child with asthma, you know the choreit can be for that child to record assessment data using aspirometer to measure lung capacity.Players control Asmo’s fire by exhaling into the spirometer.This gathers the data on the child’s lung capacity and mapsthat to how well their dragon performs.”
  87. 87. A big shoutout goes to FarmVille players,who raised over $190,000 through the latestSweet Seeds for Haiti campaign! Morethan 80,000 FarmVille farmers boughtvirtual sweet yams, in which 50% of theproceeds will go towards building aK-12 school in Mirebalais, Haiti.
  88. 88. Tinkatolli May Be the First Video Game that GivesYour Kids Points for Leaving the Game to Go OutsideThe title is a social media site/game hybrid for children, but one that actively encourageschildren to go outside and make things as an extension of the gameplay.
  89. 89.
  90. 90.
  91. 91. Equipped with an iPhone + the Commons app, players arechallenged to identify problems in urban space and suggest ways toimprove them. Players can vote for each others ideas and the mostpopular one wins the game.
  92. 92.
  93. 93.
  94. 94. Play, the “Tetris-On-Steroids” gamethat solves protein folding
  95. 95. “A modified traffic sign can have a profound effect on drivers’ behavior. Here’s what happens.”
  96. 96.
  97. 97. Living Healthy
  98. 98.
  99. 99. Are you ready for the challenge? Expand your palateby exploring a range of delicious, nutrient-densefoods. Learn more about healthy eating and start aconversation with your social networks about yourmission to better health.• Complete steps of varying difficulty and earn badges through fun and educational Missions.• Get simple, practical advice on cooking, nutrition, green living, food storage and more. Save your favorites for easy reference.• Keep track of your accomplishments and brag about them via email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  100. 100. The game allows playersto complete specific“missions” that encourageexercise and healthyactivities. Successfulcompletion of the missionsearns players points and“kudos” from fellowplayers and Facebookfriends.
  101. 101. Going Green
  102. 102.
  103. 103. “Recyclebank’s Green Your HomeChallenge was successful in employingGamification techniques online to havean impact on offline behavior,specifically the level of eco-friendlyactivity of participants...”
  104. 104.
  105. 105. “Welectricity is based on principles of behavioural economics – it incorporates behavioural nudgesto motivate people to reduce their consumption.”
  106. 106. Basically, Edenbee will help you reduce your carbon footprint by keeping track of your energy consumption and setting goals to help you reduce it. (from 2008)
  107. 107. Learning the unfun
  108. 108. “Playing a game is a voluntaryattempt to overcomeunnecessary obstacles” - Bernard Suits
  109. 109. “Playing a game is a goodattempt to overcomeboring obstacles”
  110. 110. PrivacyVille goes through items such as how Zynga handles email, the company’smobile policies and the security measures it takes to protect user payments. Readingeach section increases a user’s progress through PrivacyVille until he or she completesthe tutorial. Once completed, the user is asked five (very easy) questions to confirm thathe or she went through the tutorial.
  111. 111. Atlanta Teacher Uses Angry Birds for Physics Lessons"What are the laws of physics in the Angry Birds world?" John Burk, a ninth-grade physicsteacher at the private Westminster Schools in Atlanta, put that question to his students andgave them the chance to "be among the first to find the answer."
  112. 112.
  113. 113.
  114. 114. Commerce
  115. 115. Susan Lyne, CEO of Gilt Groupe, identifies #gamification and game dynamics asone of the three key trends in the online retail industry.
  116. 116. If people are good onlybecause they fearpunishment, and hope forreward, then we are asorry lot indeed. -Albert Einstein
  117. 117. Google To Buy Mobile Loyalty Card Startup PunchdPunchd, which is basically the digital equivalent of the “Buy 10 get 1 Free Card” offered by coffee shops and supermarkets,
  118. 118. Foursquare checks in with over half a million businessesOnce they do so, they can offer specials, update venue information and gain useful insightson check-in data, such as popular days and times. Best of all, it’s free.
  119. 119. 36. ReinforcerDefinition: The reward given if the expected actionis carried out in the three part paradigm of rewardschedules.Example: receiving a level up after killing 10 orcs.17. Epic MeaningDefinition: players will be highly motivated ifthey believe they are working to achievesomething great, something awe-inspiring,something bigger than themselves.Example: From Jane McGonical’s Ted Talkwhere she discusses Warcraft’s ongoing storyline and “epic meaning” that involves eachindividual has motivated players to participateoutside the game and create the second largestwiki in the world to help them achieve theirindividual quests and collectively their epicmeanings.
  120. 120.
  121. 121. At My Marriott Hotel on Facebook, gamers begin by managing a virtual hotelrestaurant kitchen, including buying equipment and ingredients on a budget, hiringand training employees, and serving guests. Much like in the wildly popularFarmville game, players earn points for happy customers but lose points for poorservice; they’re also rewarded when their operation turns a profit.
  122. 122. Traxo, a Dallas-based company that enables you to organize and share your trip-itinerary details, has done just thatwith the recent introduction of its Traxo Travel Score and accompanying Traxo Travel Perks program.
  123. 123. On Google News, the average reader of political news has read 20 articles aboutpolitics in the last six months. Where do you stand?Starting today, in the U.S. edition of Google News, you can see how voracious a newsreader you are by earning Google News badges as you read articles about your favoritetopics. The more you read, the higher level badge you’ll receive, starting with Bronze,then moving up the ladder to Silver, Gold, Platinum and finally, Ultimate.
  124. 124. At this year’s Gamification Summit in January, WandaMeloni, analyst at M2 Research, estimated that theproduction of gamification projects will generate $1.6billion in revenues by 2015. That means it will grow fromjust 3 percent of social media marketing budgets in 2010to more than 23 percent by 2015. The average growth ratefor the next two years is 150 percent, in terms of revenues.Gartner also predicts that gamification will be a huge waveas big brands embrace it.
  125. 125. We’ll do that for you...
  126. 126. “Game mechanics is designed to reward users forperforming actions that benefit your business.”
  127. 127.
  128. 128.
  129. 129. Gamification Heats Up With $12M Round for Badgeville
  130. 130. Culture
  131. 131.
  132. 132.,girls/style,design
  133. 133.
  134. 134.
  135. 135.
  136. 136.
  137. 137.
  138. 138.
  139. 139.
  140. 140.
  141. 141. Not enough?
  142. 142. Extra Total Reality Is Fun Inc.: WhyLives: Why Engagement: Broken: Why Gaming WillVideo Using Games Games Make Us Dominate the and Virtual Better and How Twenty-FirstGames Worlds to They Can CenturyMatter Change the Way Change the People Work and World Businesses Compete The Masters ofChanging the Gamestorming: Grasshopper: Doom: HowGame: How A Playbook for Games, Life Two GuysVideo Games Are Innovators,Transforming and Utopia Created an Rulebreakers, and Empire andthe Future of ChangemakersBusiness Transformed Pop Culture AL LOC RITE FAVO1001 Video Seductive Game EthnographiesGames You Interaction Usability: of theMust Play Design: VideogameBefore You Creating Playful, Advancing the Fun, and PlayerDie Effective User Experience Experiences AL LOC RITE FAVO
  143. 143. Other Presentations to check out:
  144. 144. Beyond the Badge: Engaging With Game Design ThinkingDustin DiTommaso“Gamificiation” is the process of applying game design maxims to non-game systems in order to drive user engagement,influence behavior and improve the user experience of digital products and services. The buzz surrounding gamification iscurrently reaching critical mass in our industry with the bulk of attention directed to points & badges but there’s more tounlock. Much more. By examining the tools game designers use to incentivize and motivate players and mapping these toolsto their psychological underpinnings we can arm ourselves with a model for architecting user engagement, directing behaviorand satisfying business goals.This timely lecture is appropriate for anyone looking to level up their understanding of gamification and game design thinking.Attendees will learn about game design fundamentals, engagement models, metrics and measurements, feedback loops,player personas, flow states, motivation drivers, high level mechanics/dynamics and techniques for incorporating gamedesign thinking into your design processes.
  145. 145. How can I use gaming to make my product more engaging? DESIGNER(or anyone improving a product)
  146. 146. THANKS@jeremyjohnsonhttp://www.jeremyjohnsononline.com