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Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Move Fast: My UX journey to move faster


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We've all heard about the Lean Startup, and now Lean UX. This is a intro into how I've been using these methods to speed up the UX process, and work better within product teams.

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  • love this deck and esp. slide 102 and 122. I've been shouting about core teams for years perhaps using different labels but same spirit.
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  • @aaroncorcoran Let me know if you have any questions - I also expanded that presentation here: - the basic concepts are to have a discovery track that is creating prototypes and validating backlog ideas that feed into the dilivery track backlog, and then using the prototype as spec. I'm also a big fan of embedding UXers on the teams.

    What parts are not working well for you?
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  • Reading through this now, as a Scrum evangelist (not a UXer), I've been trying to figure out how Lean UX (or UX in general) fits into Scrum. The book (Lean UX) had a short chapter on this, but honestly, it didn't hit home for me.
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  • Just wanted to say great presentation. You officially have a new stalker following ya!
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Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Move Fast: My UX journey to move faster

  1. Fail FAstLearn FastMove Fast My UX journey to move faster@jeremyjohnson
  3. @jeremyjohnson #leanux #DDSum12
  4. social media experts
  5. 62Don’t worry
  6. un peu UX 101
  7. UX 101 we make things for
  8. UX 101 we make things for
  9. UX 101 We work in ecosystems
  10. UX 101 we think visually
  11. UX 101 We learn through observation
  12. UX 101 we’re curious
  13. UX 101
  14. agency/consultant UXstartup large org
  15. startupWhere the core component...
  16. ...of Lean Startup methodology is thebuild-measure-learn feedback loop.
  17. experiment viamvp iterative prototyping(keep it simple) UXvalue customer shipping / launchingfeedback often
  18. Agencymaking deliverables is your job
  19. consultant UX
  20. large org
  21. large org
  22. how i learned to stopworrying about being in a large organization, and just move faster.
  23. Hard.
  24. Jim, Social Media “Expert”
  25. I got 99 problems
  26. Let’s fix it.
  27. developmentUX Product development business
  28. developmentUX Product development business
  29. I’ve heardTeam is too small, must be sharedTeam doesnt work directly with developmentTeam doesn’t work directly with product/business
  30. Big hairy problem #1
  31. Selling UX
  32. How many people have true UX buy in at the c-level?
  34. ABEX(always be evangelizing ux)
  35. Big hairy problem #2
  36. embracing and Agile
  37. “Rather than focus on artifacts,we focus on prototypes andvalidating those prototypes inDiscovery, with the addedbenefit that the prototype servesas the spec for Delivery.”
  38. Documentation = badrough, quick, iterative, prototype = good
  39. Getting closer, quicker to the actual experience
  42. developmentUX Product development business
  43. UX developmentProduct development business
  44. One new interesting challenge
  45. mobile UX Designer me seo/sem UX Designer homepage UX Designer shoppingcheckoutUX Designer UX Designer
  46. New ways of working for designerswill, at first, be uncomfortable. Formany design managers, assigning theirstaff to particular teams brings a newchallenge. No longer does the designmanager dole out specific work toeach person on the team. Instead,the designer’s daily agenda is drivenby the prioritized backlog of thescrum team.
  47. MBWA
  48. MBWAManagement By Walking Around
  49. (not new)1. Drive: UX practitioners are part of the customer or product owner team2. Research, model, and design up front - but only just enough3. Chunk your design work4. Use parallel track development to work ahead, and follow behind5. Buy design time with complex engineering stories6.Cultivate a user validation group for use for continuous user validation7. Schedule continuous user research in a separate track from development8. Leverage user time for multiple activities9.Use RITE to iterate UI before development10.Prototype in low fidelity11.Treat prototype as specification12.Become a design facilitator - 2008
  50. walls = slow
  51. agile
  52. agile / lean UXeveryone is involved!
  54. agile, better than waterfall
  55. agile, shows value faster
  56. agile, can work well with UX
  57. agile, makes better software
  58. ****
  59. valuable UsableEnjoyable
  60. business valuable Usable UX Enjoyable Wonder twins
  61. +UX Business
  62. determine value,create experience, repeat
  63. how
  64. “We gathered our designers, our product folks andour engineers and took over a few conference roomsand began to operate like a startup. Design wasdone on whiteboards and coded in real time.Usability tests were weekly so the pace was fast andfurious. But we were able to try dozens ofexperiences across desktop, tablet and mobile in thetime that would have taken years at PayPal before.Build/Test/Learn became our mantra.” -
  65. Build/Test/Learn
  67. - problem -Can’t get started?
  68. “You – everyone in fact – have all it takes to be abrilliant designer, creator, or author. All that’s holdingyou back is the lizard. It’s that little voice in the back ofyour head, the “but” or the “what if” that speaks up atthe crucial moment and defeats the joy and insight youbrought to the project in the first place. It’s the lizardthat ruins your career, stunts your projects, and hindersyour organization.” – Seth Godin (in The Truth About Shipping)
  69. Ship often. Ship lousy stuff, butship. Ship constantly.
  70. - problem -Find it hard to strip out what’s not valuable? Spend too much time planning? DOn’t talk with your customers?
  72. “The timing of long-range plans is screwedup too.You have the mostinformation when you’redoing something, notbefore you’ve done it.Yet when do youwrite a plan? Usually it’sbefore you’ve evenbegun.That’s the worst time tomake a big decision.”
  73. - problem -Large team
  74. Keep your team small. Smallerthan that. No team at all if youcan help it.
  75. A throwback to their days with Jeff Bezos atAmazon, projects are assigned to "twopizza teams," groups of engineers smallenough for them to be fed on two large pies."We want the team to be flat and alloweveryone to communicate with each other,"Rajaraman says.
  77. - problem -Try to jam too much into a product? Only launch x times a year? Looking for perfection?
  78. “Great companies focus on their users and ship great products.”
  81. “real artist ship” - steve jobs
  82. - problem -It’s going to cost too much to try that out. How do we know our customers will want this?
  83. The Wizard Of Oz Techniques For Social Prototyping – You don’t need to build everything at first. You can be the man behind the curtain. Krieger says him and Systrom tested an early version of a feature which would notify you when friends joined the service. Instead of building it out, they manually sent people notifications “like a human bot” saying ‘your friend has joined.’ It turned- Mike Krieger, Instagram’s founder out not to be useful. “We wrote zero lines of Python, so we had zero lines to throw away.”
  85. 404 testing W FEAT URE X NE
  86. Just some of the issues around software development
  89. #LeanStartup
  91. UX is a integral part of product development
  92. UX is a integral part of product development
  93. Here’s where I saw speed.
  94. product team 101 the core team product owner UX Dev
  95. no, really 1x full time
  96. core team 1x product owner1x UX 1x Dev
  97. mobile core team 5x UX seo/sem core team homepage core team shoppingcheckout core team core team
  98. product owner This guy is the boss
  99. product owner ux designer
  100. Why? He/she gets fired.He/she need to meet numbers.
  101. product ownerUX core team Dev ideas
  102. ideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas id Idea or discovery backlogideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas id
  103. The Discovery track is allabout quickly generatingvalidated product backlogitems, and the Delivery trackis all about generatingreleasable software. - marty cagan
  104. ideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas id
  106. prototype
  107. fast rough keep moving
  108. test rough prototypes (usually built within a week or less)
  109. (literally 100s)
  110. 9:30am 10:30am 11:30amlab setting - 6 participants 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:30pm
  111. determinevaluable UsableEnjoyable
  112. ideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas idideas ideas ideas ideas id
  113. the core team Core team makes decisions Done!
  114. is collaborative – the productmanager, designer and leadengineer are working together, side-by-side, to create and validatebacklog items. - marty cagan
  115. failed usabilityfailed to understandfailed to find value ideas ideas id
  116. refine retest ideas
  117. ideas ideas Ready for development
  118. s ea ideas idWhat’s your kill rate? Ship that bad boy!
  119. Did I mention this happens within a week? (or less)
  120. Get moving!
  121. discovery backlog Iteration Iteration Iteration Iterationdesign discovery discovery discovery discovery build Implement Implement Implement Implement
  122. #1combined product teams
  123. #2one ux designer per team
  124. #3rough, fast, iterative prototyping
  125. #4Getting in front of customers weekly
  126. #5build/test/learn
  127. in no time at all, you too can be a...lean, agile, prototyping, shipping, ux design master.
  129. sh ere thanks! lideS @jeremyjohnson