Social Readiness: Architecting a Connected Enterprise (Keynote)


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Social Readiness: Architecting a Connected Enterprise (Keynote)

  1. social readiness: architecting a connected enterprise keynote for km world nov, 2011 jeremiah owyang industry analyst and partner altimeter companies take flight in social business social readiness; architecting a connected enterprise companies take flight in social business yet social has many risks ''united airlines fails to identify an influencer youtube united breaks guitars a year after united breaks a musician's guitar and refused to compensate him, the musician creates a song and music video called ''''united breaks guitars.'''' the video goes viral with over ~10m views.'' ''based on altimeter's research creative commons 63 interviews, 144 enterprises, surveyed. 50 case examples analysed. independent research 100% funded by altimeter group published under the principle of open research and available at no cost the creative commons license is attribution-noncommercial-sharealike 3.0 united states at http://creativecommons.orglicenses/by:nc-sa/3.0/us.'' social media crises are on the rise annual occurrence of social media crises (2001 - 2011) three-fourth of social media crises could have been diminished or averted altimeter consumer goods experiences the most social media crises of all industries top 10 industries affected by social media crises (2001-2011) most crises do not have financial impact - although brand damage appears in google fallout category of social media crises (2001-2011) level 3 8% level 1 40% level 2 52% data: 50 social media crises ocurring between jan. 2001-aug. 2011 altimeter group decentralized -organic growth -authentic - experimental - not coordinated - e.g. sun centralized one departament controls all efforts consistent may not be as authentic e.g. ford hub and spoke - one hub sets rules and procedures - business units undertake own efforts - spreads widely around the org - takes time - e.g. red cross 2011 altimeter group ''multiple hub and spoke or ''''dandelion'''' similar to hub and spoke but across multiple brands and units e.g. hp'' ''holistic or ''''honeycomb'''' - each employee is empowered - unlike organic, employees are organized - e.g. dell, zappos, intel, best buy'' social business efforts clearly meet business goals as programs formalized would you agree that your social media efforts meet business objectives. 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20%10% 0% agree disagree strongly disagree novice (44) intermediate (82) advanced (18) source:survey for social media program managers. conducted by altimeter group (q1-q2 2011) 144 respondents. all over 100 employees ''dell created a social media and community (smac) program to train internal stakeholders smac talk dell hosts ''un con for ences'' and created a social media university. in 9 weeks it trained 1500 employees face to face on topics like governance, policy, and best practices.'' ''advanced companies far more likely to have employee certification do you have a program to certify employees interested in participating in social media? 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% not yet it is ad hoc formalized, but not distributed across the company or updated regularly formalized, and distributed across the company or updated regularly novice (44) intermediate(82) advanced (18) source: survey for social media program managers, conducted by altimeter group q1-q2 2011 143 respondents, all over 1000 employees'' ''dell certifies social media and community professionals @richardatdell richarddardell june 9, 2011 certified social media & community professional dell social media & community university certifies that on this day. the 17 day of january 2001 richard binhammer has successfully completed the social media & community professional certification training to qualify in engagement in social media and community activities on behalf of dell.'' average composition of social media team ''gatorade monitors conversations from a dedicated room. gatorade's social media command center is a ''''war room for monitoring the brand in real time across social media.'''''' firebell simulates crises firebellclientww fire bell weber shandwick facebook. twitter reply to thread: [new post] tweet from account: winnipeg widgets client types in this box to have posts appear on their offline firebell facebook page. client types in this box to have tweets appear on their offline firebell twitter page and add to the conversation stream via a relevant hashtag. share tweet 2011 altimeter group level 3: formation enlightenment holistic real-time predictive enablement empowerment cross-learning measurement formation asset inventory bast practice sharing center of excellence safety dedicated team workflow crises preparedness foundation objectives policies education access (c) 2011 altimeter group ''level 4: enablement enlightenment holistic, real-time predictive enablement empowerment, cross-learning measurement formation as set inventory best practice sharing, center of excellence safety dedicated team, workflow crises preparedness foundation objectives, policies, education, access'' slaesforce rewards chatteratti chatter what is chatter the best way to collaborate ate work transform the way your company works ''multiple hub and spoke or ''''dandelion'''' similar to coordinated but across multiple brands and units e.g. hp, microsoft, tech giants 2011 altimeter group'' ''holistic or ''''honeycomb'''' -each employee is empowered -unlike organic, employees are organized -e.g. twelpforce, zappos'' level 5: enlightenment ''holistic or ''''honeycomb'''' - each employee is empowered - unlike organic, employees are organized - e.g. twelpforce, zappos'' ''modeled after it's ideastorm, dell created employeestormfor employee innovation dell employee storm where your ideas reign employee storm has received over 4,100 ideas with 225.000 votes and 18,500 comments'' ''p&g success stories: glad press'n seal, swiffer (2/3) ''''more than 50% of our product initiatives involve significant collaboration with innovators outside of p $ g'''' - bruce brown, cto, p & g'' altimeter thank you jeremiah owyang twitter: jowyang with assistance from researcher andrew jones