Developing a Mobile Strategy


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Develop a mobile strategy based on the customer life cycle using the hourglass. Not just based on technologies.

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  • The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly ---
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  • The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly ---
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  • Dell M115HD Mobile LED Projector, WXGA 1280x800, HDMI USB Inputs, 1GB Internal Memory, 450 ANSI Lumens ---
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  • Enterprise mobility is what Internet was a couple of decades back for enterprises. It's about making sure that all the investments that an enterprise has made in IT over the years are accessible to employees wherever they are. And they are away from their desk most of the time in the modern work environment. Enterprise mobility needs to be looked as a base foundation of the enterprise's digital agenda. Both inwards looking, targeted at employees and external, targeted at enterprise's digital consumers.
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  • Immediate = Relevant at the point of consideration
  • GateGuru is the leading in-airport resource for travelers. GateGuru is location aware – when a user opens the application, the closest airport is identified.A user can select that airport or choose from a list of 100 airports. Once the airport and terminal are selected, a user sees all the available amenities, including location, category and average rating from fellow travelers.Once the user chooses an amenity, a more detailed overview of that selection can be seen, including ratings and reviews from fellow travelers as well as photos. The app also includes maps of the various airports and terminals.Since the app’s release, there have been over 15,000 reviews and 2,500 photos submitted via the application. GateGuru is a free application. The primary business model for GateGuru currently is working with airport retailers to drive users into stores (ie location-based advertising). We are currently working with ten of the largest airport retailers on a pilot program, giving exclusive deals to GateGuru users.Despite only launching two weeks ago, the pilot program to date has been a smashing success.We are also working with larger brands on a sponsorship basis. Right now, JetBlue is running a very innovative contest whereby the leaders of the GateGuru leaderboard get free tickets (on a national level) or $100 travel certificates (on a regional level).
  •’t see much traction yet, but it holds a lot of promise.
  • went deeper with the information on each resort, added 24/48/72 hour reporting, added a global “top 10″ tab for people to see what spots are popping-off outside of their favorite resorts.Another feature we’re all super excited about is the addition of the global avalanche report. On the weather side we’ve partnered with Weather Underground and as our main weather services. We found they deliver the most comprehensive weather reporting. We also made sure that it delivers for our global partners by setting up a metric-system default for people who download the application outside of the US.The biggest innovation for this new version; and a first in the world of apps, is the integration of Twitter as an enhancement to the reporting. We pulled in Twitter’s search API so users can see all conversations happening within Twitter about their favorite resorts without leaving the app. We even took it one step further and separated the conversation between the public and official resort Twitter streams. Users are also able to update their Twitter status from within the app and see what others are saying about their favorite resorts in real time.
  • application provides pet lovers with a simple tool to find the closest and most popular pet-friendly places in the United States in various categories, including lodging, dog parks, beaches, restaurants, travel, services and events.
  • of this is powered by Placecast’sShopAlerts, which are location-triggered mobile text messages sent from brands to consumers. Consumers can opt-in to receiving text messages in a variety of ways—at the store, online, via text-message, mobile websites or on Facebook.Once the technology has been activated, consumers will be alerted when they are near a location that they are interested in or when the brand is offering sales and specials. ShopAlerts’ technology uses “geo-fences,” which are virtual boundaries that can be targeted via location-based marketing. Retailers can customize alerts to fit their brand and strategy.
  • application features a Ring Sizer that lets users determine their size by placing an actual ring directly on the screen and using the slider to align the circle with the inside of the ring.Consumers can browse collections by shape, setting, metal or design.In addition, the rings are shown true-to-size and each style can by viewed with diamonds of six different carat sizes.Users can zoom in to a ring to view details more closely and also pair the rings with wedding bands to get the full effect.Users can share their finds with family and friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.Consumers can save rings they like within the application and learn more about the company’s diamonds via the Tiffany Difference feature.Users can make an appointment for a diamond consultation via phone, email or schedule an in-store appointment.Additionally, the application includes an Expert Consultation feature, which features the store’s number, as well as gives consumers the option to schedule a phone consultation via the application.Consumers can fill out a short form with their personal information and send it to a Tiffany’s representative, who will contact them back within 48 hours.
  • the mood of a photo with the GE MoodCam™! Take a picture of a room (or any scene!), then watch the mood change as you shift the lighting using the GE Moodometer™. Learn how to create the look at home, and even save a shopping list for a quick, easy way to find the right light bulbs in the lighting aisle
  • Meyer Natural Beef produces meat without additional hormones orantibiotics, selling to consumers who are highly interested in knowing howtheir food is sourced and about the farms that produce it. By scanning aMicrosoft Tag on the packaging, shoppers can capture in-depth informationabout these practices while they’re standing in the grocery aisle.Windermere is a real estate group that uses Microsoft Tags to provide moreinformation about properties for sale. When a prospective buyer scans amobile tag placed on a property’s ‘For Sale’ sign or a realtor’s print collateral,they are led to an inside tour of the particular home including additionalimagery, pricing and access to contact information.
  • and built by London-based Wavana Interactive, the application enables customers to search Regus’ global network to locate centers to suit their business needs.Users can locate the nearest Regus center on the go using GPS, including filtering by facilities, locate it on a map and get turn-by-turn directions. The application also includes an augmented reality feature which overlays locations and distances of Regus offices over a real-time view from the camera. Users can view full descriptions of each center’s facilities, and photos are provided.A range of in-application enquiry options include one-tap calling, requesting a call back or scheduling a center viewing. With a few taps, users can make a booking for a meeting room or day office through the application.Users can share details of office locations with meeting attendees and colleagues.
  •“As our guests increasingly turn to their mobile phone as a virtual shopping assistant, we recognize the importance of creating innovative solutions that enable them to interact with Target anywhere and anytime.”Barcode Scanning: Guests can scan product barcodes with their iPhone camera to receive product information (pricing, ratings and reviews, and availability) while at home or shopping in a Target store. They can also add items to a TargetList or gift registry.
  • can browse the pages of The Great Big Christmas Book, without prices, and drag items they want to receive into a gift box to create their must-have list for parents or Santa.Adults can view their child’s list, including price information, edit the toys their children add and share it with family and friends through email, Facebook, SMS and the Toys “R” Us Wish List. Customers can visit to find The Great Big Christmas Book iPad Application beginning in November.The Great Big Christmas Book iPad application does not offer online shopping functionality. Customers can visit to access the mobile commerce site for their shopping convenience.
  • do you do if your husband is on the way to the grocery store and you need him to get milk, but you don't want to distract him with a phone call while he's driving?If he uses ShopRite's Weekly Specials mobile app, you visit and update a shopping list that automatically syncs with the one on his phone.ShopRite’s mobile application can now be used on the three dominant mobile platforms -- the iPhone and Android operating systems, and the mobile web – enabling the grocer to reach its shoppers through virtually any smartphone.The mobile application is built specifically for each platform, in order to provide the best user experience. Within the app, customers can easily look at digital circulars to see all the items on sale that week at their local store, and select items to add to their online grocery-shopping list. Grocery lists can be constructed from a desktop website as well, which syncs with the mobile apps and mobile website.
  • Card Mobile [iTunes link] lets users add their Starbucks Cards, track rewards and reload cards as needed via PayPal or credit card. To pay with their phone, app users simply select “touch to pay” and hold up the barcode on their mobile device screen to the 2-D scanner at the register.Starbucks is using its own custom-built technology to enable the 2-D mobile barcode scans. The coffee retailer opted for barcode scanning over near field communication technology — which Google is exploring — because of its limited availability. The coffee retailer was reluctant to wait for a NFC ecosystem to develop when its customers have expressed interest in mobile payments now, according to Chuck Davidson, the category manager of innovation on the Starbucks Card team. “Once there are more users, we will adapt,” he says.In testing, Starbucks assessed the mobile payment option by measuring application speed, transaction speed and total customer wait time, says Brady Brewer, vice president of Starbucks Card and brand loyalty. In all instances, Starbucks Card Mobile was the fastest way for customers to pay.Starbucks is investing in mobile payments, an investment Davidson describes as modest in relation to expectations, because customers have requested the option and have shown a propensity to not only pay with Starbucks Cards — one in five transactions are made using a Starbucks Card — but frequently use their smartphones while waiting in line.
  • a smart phone’s camera, Refill by Scan enables users to scan the barcode printed on a prescription label to seamlessly order a refill in seconds. Refill by Scan also gives users the option to change their store pickup location as well as the pickup time and day. Prescription text alerts, a Walgreens mobile feature which notifies customers via text message when their prescriptions are ready, has surpassed 1 million subscribers. The alerts were introduced in March 2010.Other features of the Walgreens mobile application include:Access prescription historyOrder photo prints direct from your phoneFind the nearest Walgreens or Take Care ClinicBrowse products and check in-store availabilityShop from your phone
  • of Gilt Groupe’s total sales are now coming in via the iPad, the private-sale merchant’s vice president of product development, Chris Maliwat, reports. Gilt Groupe won't release exact sales figures, but it tells Internet Retailer it raked in between $400 million and $500 million in 2010. If they do the same sales this year that they did in 2010, let's say $500 million (they’ve been growing phenomenally, though), and iPad sales don’t grow (which they will) and stay at 4%, that’s $20 million in 2011 all from one mobile device.
  • example a little old (2009) but they were first:USAA, a privately held bank and insurance company, plans to update its iPhone application this week to introduce the check deposit feature, which requires a customer to photograph both sides of the check with the phone’s camera.“We’re essentially taking an image of the check, and once you hit the send button, that image is going into our deposit-taking system as any other check would,” said Wayne Peacock, a USAA executive vice president.Customers will not have to mail the check to the bank later; the deposit will be handled entirely electronically, and the bank suggests voiding the check and filing or discarding it. But to reduce the potential for fraud, only customers who are eligible for credit and have some type of insurance through USAA will be permitted to use the deposit feature. Mr. Peacock said that about 60 percent of the bank’s customers qualify.
  • 12, 2010<tags>#foodbev#mobile #geo#advocate#christine
  • to Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation for new services as Kraft, as quoted by Ad Age, Kraft will use the data it gathers from the iFood Assistant to understand when and how consumers are shopping, what they’re making, and which ingredients they prefer. When iFood Assistant users log in to Kraft Foods before downloading recipes and shopping lists, information is sent directly to Kraft, allowing the company to determine which recipes are the most popular, and which ingredients are used most.Features:Ability to share your own and view other members’ recipes created on kraftrecipes.comCoupons – print, email or add to savings/loyalty card (in partnership with scanning – easily add items to shopping list or search What’s on HandAbility to share recipes on FacebookNew homescreen design with access to more categories. Users can also customize the homescreen with “Dinner Tonight” or “Recipe of the Days”Print to HP wireless printer – recipes, shopping list, coupons (very cool, though more printers should be supported)Spotlight button with featured contentEnhanced Predictive search
  • Developing a Mobile Strategy

    1. Beyond Marketing: Developing a Mobile Strategy<br />1<br />Jeremiah Owyang<br />Industry Analyst and Partner<br />For Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit<br />April 28, 2011 <br />
    2. Mobile Matters: The Business Case<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
    3. 3<br />In 1983, the first commercial wireless call was placed with a Motorola DynaTac. The phone cost $3,995, weighed over 2.5 pounds, and was 10 inches tall (without the antenna).<br />
    4. © 2011 Altimeter Group<br />Mobile has come a long way…<br />
    5. © 2011 Altimeter Group<br />…As has computing<br />
    6. Mobile growth is explosive<br />6<br />
    7. This year, more smartphones and tablets will be sold than PCs<br />7<br />
    8. Image by zetsonused with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons<br />Beyond Mobile Marketing: Developing a Mobile Strategy<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
    9. Understand the medium and the context<br />9<br />Features<br />What it means:<br />GPS<br />Location-Aware<br />Touch<br />Intimate and Interactive<br />Sensors (A/V)<br />Physical<br />Intelligence<br />Contacts<br />Personal and Social<br />Portability<br />Relevant at Point of Consideration<br />
    10. The traditional purchase funnel is outdated<br />10<br />
    11. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />11<br />
    12. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />12<br />
    13. Airport retailers advertise in GateGuru<br />13<br />Airport retailers purchase location-aware advertising on GateGuru to drive users into stores. GateGuru is an airport resource for travelers.<br />
    14. Increase foot traffic with location-based Facebook Check-in Deals<br />14<br />
    15. North Face utility app Snow Report (and Trailhead) reach its target demographics<br />15<br />Snow Report users view weather and snow updates, as well as tweets from and about their favorite resorts.<br />
    16. Nestle Purina builds pet-friendly utility app <br />16<br />Purina created a location-aware database of pet-friendly places in the US to increase brand awareness and affinity.<br />
    17. Location data provides context<br />When earned advocacy (the last phase) is done well, it fuels awareness<br />Expect paid media to fuel this first phase<br />Key Take-Aways<br />17<br />
    18. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />18<br />
    19. PlaceCast sends opt-in ShopAlerts based on virtually bounded target areas<br />19<br />After opting-in to ShopAlerts, consumers receive discount alerts based on “geo-fenced,” or virtual boundaries.<br />
    20. Browse engagement rings and save favorites in Tiffany’s app<br />20<br />With Tiffany’s app, users can browse rings, learn about settings, save favorites, and determine a ring size.<br />
    21. Find the right bulb with GE’s Moodometer<br />21<br />
    22. Use QR codes to help prospects with their purchasing decisions<br /><br />22<br />Learn more about Meyer’s natural beef processes.<br />Get a tour of Windermere real estate properties.<br />
    23. Mobile professionals find office space worldwide with Regus augmented reality app<br />23<br />Users can locate and schedule a viewing at any Regus global network office center. The app features search filters, maps, turn-by-turn directions, and augmented reality overlays of location and distances on real-time views.<br />
    24. Repurpose your product inventory information and apply onto the real world<br />Allow consumers to opt-in to receiving information on deals readily<br />Yet don’t over-invest in “Machine Language” like QR codes as new technology will provide instant context using mobile and social data<br />Key Take-Aways<br />24<br />
    25. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />25<br />
    26. Target shoppers create wedding and baby shower registry lists – and share<br />26<br />
    27. For holidays, kids drag toys into Toys R’ Us Christmas wish list iPad app<br />27<br />Parents can view and edit their childrens’ wish list and share it with family and friends through email, Facebook, SMS and the Toys “R” Us Wish List.<br />
    28. View and add weekly sales items to ShopRite shopping list – and sync between mobile and website<br />28<br />
    29. <ul><li>Reduce friction and allow purchasing to happen from simple clicks
    30. While still emerging, social commerce will fuel increase in sales for mobile commerce by populating shopping lists based on social and location data
    31. Expect next-generation applications to pre-populate these lists based on historical and social data</li></ul>Key Take-Aways<br />29<br />
    32. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />30<br />
    33. Over 3M have paid with Starbuck’s mobile app<br />31<br />The mobile card program was tested in 2009, and found to be the fastest way for customers to pay. It’s available at 6800 stores. Customers purchase credit via PayPal or credit card.<br />
    34. Refill prescriptions with Walgreens’ scan app<br />32<br />In addition, over 1 million customers have subscribed to Walgreens’ prescription text alerts.<br />
    35. Check in store inventory with Crate & Barrel’s mobile website<br />33<br />Customers can browse and read reviews from their mobile phones, and then check in-store availability. <br />
    36. 4% of total sales come from Gilt Groupe’s interactive iPad app<br />34<br />177,000 shoppers have downloaded the app and as of January 2011 about 100,000 actively use it on a monthly basis, according to Gilt Groupe.<br />
    37. <ul><li>Remember, point of purchase is no longer limited to a physical location
    38. Nor is it limited to the time of purchase –pre paying exists now, and expect a form of post-paying to someday emerge
    39. Expect gamification and cashing in of social capital to streamline sales </li></ul>Key Take-Aways<br />35<br />
    40. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />36<br />
    41. USAA customers scan and deposit checks<br />37<br />In 2009, USAA was the first bank to launch a mobile banking app with check deposit by scan functionality. Chase followed in 2010.<br />
    42. Delta flyers board with e-boarding passes<br />38<br />The app allows flyers to check-in, use e-boarding passes, receive text alerts, rebook and cancel flights, and share flight details with family/friends.<br />
    43. Request roadside assistance via AAA app<br />39<br />
    44. LeWeb attendees connect with colleagues other via LinkedIn integration<br />LeWeb 2010 attendee profiles are updated with LinkedIn information, after logging on with their LinkedIn accounts. This feature is provided through Presdo Match.<br />
    45. <ul><li>Reduce support costs by giving information to consumers on hand
    46. Use a tiered approach: </li></ul>Load up most frequented asked questions first<br />Then follow up by providing the ability for them to conduct peer to peer support<br />Finally provide them with direct-to-company support when these avenues have quickly been exhausted<br />Key Take-Aways<br />41<br />
    47. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />42<br />
    48. Starbucks partners with Foursquare to offer barista badges and drink discounts to Mayors<br />43<br />
    49. Kraft’s top selling iFood app keeps cooks coming back with recipes, coupons, and sharing features<br />44<br />A top paid selling app, users come back for new recipes and Kraft coupons. In addition, Kraft gathers user data to understand customer behaviors and preferences.<br />
    50. <ul><li>Loyalty programs of the past are based on long term commitment and total potential spending value
    51. In the future, factor in social influence, as well as ability to share with others into your loyalty programs by recognizing then to their peers
    52. The natural outgrowth of loyalty programs involves social gaming, where increased spend and social capital are factored in</li></ul>Key Take-Aways<br />45<br />
    53. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />46<br />
    54. Tasti D-Lite rewards brand advocates with points that translate into free products<br />47<br />Tasti D-Lite customers earn TastiRewards every time they make a purchase using a rewards card that can automatically trigger updates to Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare accounts.<br />
    55. <ul><li>The holy grail of marketing, this is the lowest cost –yet highest trusted form of marketing
    56. When done correctly, this fuels the top of the marketing funnel, growing the program over and over</li></ul>Key Take-Aways<br />48<br />
    57. The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire experience<br />49<br />
    58. Summary<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
    59. First, understand how your customer uses mobile technologies in their customer hourglass.<br />Think bigger than the marketing department –your customers desire a full experience. Seek input from marketing, sales, support, and loyalty programs<br />Use data types in combination for deadly advantage: social profiles, with location data with historical preference<br />Summary<br />51<br />
    60. 52<br />THANK YOU<br />Jeremiah Owyang<br /><br /><br />Twitter: jowyang<br />With assistance from Researchers Christine Tran and Andrew Jones<br />
    61. 53<br />ABOUT US<br />Altimeter Group is a research-based advisory firm that helps companies and industries leverage disruption to their advantage. <br />Visit us at or contact<br />