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Blogging Strategy Extending Your Voice To The World



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  • Customer have hijacked our sites –how to get it back
  • In looking at the just over 5 million blogs tracked by Technorati who posted in June, 45% have a Technorati Authority number of 1 or more, meaning they can truly claim their place in the active blogosphere.Hundreds of thousands of individual blogs, which make up the top 10% of blogs as measured by Technorati Authority, and more than 75,000 bloggers have an authority of 50 or more — meaning at least 50 other bloggers found their content worth linking to.2008
  • Although our survey was only administered in English, bloggers responded from 50 countries, with nearly half from the United States.Christine please find data from around globe.Try Razorfish “Feed” (or is it fuel?)Also the Groundswell profile to find middle east data.
  • These are journals and blog entries from volunteers serving in the Peace Corp. A great example of a large number of people speaking about what the government program is accomplishing and explaining a lot more about it
  • This is more an online magazine then a blog, but they accomplish similar things. Challenge is about trying to produce the right public service for the Singapore people in the 21st century. I follow it to keep an eye on what is going on in Asian countries. Many of the government blogs in Asian countries are specifically targeted at youth because of the low adoption rates among older generations. This is an exception.
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