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Up Selling


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This is an old PPT from my days as a field rep for a moulding company in Mass.

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Up Selling

  1. 1. Up-selling: It’s not you against the customer!Presented by:Jeremi Bauer
  2. 2. Agenda• Define Selling• Define Up-selling• Explore the gap between selling and up-selling• Discuss strategies and tactics to improve your up-selling skills
  3. 3. Define Selling• “… process of repetitive and measurable milestones, by which a salesperson relates his offering of a product or service and in return enabling the buyer to achieve his goal in an economic way. (Greening, J. (1993)”
  4. 4. Define Up-Selling • Up-selling is simply exposing the customer to other options he or she may not have considered previously, during the normal course of the sales/order process.
  5. 5. The Gap between selling and Up-Selling• How does this gap occur – Lack of a plan – Lack of information• What can we do do close the GAP! – Pre-call plan – Educate ourselves – Ask questions• Who’s responsibility is it to close the GAP?
  6. 6. Strategies• Know what you • Utilize the CPU!!!!!! want! • Call your inside or• Know your outside teammate! audience! • Talk with MGMT!• Know your • Talk with the product! warehouse!• Know your limits! • Utilize the CPU!!!!!!
  7. 7. TacticsUp-selling qualifying Up-selling closes!questions• What is your customer • If you get the ______ with that order I can ______, using this for? how does that work for• When do you need this? you?• How much are you looking • If I could _______ would you to get? get the _____ with that?• Have you considered • I’ll _______ if you get your ________ with that ________? customer to try ______!• You know ________ goes • By getting _____ I can save your customer _______ great with that ________! which will make the job• How does your customer ____________! use this product?
  8. 8. Congratulations!Your are now free to up-sell your way to budget!