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Hi! I hate your product


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If you work in support for any length of time, you'll encounter critical customers. Staying positive in the face of negativity is a crucial skill. For a full recap of the discussion, check out the post here:


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Hi! I hate your product

  1. 1. Hi! I hate your product. SupConf 2016 @jeremeyd
  2. 2. This is a primitive, poorly planned, dysfunctional piece of software...It is so poorly designed -- if designed is a word that even applies -- no amount of fixing will make it right. @jeremeyd
  3. 3. My dog would have provided the same level of support. @jeremeyd
  4. 4. Let me go cry now. @jeremeyd
  5. 5. We can't eliminate negative feedback. @jeremeyd
  6. 6. We learn to deal with it. @jeremeyd
  7. 7. Strategy #1: Rehearse Objections. @jeremeyd
  8. 8. Dream up some rude questions. @jeremeyd
  9. 9. I’m visually impaired, why is this interface so small and lacking contrast? @jeremeyd
  10. 10. 1. Tackle negativity. 2. Discuss rationale. 3. Rehearse answers. @jeremeyd
  11. 11. Strategy #2: Positivity Ratio. @jeremeyd
  12. 12. ...I have been showing my family his emails, and they too are in awe at how helpful he has been... @jeremeyd
  13. 13. 3:1 @jeremeyd
  14. 14. 1. Happy file. 2. Peer reviews. 3. Spartan kudos. 4. Sharing #hugs. @jeremeyd
  15. 15. Strategy #3: Explain Away. @jeremeyd
  16. 16. Is it permanent, pervasive, or personal? @jeremeyd
  17. 17. No! It's temporary, specific, or external? @jeremeyd
  18. 18. Personal reviews. @jeremeyd
  19. 19. (Some) people will hate what you build. @jeremeyd
  20. 20. 1. Prepare. 2. Confront. 3. Review. @jeremeyd
  21. 21. Jeremey DuVall Happiness Engineer at Automattic @jeremeyd