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Jerath Path Labs – A Leading Allergy Testing Laboratory in India


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Jerath Path Labs presented a document related Allergy Testing in India. Jerath Path Labs is a fully automated and processed pathology laboratory. It has highly advanced and latest modern equipment available in its premises. It is dedicated to offer high-quality, comprehensive and rapid-response laboratory testing, providing accurate results of the diagnosis all the time. Although it uses high tech equipment to performs tests, still it charges low cost for the diagnosis, keeping patients' budget in mind. With the use of latest technology equipment it gathers information that is nitpicking to the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of diseases. Jerath Path Labs offers its services for diagnosis, screening, and medical prognosis testing to hospitals, physicians, companies and several other prestigious institutions in India. For more, visit

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Jerath Path Labs – A Leading Allergy Testing Laboratory in India

  1. 1. Jerath Path Labs – A Leading Allergy Testing Laboratory in India In India and all over the world there are many people who suffer from different kinds of allergic problems. Allergies are very common and can be caused due to many reasons. A person can turn allergic to various food items or elements in the surroundings, depending upon the body and sensitivity of an individual. The question arises how to recognize the allergens that cause allergy in an individual? There are a number of allergy test available in India and all over the world through which you can determine the occurrence of allergens. These allergy tests help you to determine whether you have an allergy and if you have then what might be causing this allergic condition. Once you get to know the cause of the condition, you will be able to manage it in a much better and effective way and can prevent it from turning worse. There are a number of symptoms that signal allergies like fever caused due to pollens, but it is very much essential to reach to the root cause of the allergy and understand the complexity before the symptoms become severe. There are various types of tests that can be performed to determine the root cause of the allergy and its type. Some of the common allergy tests include allergy blood tests, allergy skin tests and many more, depending upon the complexity of the issue and the symptoms of it. These allergy tests are only performed at specialized laboratories or pathologies. These pathologies or laboratories are well-equipped with advanced instruments and techniques that are needed for carrying out the tests. These tests are performed by highly-skilled and trained professionals under the supervision of seasoned specialists.
  2. 2. There are many specialized pathologies and laboratories in India where these allergy tests are performed, one of the most popular ones being Jerath Path Labs. This path lab is fully machine-driven and computerized, and is equipped with highly advanced and modern instruments. The professionals who perform the allergy tests are also highly trained and have in-depth knowledge in this field. With the help of these trained and skilled professionals Jerath Path Labs aims to provide comprehensive, superior quality, rapid-response laboratory testing, that too at affordable costs. With the use of advanced technologies and equipment, they provide information that is nitpicking to the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases and the allergies caused. They also provide physicians, nursing homes, number of institutions and companies in India with the screening, diagnosis, and prognosis testing services. This laboratory performs a number of tests for almost all types of allergies. Jerath Path Labs & Allergy Testing Centre Address : 14 Link road, Adj. State bank of India, Jalandhar. 144001 Phone : 0181-4616185 Email : Website :