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Social Media Video Trends


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In July 2017, Mark Zuckerberg announced that “over the next couple of years, the much bigger driver of the business and determinant of how we do is going to be video.”

Facebook has been consistently emphasizing the importance of video. In mid 2016, Zuckberg also emphasized that we are now entering a golden age of video on social media.

Are you trying to convince your clients or management to adapt to this rising trend and adopt video as part of their content strategy? Here are some solid data to back you up. In this deck, Socialbakers answer questions such as:
How important is Facebook live videos and how does it impact reach?
How do you measure video completion rate and how does it impact your newsfeed ranking?
What is the right duration for video posts in Asia?

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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Social Media Video Trends

  2. 2. “We’re entering this new golden age of video…I wouldn’t be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video.” M ARK ZUCKERBERG APRIL 2016 INTERVIEW
  3. 3. 9 / 4 / 1 7 NATIVE VIDEO VS OTHER POSTS
  4. 4. Median Post Organic Reach VIDEOS GET BETTER ORGANIC REACH THAN ANY OTHER FORMAT ON FACEBOOK 0% 1% 2% 3% 4% link photo status video UniqueOrganicImpressions (%ofPage'sFans)
  5. 5. NATIVE VIDEOS EXPERIENCED INCREDIBLY FAST ADOPTION 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% ADOPTION OF NATIVE VIDEO AMONG BRANDS AND MEDIA (% of Pages posting Native videos) Brands Media While in January 2014 only 28% of largest brand pages posted native videos, now it is more than 80% Media have already achieved almost a 100% adoption Sample: TOP400 Largest FB Brand Pages, Time range: January 2014 - January 2017
  6. 6. 9 / 4 / 1 7 LIVE VIDEO VS NORMAL VIDEOS
  7. 7. NEW FORMATS ARE EMERGING – LIVE AND 360 VIDEO 0.24% 7.07% 92.69% 360 Live Native Non-Live, Non-Spherical NATIVE VIDEO retains the largest share FACEBOOK LIVE has a better adoption rate than 360 VIDEO VIDEO DISTRIBUTION MEDIA Source: TOP 500 MEDIA 0.34% 3.33% 96.33% 360 Live Native Non-Live, Non-Spherical VIDEO DISTRIBUTION BRANDS Source: TOP 1000 BRANDS
  8. 8. MEDIA ARE ADOPTING FASTER TO FACEBOOK LIVE THAN BRANDS More than 50% of MEDIA are using FB LIVE at least once per month In case of BRANDS, it is just 10% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% % OF PAGES POSTING FB LIVE VIDEO CONTENT brands media Time range: January 2016 - April 2017 Sample: TOP500 Largest FB Pages
  9. 9. MEDIA ARE ADOPTING FASTER TO FACEBOOK LIVE THAN BRANDS Time range: January 2016 - April 2017 Sample: TOP500 Largest FB Pages
  10. 10. “People spend on average three times as much time watching Facebook Live video as they spend watching other video content….We are making a small update to News Feed so that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live” FACEBO O K MARCH 2016
  11. 11. TEST: DO NATIVE OR LIVE VIDEOS PERFORM BETTER? We ran a field test with one of our Secret Data episode. Within a day, the Live Video • 4.5X the Engaged Users • 5.6X the Interactions • Nearly 4x the reach All organic, no media spend involved. Going live first makes sense, even for short videos (1 Minute Long) LIVE VIDEO NATIVE VIDEO
  12. 12. 9 / 4 / 1 7 NATIVE VIDEOVS YOUTUBE VIDEO
  13. 13. NATIVE VIDEOS KILLED YOUTUBE LINK SHARING 0 1 000 2 000 3 000 4 000 5 000 Jan-14 Apr-14 Jul-14 Oct-14 Jan-15 Apr-15 Jul-15 Oct-15 Jan-16 Apr-16 Jul-16 Oct-16 Jan-17 NUMBER OF NATIVE VS. YOUTUBE VIDEOS POSTED ON FACEBOOK Number of Facebook Native Videos Number of Youtube Links
  14. 14. SCALE YOUR CONTENT ACROSS FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE 0 20 40 60 80 100 Facebook Youtube Median Video Length (in sec) • Videos on YouTube are 3x longer than FB videos • Facebook – shorter videos are more mobile friendly • YouTube – longer formats – how-tos, YouTubers and other
  15. 15. • Short-term brand awareness campaigns • Shorter attention span • Short branded content • Live streams & new formats • Long-term searchable content • Longer attention span • How-to tutorials and other in-depth content • SEO FACEBOOK VS. YOUTUBE
  18. 18. • Design for sound off but delight for sound on • Tell your story visually • Use text & graphics • Include a CTA at the end BRANDS SHOULD BUILD FOR SOUND OFF Highlights of the article presented in 42 sec. CTA – link to the full story More than 80% of Interactions are Shares
  19. 19. • Start with the most captivating elements/scenes • Choose attention-grabbing video thumbnails • Put your hero front and center • Incorporate brand identity quickly • Add engaging post copy BRANDS SHOULD CAPTURE ATTENTION QUICKLY Example: Blade Runner 2049 Trailer
  20. 20. HOW IS FACEBOOK VIDEO CONSUMED? Source: Sight, Sound, and Motion - Building Effective Video Across the Facebook Family Webinar SHORT ON THE GO 0–10 MINUTES LONG, LEAN BACK 10 + MINUTES 2/3rd of all videos watched on mobile are under 10 minutes 1/3rd of all videos watched on mobile have longer format 10 mins
  21. 21. WHAT IS THE RIGHT DURATION FOR VIDEO POSTS IN ASIA? Sample: 10,213 Video Posts posted by ALL pages in ASIA region, Time range: 01 May 2017- 31 July 2017 POOR QUALITY TOP QUALITY 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% <30s 30-59s 60-119s 120-239 240+s Video Length in Seconds % of Completed Video Views on Facebook
  22. 22. Today, we’re announcing a change to the way we rank videos in News Feed to adjust the value we give to how much of a video is watched.. we look at “percent completion” — the percent of each video you watch — to help us understand which videos you enjoyed. If you watch most or all of a video, that tells us that you found the video to be compelling. FACEBO O K JANUARY 2017 VIDEO COMPLETION INFLUENCES NEWSFEED RANKING
  23. 23. PAYING WON’T HELP YOU IMPROVE VIDEO RETENTION VIDEO RETENTION REMAINS THE SAME FOR ORGANIC AND PROMOTED VIDEOS 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Brands Video Retention by Promotion ORGANIC PROMOTED View Through Rate
  24. 24. • Never benchmark views on Facebook and YouTube • Benchmark Video Audience Retention • When do people drop off the video? • Where should I put my Call-to-Action? • Are the first few seconds captivating enough? BRANDS SHOULD START MONITORING VIDEO RETENTION Access video retention on Socialbakers Suite under Insights > Video
  25. 25. 9 / 4 / 1 7 FURTHER QUESTIONS?